Pomeranian White for Sale (How much is a Pomeranian?)

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Pomeranian White for Sale (How much is a Pomeranian?)

This guide will be about the Pomeranian White for sale and it will also entail some other related topics like the cost price of a Pomeranian White.

Pomeranian White for Sale

The Pomeranian White can also be referred to as the White Pomeranian or the White Pom, Pom being the shortened form of Pomeranian.

Before going to the main aim of this guide which is about the sale of Pomeranian White, it will be right to know if at least a little but important details about this dog breed that is likely for you to get into your household.

The Spitz dogs are the ancestors of the White Pomeranian dog breed and they originated from the Pomerania area which is located in North-West Poland and North-East Germany in Central Europe.

White color Pomeranian is a dog breed that is categorized to be among the toy dog breeds. The toy dog breeds are dog breeds that are small-sized.

Although, the German Spitz dogs which are where the White Pomeranian descended from are large-sized dog breeds.

The German Spitz dog breeds where the Pomeranian White descended are also commonly referred to as the Zwergspitz or the Dwarf Spitz in many countries.

This dog breed, the Pomeranian White started gaining popularity in the 18th century and this was through the love from its royal owners.

And most especially Queen Victoria. The Pomeranian Whites that were present then were big, brawny and of course the healthy type of dog breed.

This dog breed like any other dog breed is susceptible to some health issues or conditions and the most common of them being tracheal damages and luxating patella.

And, there are some health issues or conditions that this dog breed is prone to but, it is quite rare to happen like the black skin disease called Alopecia X.

White Pomeranian Dog

Just with the name of this dog breed, you will be sure to know that it is quite charming and it comes in all-white.

The primer coat of this dog breed is pure white although for the common color of their eyes and lips, they come in black, and also for their rims, nose, and pads, they come commonly in black all the same.

White Pomeranian color

For the Pomeranian breed, white is amongst their rarest color which will surely make them quite very expensive not to say that they are also very popular in the market. And, in addition, Pomeranians come in varieties of colors.

Cost Price of a White Pomeranian Puppy

Since the topic is Pomeranian White for sale, it will be sure that if you are here, you are surely looking to get to buy this dog breed.

And, to buy this dog breed, there are essential things you have to have knowledge about which one is the cost price of this dog breed.

Although in this guide, we will just give you the average estimated cost price of a White Pomeranian because the cost price is not constant, it varies.

Normally, Pomeranians are very expensive and this is as a result of so many things and the cost of breeding them having to be among the list.

The breeder also being amongst the factors that affect the cost price of White Pomeranians so, the cost price of this dog breed varies depending on the breeder.

The cost price of White Pomeranians and mainly the high-quality ones range from around $500 to $5,000.

The White Pomeranians are among the rarest of Pomeranians which makes them most expensive compared to any other Pomeranians especially Poms with common coat colors.

And even the White Pomeranians, we also have the Snow White Pomeranians and this dog breed is even costlier than the White Pomeranians mainly because it is quite difficult to breed them.

As said, there are many things, factors that affect and determine the cost price of this dog breed and the breeding process of this dog breed also happens to be amongst these contributing factors.

The breeding process has to do with their giving birth and naturally, Pomeranians and this dog breed cannot give birth without so many difficulties so, C-section serves to be the best option. This also occurs amongst the Bulldogs.

A lot of money, time, and effort is required and will be spent after even the cesarean to help keep the puppies of this dog breed alive because the bitch will be left to rest.

Factors That Influence the Cost Price of the White Pomeranian

We will be talking briefly about the factors that mainly influence the cost price of the White Pomeranian dog breed.

And, so of these factors have been mentioned in this guide, below will be more of these factors that affect and determines the cost price of this dog breed.

The Puppy’s Quality. The quality of a dog is quite essential in so many areas and the cost price of it included.

The first price of a dog depends solely on the quality of the dog. This is what influences the initial cost price of a White Pomeranian.

The quality of a dog breed has to do with how well it satisfies the breed standards. Other factors like the genetic pedigree of this dog breed influence its cost price.

Breeder’s Reputation. Reputation matters a lot in the lives of humans. So, in this case, the reputation of a breeder influences the cost price of White Pomeranians.

For a breeder to be reputable, the breeder must be good and professional and would have satisfied so many customers.

Reputable breeders have their reputation on how they breed these pups, how they care for them so, just this reputation of theirs will influence the cost price of their pups.

Demand and Location. And, lastly, for this guide, we will be talking about the demand and location as it also influences the cost price of the White Pomeranian breed.

The area or region where you are located and that of your breeder affect and also determine the cost price of this dog breed.

The cost price of White Pomeranians and also other dog breeds are influenced by the demand either high or low on them.

Conclusion on Pomeranian White for Sale

White Pomeranians cost more than regular Pomeranians, the initial costing as high as $6,000 while the formal having to range around $500 to $1,500.

So, if you are planning to get this dog breed into your household, you should be prepared to spend a good considerable amount of money.

Though, the difference in the price of Pomeranians is majorly influenced by their coat colors as some happen to be rare while some happen to be quite common.

The quality of the dog breed is included as a factor that causes the huge difference in the cost price of this dog breed.

Pomeranians especially the show dog Pomeranians can cost up to around $10,000 so, this will be the wrap-up on this guide on the “Pomeranian White for Sale”.

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