Scott American Bulldog Type

Scott American Bulldog Type

One of the most popular breeds from the Bulldog family is the American Bulldog, they have a playful and goofy attitude which makes them an excellent family pet. In this guide, however, we will exclusively take a look at the Scott American Bulldog type.

Scott American Bulldog Type

There are many types or breeds of Bulldog, such as English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, Miniature Bulldog, and more – the American Bulldog has longer legs than the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, and the Miniature.

American Bulldog is more powerful, agile, and faster than the others; as they were bred to drive cattle, hunt, and guard. They are of two types, the Johnson American Bulldog and the Scott American Bulldog.

This guide will take a deep look at the Scot American Bulldog – looking at the breed’s history, temperament, appearances, and more.

Breed History of Scott American Bulldog

The Scott version of the American Bulldog resembles a White Pitbull, as they have a similar physical appearance. They are not as weighty and large it looks like the Johnson type of the American Bulldog.

Bulldogs in the past were used for bullbaiting games and many other sports games that are now proscribed. Besides these sports, they were used also for catching boars and bulls.

However, in 1835, baiting contests with dogs, such as bullbaiting, boar-baiting, and the likes were banned. The need for Bulldogs in England (its origin) was dropping, and the dogs were taken in different directions.

For instance, what is known today as French Bulldog went to France to be further developed, while some went to Germany and were crossbred with the German Bullenbeiser to breed what we know today as the Boxer.

Such was the fate of the old English Bulldog, they were crossbred with many other breeds to create dog breeds such as the modern English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, Miniature Bulldog, Boxer, English Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, and more.

In the earliest years on the soil of America, the American Bulldogs were known by several names such as Old Country Bulldog, Alabama Bulldog, White English, American Pit Bulldog, Old English Whites, Old Southern Whites, and Georgia Giants.

However, between the late 19th century and early 20th century, there was a steady drop in the numbers of American Bulldogs; this then led some men to make moves to secure the continuity of this breed.

The men who made the move to secure the continuity of American Bulldogs were John D. Johnson, Alan Scott, Calvin Tuck, Louis Hegwood, W.C. Bailey, J.M. Ashley ad George Lee Williamson – thanks to the efforts of these people, the Americans would probably have gone into extinction by now.

The American Bulldog was initially registered by John D. Johnson and Alan Scott with the NKC, with the name ‘American Pit Bulldog’, which they later changed as they do now want it to be confused with the American Pitbull Terrier.

The two men, Johnson and Scott however went their separate ways to work on their different American Bulldog types – the efforts and works of these two men created the two versions of the American Bulldog we know today.

The American Bulldog Scott type is regarded as the Standard American Bulldog, they are smaller in appearance, slightly shorter, and less athletic than the john American Bulldog. It is common to mistake the Scott type of American Bulldog with the Pitbull due to their narrow head and narrow muzzle.

Facts about the Scott American Bulldog

This part of our guide on Scott American Bulldog will discuss facts that should be known about the American Bulldog – Scott type.

The Scott version of the American Bulldog was named after the originator of this type of American Bulldog, Alan Scott; a project was undertaken to protect American Bulldogs from extinction.

If you own an American Bulldog or are familiar with one, you will notice that they are friendly during the daytime, but tend to be aggressive at night. They are fearless, bold, and always alert and conscious of their surroundings.

American Bulldogs are good house pets, as they have a lot of friendly disposition; they are very friendly towards their owners, as they are always ready to ward off external aggression towards them or the family they belong to.

While they may be aggressive towards threats and intimidating figures, they are very gentle and calm around their owners, with zero aggression towards them.

The Scott type of the American Bulldog has short coats, they are muscular and very athletic, their level of endurance, height, strength, and boldness makes them one of the favorites for lovers of guard and protection dogs.

While there are a plethora of colors for American Bulldogs, White-colored American Bulldog and White-colored with brindle or fawn are the most common colors of the Scott American Bulldog.

About their sizes, the females are a little bit smaller than the male, meat about 21-25 inches tall, while they weigh around 60-80 lbs. The male American Bulldog – Scott type is usually around 23-27 inches tall and weighs around 75-100 lbs.

Among all breeds of Bulldog, the American Bulldog (both Scott and Johnson type) tend to be more agile, active, protective, intelligent, stronger, and even loyal. It is also the belief of some people that this applies to all breeds of dogs.

American Bulldog is a good guard dog, and this is why many people have gone for them over the years. This however has its downside – they have a tendency to be aggressive towards strangers.

Another downside to American Bulldogs is that they have a habit of being destructive; they can destroy some household belongings such as cushions, and mattresses if not supervised. One excellent way of avoiding this is to train your dog with crates right from 6 weeks old.

Personality and Temperament of Scott American Bulldog

American Bulldogs share much the same personality as the English Bulldog. They tend to be loyal, loving, confident, agile, alert, and caring.

They however differ from the English Bulldog in some aspects – American Bulldogs can be aggressive, bark at strangers, and scare them off; they are also very stubborn when it comes to training them; this is why it is important to train them at an early stage.

Unlike the English Bulldog which requires not much exercise, the Scott American Bulldog requires a higher level of daily exercise, which should be around 1-2 hours daily when on leash; or around 45 minutes when off-leash.

As mentioned earlier, they are difficult to train when they are old, this is why it is important to train your American Bulldog at an early stage. Training your American Bulldog Scott type after e years of age will prove very difficult, except if done by dog training experts.

This dog breed is always alert when they see cattle, sheep, or goats – driving cattle is always an instinctive thing to do, as this is what they were used for in their early years.

Food and Diet of an American Bulldog – Scott Type

The food and diet of the Scott American Bulldog are very much similar to that of their related cousin, the Johnson American Bulldog. Here is a guide on the diet of the American Bulldog – Scott type:

  • Puppy foods should be fed to them from age 0 to 10 months
  • From age 0-3 months, they should be fed 4 times daily
  • From age 4-12 months, they should be fed 3 times daily
  • From age 12 months upward, they should be fed 2 times daily

Feed them American Bulldog kibbles or the general Bulldog kibbles. You should also feed them foods that contain vegetables and fruits. Avoid feeding your dog filler and milk products.

The Health of American Bulldog – Scott Type

Just like every other dog breed, the Scott line of the American Bulldog is also prone to some health conditions, many of which are not life-threatening.

The American Bulldog – Scott type is prone to joint pain. They can also have health problems such as problems with their eyes, kidney, thyroid, and nervous system. Another common health issue among American Bulldogs is hip and elbow dysplasia.

The Lifespan of the American Bulldog – Scott Types

The lifespan of the American Bulldog – Scott type is usually between 10-15 years. The health condition and care given to a dog also help with how long it can live.

This is why it is essential to vaccinate your dog as when due, take them to vets for regular checkups and feed them good food. Also, ensuring they get the required exercise on daily basis will help them have a longer life.

Final Thoughts on The Scott American Bulldog Type

As of today, the Scott American Bulldog and the Johnson American Bulldog are the two types of American Bulldog. This breed was saved from extinction through the efforts of Mr. Alan Scot and Mr. John D. Johnson.

This guide carefully and thoroughly inform you about the Scott American Bulldog type, what to expect from them, how to take care of them, facts about them, the American Bulldog – Scott type appearance, personality, temperament, and more.

Let us know what you think of this amazing dog; also, we would love to hear about your comments, suggestions, and questions regarding the Scott American Bulldog type.

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