Puggle Lifespan and Health Issues

Puggle Lifespan and Health Issues

Puggles are amazing and lovely pets, and majorly, we will be looking at two important things in this guide, and they are the puggle lifespan and health issues.

Puggle Lifespan and Health Issues

Overview of The Puggle

And, it will be right to want to briefly talk about the Puggle as we will be looking at some important details about it that every pet lover and owner that has and is planning to adopt this dog breed into their homes have to know.

The mixture of crossbreeding of the Pug and the Beagle that resulted in the Puggle might seem a little bit unsuitable although the result was amazing.

But, the Pug is a dog breed that is lovable, fun-filled, and cuddly but, its Beagle counterpart is quite the free-spirited type of dog.

Even though from what has been said they seem somewhat different, they still have some things in common like both of them are quite popular, they are both purebreds, they both possess short coats, they are both small-sized and charming.

It should be known even as a fact that the Puggle inherited the best traits of its parents. It is friendly towards everyone, families, friends, strangers, other dogs, and even other pets included.

Puggles are lively, energetic, and very good companions. Although they can be headstrong which might be some of their negative behaviors.

Puggle Lifespan

Normally, on the average estimation, the Puggle lifespan is around 12 years to 14 years. And, in comparison to the Pug which is the parent of this designer dog breed and also a purebred, the average lifespan of the Puggle seems to be somewhat less.

The average lifespan of the Pug breed is around 13 years to 15 years but comparing the average lifespan of that of the Puggle to its Beagle’s parent which is also a purebred seem to be somewhat more as the average lifespan of the Beagle is just around 10 years to 15 years.

And, the average lifespan of that of the Beagle breed is just the common average lifespan for most dog breeds.

The lifespan which is also the life expectancy of a dog breed and particularly that of the Puggle is influenced by some factors.

And, as said, this is the same with other dog breeds, their life expectancy is influenced by factors such as their diet or some health issues.

You should be sure that if you keep your pooch healthy and also maintain a healthy diet with it, it will surely live a long and healthy life.

You should make sure your pooch visits the veterinarian regularly and does not go for unbalanced and improper diets which will deprive it of some important nutrients and even cause damages to it.

All-inclusive, you should that the Puggles takes after the cheerfulness of their Beagle parent so, you should be expecting them to take after their Pug parent with a low energy level.

Although they take after the snuggly character of their Pug parent. They can adapt well and even to apartments and homes. You will surely love to have this designer dog breed around you.

Health Factors

As mentioned above, some factors influence the life expectancy of the Puggle breed which also goes the same for all other dog breeds.

Although we will still go into details on Puggle’s health issues, we will just go briefly about how the health factors influence the life expectancy of the Puggle.

Compared to purebred dogs, the Puggle which is a designer dog breed does not have the same susceptibility for health issues or conditions.

The Puggle has two parent breeds and they are prone to the health problems that their parents suffer from, they are likely to inherit them.

And, it should be known that if the Puggle inherits any of the health problems that their parents are susceptible to, it will substantially affect their lifespan.

Typically, the health problems that the Puggles are susceptible to and mostly from their Pug parent which some include the Brachycephalic Syndrome, Cherry Eye, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and some other eye diseases.

If the Puggle is affected by the eye problems that it is susceptible to, it will have to go through surgical treatment as it might damage its vision.

Puggles are also prone to hip dysplasia which is possible to lead to arthritis and cause them a problem with walking or even make them unable to walk.

This can only worsen when your pooch is dealing with obesity already as it worsens most health problems in this dog breed.

You always make sure that the skin or coat of this designer or hybrid dog breed is clean as they are also susceptible to some skin diseases.

Puggle Health Issues

So, now, we are going mainly to the Puggle health issues although it should be noted that not all Puggles will suffer from these health issues or conditions.

Stenotic Nares

Any Puggle that has this health issue has it from birth. This health issue makes dogs with short noses or snorts have difficulty with breathing.

And, there are signs that a Puggle might be suffering from this health condition and they include disorderly breathing and exercise bigotry.

Only serious cases of this health condition will require surgical treatment but the minor cases will just require helping your pooch maintain a healthy weight and also avoiding exercising your pooch in hot weather.

Hip Dysplasia

This health condition can also lead to arthritis in dogs after a long time. It is hereditary but, some factors can aggravate the effect of it on the dog.


There are signs of this health condition in dogs and the Puggle breed in particular and these signs are overweight, barrenness, energy lack, and mental wittedness.

Although this health condition can be managed with the help of medications that will be used daily by your pooch.

Patellar Luxation

There are stages to this health condition and these stages happen to be four. The fourth stage of Patellar Luxation is the most serious which can only be dealt with surgically.

This health condition commonly known as Patellar Luxation can also lead to arthritis and it is common amongst small dog breeds.


These health conditions lead to seizures and for you not to worry too much, they can also be managed through medication.

But it should be noted that it cannot be cured and it can be hereditary and it can also be caused by something still unknown.

Cherry Eye

As the name goes, this health condition has to do with the eyes of a dog and the Puggle to be particular. And it requires surgical treatment.

Conclusion on Puggle Lifespan and Health Issues

If you are planning to get a Puggle, you should make sure you get it from a professional and well reputable breeder and not from just any pet store.

And, be sure to do your research and get the results of tests to carry out for your pooch, as to make sure it is quite the healthy one.

The health and diet of a dog happen to influence its lifespan greatly so, be careful to properly feed your pooch and take good care of it which includes a regular visit to the veterinarian and a professional vet for that matter.

So, this will be the wrap-up on this guide about the topic “Puggle Lifespan and Health Issues” and do make the right choice.

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