Puggle Mixed With Chihuahua Guide

Puggle Mixed With Chihuahua Guide

The Puggle mixed with Chihuahua, also known as the Puggle Chihuahua mix is the result of the crossbreeding between the Puggle and the Chihuahua dog breeds.

Puggle Mixed With Chihuahua

We will be looking at what the result of this mixed breed is but, we will be looking at these two dog breeds individually as this dog breed is quite new and so much is not known about it.

So, let’s briefly look at the parent breeds of this designer dog breed and this will serve as an introduction of what this designer dog breed will be.

Overview of Puggle and Chihuahua Mix

The Puggle

The Puggle is a designer dog breed as it is a result of the crossbreeding between the Pug and the Beagle dog breed.

The Puggles have quite charming looks and also wonderful personalities which makes them somewhat popular.

They are quite good with little children and even with other dog breeds which makes them a great choice of pet as an excellent family companion dog.

The Puggles are brilliant and lovable dog breed and it should be known that they sometimes tend to bark excessively. And, training them might be quite the task.

The Chihuahua

The Chihuahuas are very lovable and adorable and this is mainly because they are in the category of the small-sized dog breeds, with a huge personality and they also come in various coat colors and types.

They have the agility and obedience to be recommended to compete in some dog sports and they are considered to make good guard dogs.

The Chihuahuas are purebred, unlike the Puggles which are just designer dog breed. This dog breed loves their families so much.

They are the kind of dogs that will require a moderate amount of grooming and exercise. And, they are most suitable for apartments.

Chihuahuas also have great affection for their families and they should be well monitored when they are with little children as they are small-sized dogs.

The Puggle Chihuahua mix which is the cross between the Pug and the Beagle is likely to inherit any of these traits.

Historical Background of Puggle Mixed with Chihuahua

As we all know, to get the semblance of the historical background of a designer dog breed, you will have to look at that of its parents which goes the same with this Puggle mixed with Chihuahua.

Puggle Historical Background

In the 1980s which is believed to be the first time, the Puggles were deliberately bred. So, it will be right to say that this has been when the Puggles have been here.

And right from the 1980s, they’ve gained popularity and are even considered to be among one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

Their popularity gained ground in 2005 when they were recognized to be the most widely-owned hybrid dog breed ever.

Although, this designer dog breed that is commonly known as the Puggles is yet to be recognized as a well-defined dog breed and they are also yet to be recognized and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Even though they are not registered with and recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), they are still being registered with and recognized by various national and international kennel clubs.

Most of these kennel clubs that recognized this dog breed are mostly committed to hybrid dog breed which the Puggle falls under the category and some of these kennel clubs include the American Canine Hybrid Club, the International Designer Canine Registry, and so on.

Chihuahua Historical Background

The historical background of the Chihuahua is still debatable as it is still uncertain.

This dog breed got its name from the Mexican State of Chihuahua and they are considered to have been first bred in the year 1850.

There are theories around the discovery of this dog breed, like some experts concluded that the development of this dog breed is probably from the Aztecs or Incas while some other experts believed that they are certainly from the Spanish dogs.

There are also uncertainties about what the Chihuahuas were initially bred for because there are different assumptions about this.

The early 19th century happen to be when the Chihuahuas were believed to have reached the United States.

Personality and Temperament of Chihuahua Puggle Mix

We will also be looking at the parent breeds of this dog breed to have an idea of the personality and temperament of the Puggle Chihuahua mix.

The Puggles

Firstly, this dog breed known as the Puggles are dog breeds that are loving, intelligent, and delightful and they will be a great choice of a dog as a family companion.

They are fun-loving, lovable and they love to get attention, love, and affection especially from their families.

Puggles happen to tolerate and relate well with their families, little children, strangers, and even other pets.

Although they are not so perfect as they have some behavioral issues like wandering, digging, howling, or barking.

As it is the same with other dog breeds, early socialization is essential for this dog breed, this is to help them adapt and behave well especially with their social lives.

