Pomeranian with Teddy Bear Cut

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Pomeranian with Teddy Bear Cut

This guide will be about the beauty of a Pomeranian as it will be detailed mainly about a Pomeranian with teddy bear cut.

Pomeranian with Teddy Bear Cut

Pomeranians have thick double coats which makes them look more like the ideal cuddle buddies but a teddy bear cut on this dog breed will improve a Pomeranian’s physical appearance.

This teddy bear cut is quite good on Pomeranians as it does not only improve but also helps maintain their charming and snuggly facial and physical appearance.

It also helps lessen the likelihood of twists in the long coat of Pomeranians. This is also to say that teddy bear cut is recommendable for Pomeranians.

About Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

As the name goes, it is easy that teddy bear cut is a hairstyle for dogs. So, technically, the Pomeranian teddy bear cut is a hairstyle for Pomeranians.

But, it is also clear that teddy bear cut is not just a hairstyle for Pomeranians, it is also for other dogs but it is quite popular with the small dog breeds.

And also as the name goes, this hairstyle will improve the facial and physical appearance of this dog breed and also make them look like a teddy bear.

This teddy bear cut is advantageous for this dog breed and its owner in many ways as it is also easy to maintain.

There are pet lovers and owners that are not in for frequent grooming for the longer and more lavish or excessive styles so, this style is highly recommendable for them as it is easy to maintain, and in another word, it requires low maintenance.

For this teddy bear style, the foremost hair is left to be longer than the other hair on the part of the Pom’s body. The rest hair on the part of this dog breed’s body is trimmed to lengths of around 1 inch to about 2 inches.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teddy Bear Cut

Although it is quite noticeable and clear that the teddy bear cut on a Pomeranian looks very charming and adorable, this also has a pragmatic side to it.

A proper bath, regular brushing, and combing of a Pomeranian’s fuzzy coat is an important time investment that is needed.

As you know that the teddy bear cut improves the facial and physical appearance of your pooch, this style also lessens the coat length of your pooch to about half an inch to around an inch and this is the same all over your Pom’s body.

And, also as mentioned, the teddy bear style is beneficial to both you and your Pom in many ways and one of these ways is that this style reduces the twists that will be needed to be brushed and also help reduce the time invested in grooming your Pom weekly.

Despite all these facts, this teddy bear style still has its disadvantages which we will be referring to as cons and one of these cons is that if you will choose to have a teddy bear cut for your Pom, it is something that will stop your dog from appearing in its foxlike form.

Teddy bear cut is a common hairstyle for Pomeranians as lion cut and this is also known to be popular amongst small dog breeds.

Some Pomeranians are prepared to be shown in the show rings so, it is advisable to only trim the untidy hairs off their long fur and thick primer coat.

Irregular regrowth and erratic appearance can be caused by the act of shaving down their hairs and even comprehensive cutting is not allowed for dogs that are being prepared for the show rings.

Some dogs lose some patches of their hairs and it is also a health issue that is commonly referred to as post-clipping alopecia.

And, this dog breed is from the Nordic Spitz dog breed that possesses a dense primer coat with long guard hairs.

The double coat they possess has its benefits as it helps prevent the sun from affecting them, it also helps prevent the dogs from heat and cold but, this happens effectively when their coat is left untouched.

Touching the coat like clipping it short will affect the effectiveness of the double coat which will also make it prone to some skin issues like allergies and loss of hair.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut Cost?

The normal price for a small-sized or a medium-sized dog for a teddy bear cut is around $30 to $50 and the Pomeranian happens to be in the size range.

Although, it should be noted that the above price is just an estimation and the price for a Pomeranian teddy bear cut varies as it also depends on some factors.

Some factors determine the cost price of this hairstyle for this dog breed mostly like the location of where you want to have the cut.

The teddy bear cut is a hairstyle that is highly recommended for pet lovers and owners that have this dog breed as a pet as makes them look cute and charming, it helps enhance their appearance.

And even as the research says, the teddy bear cut is one of the most common and popular hairstyles for Pomeranians.

Can All Pomeranians Get A Teddy Bear Cut?

As mentioned some times in this guide that teddy bear cut is quite common and popular amongst Pomeranians.

It is also a known fact that a Pomeranian with a teddy bear cut looks cute and charming and it is good for its grooming.

So the short answer to the question “can all Pomeranians get a teddy bear cut?” is yes, all Pomeranians can get a teddy bear cut.

Maintaining a Teddy Bear Cut

Just having a teddy bear cut is not all there is for your Pomeranian, it will also need to be maintained although, this hairstyle is easy to maintain.

After professionally trimming your Pom’s coat, you will have to bathe and also dry brush your pooch.

Then after this process, you will have to cut or trim all the irregular hairs with a sharp and neat scissor.

You will then fuzz up the coat with the brush one more time, this style will give your pooch a cute appearance and it will also last for a while.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian with Teddy Bear Cut

The look of a Pomeranian with a teddy bear cut is different from the look of a Pomeranian with its natural haircut.

The aftermath of a teddy bear cut on a Pomeranian makes it look more like a teddy bear and far less than a fluffy dog.

So, the teddy bear cut is a hairstyle that is worth giving a trial as it is also a good choice of hairstyle for your Pom and this will be the wrap-up on this guide about the “Pomeranian with teddy bear cut”.

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