Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie Breed Guide

Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie Breed Guide

This guide will be about Pomeranian mixed with Yorkie. This dog breed can also be referred to as Yorkie Pomeranian Mix amongst some other cute names.

Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie Breed Guide

This breed of dog is amongst the dogs that possess inestimable energy and it is also very affectionate so, Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is a good choice of pet.

This designer breed of dog is energetic, very loyal, and cheerful or high-spirited. Just these few wonderful qualities qualify it to be an excellent family companion dog.

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix or Pomeranian mixed with Yorkie is a breed of dog that is bound to thrive in any environment.

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is not just acknowledged to be an ideal family companion dog but is also considered to be very cute and charming.

Let’s get to the overview of this dog breed:

Overview of Pomeranian Yorkie Mix

As its name goes, it is quite simple to know that Pomeranian mixed with Yorkie is the result of the mixture between the Pomeranian and the Yorkshire Terrier.

These two dog breeds have their differences mostly in the histories and coats but the crossbreeding of both yielded a wonderful result. This designer breed dog which can also be referred to as Yorkie-Pom is energetic, friendly, and stubborn.

It is considered to be the curious type and it is easily trainable. Although, the grooming of this designer dog breed can be quite a task most especially when it possesses its Pomeranian parent’s coat type.

Training a Yorkie-Pom is not advisable as it can be very difficult no matter the dominant gene amongst the two parents.

So, in this guide, we will be discussing the Yorkie-Pom and also look at its parents to get better knowledge about this designer dog breed.

Historical Background of a Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie

To get a better understanding of the historical background of this designer dog breed, it will be right and advisable to check out that of its parents.

History of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian is from Pomerania which is also where its name is gotten from. The present Pomerania is referred to as northeastern Germany and west Poland.

The German Spitz is mostly compared to the Pomeranian as they are both associated. Their other family members are the Schipperke, the American Eskimo Dog, and the Norwegian Elkhound.

The popularity of Pomeranians has been for ages now. And they are recognized to be the 23rd most popular dog breed in America by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

History of Yorkshire Terrier Breed

Originally, the Yorkies were bred to hunt down rats in England. The small-sized body and speed made it quite easy for them to hunt and catch rats and also other vermin. And they were later recognized as working-class dogs.

The dog breed was only just recognized by the American Kennel Club in the late 1880s and 1886 to be precise.

Yorkies are naturally stubborn, loyal, and brave. They were known to be wonderful lapdogs as this is the purpose they serve for the Victorian ladies.

They are considered to be the 10th most popular dog breed which makes them a little bit popular than the Pomeranians.

Temperament and Behavior of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mixed Breed

A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is also known as a Yoranian or Yorkie Pom. And a Yoranian is so adorable that it attracts so much attention no matter where it finds itself as it is among one of the most sophisticated and fashionable dog breeds we have today.

The behavior of a Yoranian is one of the most important attributes of it that makes it to be acknowledged as an ideal family companion.

This designer dog breed is also an attention seeker, it loves attention so you should not deprive it of your attention and most importantly, your love.

Yorkie Pom can be overprotective and they are always alert. They are also always wary of strangers so, it is quite very possible for them to bark at any stranger they see.

Although Yorkie Pomeranian mixed breed are small in size, they are still very brave and courageous and they very much tend to go against or challenge bigger dogs.

Even though they also tolerate and accommodate children very well, they should still be monitored while around children.

Appearance of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The parents of this designer dog breed have almost the same body size or stature but, for their appearance, they happen to look quite different.

The Pomeranian parent of a Yoranian has thick and furry fur which makes it possess a hairy exterior and its color can either be light or dark.

And the Yorkie parent of a Yoranian comes in different coat colors like black, diluted blue, or dark color with tan or gold markings.

Both its parents are regarded as toy dogs, this is basically and mostly because of their small sizes, and both its Pomeranian and Yorkie parent have wonderful personalities.

The Yoranians who are also known as the Porkies are about 6 inches to around 10 inches in height and for their weight, they weigh about 3 pounds to around 7 pounds.

Health Issues of Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie

So, there is good news concerning the health of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix because it is not a task to keep this designer dog breed healthy.

Although, it is still prone to some health issues and it can suffer from some genetic health problems.

It is possible for Yoranians to suffer from medial patellar luxation and they can sometimes suffer from some eyes issues.

It is quite important and necessary to visit your veterinarian for regular checkups and this designer dog breed is not free from some dental problems.

The Price of Pomeranian Yorkie Mix Puppies

Since it is quite possible for you or someone you know to be very interested in purchasing this designer dog breed so, it is essential to know about its price, even at least its average price.

The price of a Yorkie Pom Puppy differs as there are factors like the location, age of the puppy, or the breeder that affect the price.

You should look forward to about $400 to around $5,000 for adorable puppies. There are other costs apart from the price of purchasing a Yorkie Pom puppy.

Conclusion of Pomeranian Mixed With Yorkie

The lifespan of a Yorkie Pom is around 12 years to about 15 years. This designer dog breed is fun-filled and known to be an attention seeker.

Their exercise should be indoors and they should be given a lot of exercise as they are high-energy dogs.

Early socialization is very essential for this breed as it helps them socialize well amongst children, dogs, and other pets.

Although they are the healthy kind of dogs, you should still watch out for some health issues, mostly genetic health problems.

Some of these designer breeds of dogs do not like to be left alone for a long period as most of them suffer from separation anxiety.

So, it is quite advisable not to leave your Pomeranian mixed with Yorkie alone for a very long time as it also loves attention.

Pomeranian mixed with Yorkie also known as Yoranians, Yorkie Pomeranians, and so on are a great choice to be an addition to a family and home.

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