The Chihuahuas

The Chihuahuas are dog breeds that are brave and they are sometimes considered to have taken after the Terrier breed.

They are always alert mostly of strangers which makes them an excellent choice of pet as guard dogs.

They get affected by things so they love attention, love, and affection. You are good to go if you don’t deprive this dog breed of any of this.

Chihuahuas are a little bit reserved as they don’t bond with so many and they can be easily frightened if not socialized well during an early age.

Same as the Puggles and every other dog breed, they require early socialization as it is very important for their interaction with their families, people, strangers, and even other pets.

The Puggle Chihuahua mix is likely to inherit the temperament and personalities of any of its parents and there are situations where it will inherit some from each of its parents.

Health Issues of Puggle Chihuahua Mixed Breed

In general, the Puggles are healthy dogs and the average estimation of their lifespan is from around 10 years to 15 years.

Although how healthy a Puggle is, is determined by the gene of which parents it inherited as its Beagle parent is more healthy than its Pug parent.

The Puggles is likely to suffer from Hip Dysplasia as both of its parents are prone to this health issue.

Same as a good number of eye problems since both of the parent breeds of this dog breed are also susceptible to it.

Other health problems the Puggles is likely to suffer from include epilepsy, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in its heat regulation, and so on.

And, while the major health concern for the Chihuahuas is Patellar Luxation and some other health issues it is likely to suffer from but are of minor concerns include Heart Murmur, Molera, Pulmonic Stenosis, Hydrocephalus, Tracheal Damage, and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

The Puggle mixed with Chihuahua as the result of the cross between these two dog breeds is likely to suffer from any of these health problems depending on whose gene it inherits.

Coat Color of Chihuahua Puggle Mixed Breed

The double coat of a Puggle is short and smooth while its primer coat is just simple hard and short and also somewhat covered by an overcoat.

And, this designer dog breed comes in coat colors like red, fawn, tan, lemon, black, or parti-colors which is any color mixed with white.

And, for the Chihuahuas, are considered to possess two different coat types so, a Chihuahua can come in either of the two coat types.

The first coat type is the smooth coat while the second is the long coat. A Chihuahua with a smooth coat will surely have smooth, lustrous fur.

And while that of a Chihuahua with a long coat will have a soft fur that is also flat or somewhat curly.

This dog breed is commonly known as the Chihuahua also comes in varieties of coat colors and these coat colors include black, fawn, white, chocolate, gray, silver, tricolor, brindle, spotted, merle and they also come in various markings.

So, the chance of the Puggle Chihuahua mix to come in varieties of coat colors is high as both of its parents come in various coat colors.

Caring for Puggle-Chihuahua Crossbreed

Puggles are only suitable for indoors and they are loved by people. They can adapt to any environment and it is advisable they get enough exercise.

They are both intelligent and headstrong. And training them is quite easy, you just need to improvise on how you train them.

And, for the Chihuahuas, require a good amount of exercise despite their small size as they are quite energetic and active.

They love to walk and play around but, they should be supervised while in the act of this. And, long walks should be avoided especially during hot weather, this is to avoid them being tired out and also for the protection of their skin.

This is also another reason to forbid your Chihuahua from staying out too long even though, they love being outside.

They were purposely bred to be companion dogs so, they are an excellent choice of pet as a family companion.

It is easy to housetrain this dog breed and training this dog breed can be fun. It is also advisable to add rewards, positivity, and encouragement while training this dog breed as it helps them.

So, all these are most likely to be inherited by the Puggle Chihuahua mix so, you know the best way to take proper care of your designer dog.

Final Thoughts on Puggle Mixed With Chihuahua

The Puggle which is one of the parent breeds of this designer dog breed is cute and charming and also possesses a wonderful personality which is one of the reasons why it is so much loved by people.

And, same goes for its Chihuahua parent which means this designer dog breed will be loaded with cuteness.

So, it will be right to say that the Puggle mixed with Chihuahua will be a good choice of pet as both a family companion and a guard dog.

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