Puggle Temperaments, Personalities and Characteristics

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Puggle Temperaments, Personalities and Characteristics

Looking for a go-to guide on Puggle temperament, personality, and characteristics? This guide will give you all the needed information about the puggle dog.

Puggle Temperament, Personality and Characteristics

It is the right place for you to come if you are looking for information and correct details about the temperament and characteristics of the Puggle.

Every detail about the temperament and characteristics of this designer dog breed will help you better understand it and even assist you with your decision-making on whether to get it into your home or not.

It is good to try to make inquiries on a dog that is likely to be joining your family, trying to know whether it is the best choice or not.

What is a Puggle?

If you are planning to get a Puggle, it will be right to want to know what a Puggle is. As you should know by now, the Puggle is a designer or hybrid dog breed.

The Puggles are the result of the crossbreeding between the Chinese Pugs and the Beagles and they happen to have gained quite the fame in the world of designer dog breeds.

Things about designer dog breeds are not always predictable as they are likely to inherit the gene of either of their parents or inherit from each.

But things that are likely to be certain about the Puggles is that they are normally inclined to inherit the coloring of their Pug parent.

And, for their body type, they are likely to inherit that from their Beagle parent. So, the coat colors Puggle comes in include solid black, solid fawn, fawn with black mask, and tri-color.

The height of this designer dog breed is around 15 inches to the shoulder and for its weight, it weighs around 12 pounds to 30 pounds.

Characteristics of the Puggle

So, let’s briefly look at some characteristics of the Puggle. Its adaptability, friendliness around families, kids, other dogs, and even toward strangers, its health and grooming needs, trainability, and physical needs.


Firstly, the Puggle is good at adapting to an apartment, Puggles can adapt well to any environment and they even like to be indoors so, an apartment is suitable for this dog breed.

And, to also see whether they are the kinds of dog breeds that are suitable for new dog owners and that is correct, they are suitable for new dog owners.

They can adapt to both novice and expert owners and training this dog breed can be a little easy and even fun.

The Puggles are not the high sensitive dogs that get quickly affected by things and as a dog owner, you might want to go for a dog with sensitivity level or at best, dogs with medium or moderate sensitivity level with the Puggles is an example of.

The Puggles to a certain level can tolerate being alone unlike some other dogs that become aggressive and destructive when left alone.

This designer dog breed is just with moderate tolerance to cold weather, they might need some jackets.

As the same with their tolerance to cold weather, they also just have moderate tolerance to hot weather as they are susceptible to overheating.


Now, we will be moving to see how friendly they are to most of their families, kids, other dogs, and even toward strangers.

And, it should be known that this designer dog breed is quite the friendly one. And, they have quite the affection for their families.

Now, moving to whether this designer dog breed is friendly to kids or not. The answer is simple, they are very friendly and playful with kids but, they just need to be monitored while with kids.

Some dogs can be friendly towards kids and not towards other dogs, this is quite different for this designer dog breed. They are both very friendly towards kids and other dogs and not to exclude it, they are also very friendly towards strangers.

Puggle Health and Grooming Needs

Fortunately, the Puggle falls under the category of dogs that are moderate shedders. And, this designer dog breed does not drool compared to many other dog breeds.

They are quite very easy to groom and generally, they are the healthy kind of dogs. And, they are highly susceptible to weight gain.


To get the training of this designer dog breed to be easy and effective, you will need to apply time and patience.

They are also an intelligent dog breed with the tendency to some bad behaviors like barking or howling.

Physical Needs

Puggles are neither high-energy dogs nor low-energy dogs, they are just dogs with moderate energy levels.

So, their exercise needs will also be just moderate as you don’t want to overdo their exercise which might lead to some unpleasantness.

Puggle Temperament and Personality

Puggles are intelligent and clever, they are also amiable. They love their families and that love is also being reciprocated by their families.

They relate and adapt well with children which is another way of saying that they are quite friendly towards children.

They are the cuddly type of dogs that love getting love and affection and they are also the energetic type of dogs.

This designer dog breed should be well monitored when with little children as they might get to hurt them.

This designer dog breed has a very high tendency to bark and howl which is their negative behavior and this trait of theirs is gotten from their Beagle parent.

The only way to get to deal with this negative behavior of your pooch is to get it mentally and physically busy.

Puggles love getting attention, love, and affection and they can tolerate being alone but not for a very long time.

It is not advisable to leave this designer dog breed alone for a very long time as they suffer from separation anxiety.

So, early socialization and training for this dog breed are very essential as it will help them get along with people, dogs, and even other pets.

As mentioned above, Puggles are friendly towards other dogs and although there might be some act of them chasing other smaller pets, they are not the violent type.

They are also alert and will be a good choice of pet as guard dogs. They might happen to be headstrong during training.

Final Thoughts on Puggle Temperament, Personality and Characteristics

Just give this designer dog breed all the attention it needs and you are good to go as this is what this dog breed requires the most.

They are excellent family companion dogs but, it should be known that they form the strongest bond with their owners.

So, this will be the wrap-up on this guide that is all about the topic “Puggle Temperament and Characteristics”.

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