Skateboard for Bulldog: How to Teach your Dog to Skateboard

Skateboard for Bulldog: How to Teach your Dog to Skateboard

Bulldogs are fun and loving pets, they are intelligent as well, and capable of learning several things from humans; and of which skateboard for Bulldog is one of those things.

Don’t be surprised, you can teach a Bulldog or other dog breeds how to skate; yes, they are intelligent and can actually do this without much effort.

Training your Bulldog on how to skate requires patience and thorough guidance from you, but it is advisable in as much as you are determined to make them skate.

Skateboard for Bulldog: How to Teach your Dog to Skateboard

Some dog writers and trainers have suggested training them from an early age; well, this is true when you are training your dog on anything; this however does not mean that they cannot learn how to use a skateboard at a mature age – of course, they can.

We are always excited by videos of Bulldogs skateboarding; they always look cool, fine and of course, the happiness on the faces of these dogs is priceless.

Teaching your Bulldog how to use a skateboard requires a whole lot of patience from your side and treats for them at intervals will definitely help in teaching them these tricks effectively.

Things to Look at before Considering Skateboard for Bulldogs

Before teaching your dog how to use a skateboard, there are some factors you should consider and this includes your dog’s physical ability, your dog’s health, and your dog’s breed – all of these are important before considering skateboard for Bulldogs.

Consider your Physical Ability

You should consider your dog’s physical ability – some dogs do not have the ability to undergo some kind of physical exercise; it is important you excuse such dogs from skateboarding.

Consider your Dog’s Age

Age also has a role to play when it comes to skateboarding and some other athletics. Dogs that are older might find it uncomfortable to engage in such.

Teaching your Bulldog or dog how to skateboard should be restricted to young dogs and dogs that just got to maturity level or mid-aged dogs.

Consider your Dog’s Health

Before teaching your dog or Bulldog how to skate, it is important you know the health status of the dog. Check-in with your vet and allow the dog to be certified fit for skateboarding – this is very important.

Consider the Breed of the Dog

Some dog experts and trainers are of the opinion that skateboard is not suitable for all breeds of dog as skating requires a strong and sturdy physique which some dog breeds lack. Bulldogs are more suitable for skateboarding.

How to Train a Bulldog to Skateboard

In training your Bulldog to skateboard, there are 11 steps you need to follow judiciously to make your dog a skateboard pro. These steps should be followed accordingly, and they are:

  • Get the perfect skateboard for your Bulldog
  • Familiarize your Bulldog with the skateboard
  • Set up the skateboard right away
  • Roll your Bulldog around on the skateboard
  • Train your dog on how to get on the skateboard
  • Reward your dog for achieving goals
  • Push the skateboard around a little
  • Teach your dog on standing completely on the skateboard
  • Roll the skateboard around with your dog standing completely on it
  • Encourage your dog to climb and move the skateboard on its own
  • Keep repeating until you achieve perfection

Get the Perfect Skateboard for your Bulldog

There are different kinds of skateboards; you need to find the perfect and right one for your Bulldog. Look for skateboards that are wide; the perfect ones for a Bulldog are the ones that are a bit wider than the dog itself. Also, go for skateboards with older ball bearings.

Familiarize your Bulldog with the Skateboard

The next step is familiarizing your dog with the skateboard. How do you go about this? Place the skateboard and your Bulldog together in a carpeted room.

In order to encourage your dog to show interest in the skateboard, place the skateboard upside down and start by rolling the wheels repeatedly – do this until it picks the interest of your dog. Having done that, take a break for about half an hour.

Set up the Skateboard the Right Way

The next step is to place the skateboard on the floor the right way; roll the skateboard around a little and watch out for the reaction of your dog; ensure the dog show interest in it.

Roll your Bulldog around on Skateboard

The next step to take is to safely place your Bulldog on the skateboard and roll it around gently. At a point, put down the Bulldog and roll the skateboard away from it and watch the reaction of your dog – it will most likely move after it. You should repeat this step a couple of times.

Train your Dog on how to get on the Skateboard

The next step in preparing a skateboard for Bulldog is to teach your dog how to get on the skateboard. How do you go about this?

Use one of your legs to hold the skateboard securely; try to get your Bulldog to get on the skateboard by giving a subtle command of your choice – reward the Bulldog for every feat achieved.

Reward your Dog for Achieving Goals

Rewarding your dog for every feat or goal achieved is a great way of motivating it to continue with the training and show more commitment. Rewards can come in form of food, petting, verbal praise or interactive play.

Push the Skateboard around a Little

Once your dog places one or two paws on the skateboard, dive the board a little push; there is the tendency that the dog will move its feet to follow the skateboard.

Teach your Bulldog How to Stand Completely on the Skateboard

The next phase of training is getting your dog to completely stand on the skateboard. At this stage, you should be patient with your dog. As soon as it has its paws on the skateboard, push the skateboard forward; at this point, the dog will move its feet to follow the board; each time this occurs, try to get it to stand completely on the skateboard.

Always accompany every feat achieved by your Bulldog in skateboard training with treats.

Roll the Skateboard around with your Dog Standing Completely on it

Hold the skateboard in place and have your Bulldog stand on it; as soon as you have your dog on it, roll the skateboard around.

Encourage your Bulldog to Climb and Move the Skateboard on its own

The next step is to try your best to get the Bulldog to mount the skateboard and move it on its own. At this point, the dog should not have much problem doing this on its own.

A way of encouraging it to move the skateboard while on it is you moving some inches away from it and beckoning on your dog to come to get some treats.

Keep repeating until you achieve Perfection

Perfection cannot be achieved on the first try, you need to repeat the processes several times to attain what you want for your dog. Also, don’t forget to give your Bulldog treats for every feat achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulldogs and Skateboards

Is skateboarding for Bulldogs only?

Bulldogs are considered to be the perfect dog breed for skateboarding; this is due to their body proximity to the ground and also their wide body. However, other dog breeds can also skateboard – skateboarding is perfect for dogs that have athletic and sturdy bodies.

My dog does not move on the skateboard. Is it normal?

This is normal for dogs when they are just starting out with the use of a skateboard, with time and more training, they will do this effortlessly.

Where can I find Skateboards for Bulldogs?

There are various types of skateboards around. You can get in pet stores around you or find online on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Final Thoughts on Skateboard for Bulldogs

Skateboarding is a good way of exercise for Bulldogs, while also giving them thrills in the process, not just them; it is also a fun way of getting along with your dog.

Getting your dog to skateboard could prove a huge task, however, with proper training; they will get this perfectly and become that skateboarding master.

What are your thoughts on skateboarding for Bulldogs, share your experience with us and other readers in the comment section.

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