Pomeranian Miniature Breed Information Guide

Pomeranian Miniature Breed Information Guide

Do you want detailed information about the Pomeranian Miniature breed? This guide will be quite detailed about the Pomeranian miniature. You will learn a lot of things about it.

Pomeranian Miniature Breed Information Guide

American Kennel Club (AKC) acknowledged only the Pomeranians among the breed of Pomeranian dogs. This dog breed which is also purebreds comes in different colors, sizes, and characters bout, we will be discussing largely the Pomeranian miniature in this guide.

Details about the Pomeranian Miniature

A Pomeranian miniature is no big difference from a Pomeranian with a normal size, a Pomeranian miniature is just smaller compared to a Pomeranian with normal size or stature.

This loveable and cute dog breed is sometimes mistaken to be a breed on its own which is not true as they are just the smaller size of the typical Pomeranians.

Pomeranian miniature is acknowledged to be an excellent family companion dog that is amiable, affectionate, active, and fun-filled.

Miniature Pomeranian or Pomeranian miniature are quite popular as they are cute and amazing. And, I’m quite sure you would have heard of them even if you are not a Pomeranian lover.

Although, we will talk about Pomeranian generally in this guide while the main aim is the miniature Pomeranian.

Reasons Why Miniature Dogs are so Popular

Puppies most especially are always cute but a dog cannot forever be a puppy. So, the miniature dog breeds are forever childlike.

Puppies grow up, become adults, become mature and get bigger and larger and as this happens they also happen to lose their playful, childlike nature.

The overloaded cuteness they have when they are puppies also goes with it so, the aim of miniature dogs is not to lose any of these even as they grow mature.

This also means miniature dogs will happen to keep their size forever which is one of the main reasons for their kind of breed.

And, miniature dogs have been becoming quite popular so, we can say they are so popular, one for their small-sized stature which will be the same forever.

Pomeranian Miniature Bodily Features

Even from the name of this breed (miniature), it is quite clear that it is a small-sized breed of dog and it is also quite known for its grand coat and astounding personalities or behaviors.

So, here we will be going through its bodily features. Below will be some details about the appearance of a miniature Pomeranian;

  • Eyes Color, Shape, and Size. The eye color of a Pomeranian miniature is black and it has the shape of an almond which is not too big or small in size.
  • Nose Color. The nose color of a miniature Pomeranian can either be brown or black.
  • Body. The body of a Pomeranian miniature is tightly packed and well-jagged.
  • Ears. Pomeranian miniature has small and upright ears.
  • Facial Appearance. The facial appearance of a Pomeranian miniature is foxy which indicates and symbolizes that this dog breed is always alert and it is very clever and brilliant.
  • Tail. The tail of a miniature Pom is mounted high and heavily swaggered. The tail of a Pomeranian miniature is straight on its back and it is also always stretched out.
  • Coat. The coat of a Pomeranian miniature is medium in length and is also straight-doubled.

And, a Pomeranian miniature’s coat comes in different coat colors and some of the coat colors include cream, orange, brown, and red, parti-color, gray, white, or black.

Health Problems of Miniature Pomeranian


A Pomeranian miniature will mostly be prone to health problems related to its size.

And, there is a common health problem that affects miniatures which is hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia is a major health problem or issue that affects miniature dog breeds and it is actually of great concern.

This health problem shrinks dogs down and it does not only shrink them down but also does the same to their organs.

And, when their organs happen to be shrunk down, it affects their daily activities because this weakens them and in addition, inflicts more stress on them.

Due to their small size, their stomach also happens to be very small so, it can only ingest and digest just a little quantity of food at all times. And there is no difference in their digestive system.

Hypoglycemia which is a great concern for miniature dog breeds can be avoided but this can only happen when they are given food constantly.

For a miniature Pomeranian to survive it needs to eat in small amounts but this needs to happen constantly. This is because there will surely be an issue of this small breed of a dog missing a meal, it is common for miniature breeds.

The major issue and concern about a Pomeranian miniature missing a meal are that it can cause its blood sugar level to drop drastically which is quite dangerous for it.

And this potential danger happens mostly because this miniature breed happens to miss its meal for just a few hours.

Simply put, to avoid dangers and serious health issues and problems for your miniature Pomeranian, food should be available for it constantly.

Tracheal Damage and Heart Issues

Tracheal damage is another serious health problem that miniature Pomeranian and even miniature breeds, in general, are prone to.

Tracheal damage in Pomeranian miniature and other miniature dogs is likely to cause breathing problems in them.

Another common health problem in miniature dogs is heart issues. This happens to be largely the result of their size.

Susceptible To Injuries

As a miniature Pomeranian owner or lover, it is quite best to know that your pooch is very susceptible to injuries.

So, it is quite very important to be very aware of the environment your Pomeranian miniature is, this is to avoid injuries.

Joint Problems

Joint problems are also common among Pomeranians. These joint problems include elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and so on.

The size of a dog is a big determinant of health issues, it is likely to suffer from. The small size of this breed also happens to increase the chance of this health problem developing in it.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Miniature

It will be right to discuss Pomeranians generally. They are this kind of breed that barks excessively and they are also at alert. They are also quite wary of strangers.

It will be quite a task to try to housetrain this dog breed. It is also advisable to keep them away from high temperatures and hot weather.

This is because they can get overheated and this can potentially lead to heatstroke.

They are considered to be house dogs so, they should be left outside for a long time especially when the weather is not favorable to them.

They are regarded as good and excellent companion dogs but you should also monitor them with they are with children.

So, it is quite advisable to be very sure of your decision before you go ahead to buy a Pomeranian miniature, this is mainly because of its health issues as it can be quite troublesome and tiring.

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