Pomeranian Maltese Mix (Maltipom / Pomanese)

Pomeranian Maltese Mix (Maltipom / Pomanese)

Pomeranian Maltese mix is commonly referred to as the Malti-Pom, and Pomanese. There are still other names this dog mixed breed is called.

Pomeranian Maltese Mix

Pomeranian Maltese mix is an adorable designer dog breed that is obviously a result of two charming family companion purebred dog breeds.

This designer dog breed is a result of the crossbreeding between the Pomeranian which is tender and very smart and clever and the Maltese which is also gentle and vigilant.

Maltipom or Malti-Pom happens to be acknowledged by five dog clubs and its several names depend on these clubs.

As we all know the designer dog breed does not really have quite the historical background like purebred dogs which also goes the same for the dog breed.

Overview of Pomeranian Maltese Mixed Breed

There are first-generation hybrid dogs and there are also multi-generation hybrid dogs but, the Maltipom is considered to be among the first generation hybrid dogs.

And, this hybrid dog is quite gaining its popularity mostly across the United States although, it will still be a while before this dog breed gets acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

There are things that need to be in a place like a breed standard before they can get recognized by clubs.

Maltipom is still a new crossbreed so, it certainly still has a long way to go and there are also controversies about this dog breed and crossbreeding in general.

Pomeranians generally are not hypoallergenic but this mixture with Maltese makes them allergy-friendly which causes a lot of attention from pet lovers and owners.

So, there is still a lot to know about this designer dog breed and good details of it will be presented to you in this guide.

Historical Background of the Maltipom

As mentioned above, the Maltipoms are classified as the first generation crossbreed so, they are certainly new meaning there is not so much about them.

But, as it is done with designer dog breeds, we can get to know about them through their parent breeds so, we will be looking at the historical background of this dog breed’s parents.

History Background of the Pomeranian

The ancestors of the Pomeranian happen to be the Arctic Sled Dog although, this is something not quite easy to believe considering the body size of the Pomeranians we have today.

Pomeranians originated from Pomerania which is now an area that is part of Poland and Germany and this is basically where they also got their name from.

Pomeranians are also commonly referred to as Poms and the Poms back then are quite bigger than the modern days’ Poms.

Pomeranians are considered to be the 22nd most popular dog breed in America which is 10 ranks above the Maltese.

History Background of the Maltese

Maltese originated from an island namely Malta which is also where it obviously got its name from and this dog bred down the history to around 1500 B.C.

Maltese have a perfect balance as they possess beautiful white coats, a lovable and cute temperament, and also a passionate and caring personality.

They are considered to be a fashion statement and also a symbol of status which is what they were purposely, initially, and mainly bred for.

But, the Maltese are now bred to be wonderful show dogs and also to be great family companion dogs.

They are also considered to have been ranked the 37th most popular dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Temperament of Pomanese Mix

Fortunately for Maltipom, it is a mixture of two popular dog breeds that have unique characteristics amongst which is them being good family companion dogs.

They are calm, tender, adorable, and they also love and are loyal to their family. They are also vigilant and can bark quite well especially if it is for the sake of security.

As mentioned, they are good family companion dogs and can tolerate and relate well with children but, they are not advisable to be left alone with little children.

You should train your children on how to play, behave, and associate with this dog breed but, you must still supervise them.

Maltipom as its parent breeds is also suspicious of strangers and this dog breed always bark when it sees a stranger especially getting close to it or its family.

How friendly and sociable this dog breed gets is determined by the dominant parent gene, the training, and their early socialization.

Crate training is highly recommended for Maltipom and probably puppy pads as housetraining are quite difficult for this dog breed.

Maltipoms are always eager to please their owners which is a trait they got from both parents and they are also highly intelligent.

How Big Can Maltipoms Get?

As it is not easy to get the historical background of designer dog breeds same goes for their height, size, and weight.

But for purebred dogs, it is quite easy to get the rough calculation or approximation of their height, weight, and size of their adult breed.

So, as Pomanese are designer dog breeds, it is to say that there is no exact estimation about their adult height, size, and weight.

This is because Maltipoms and other hybrid dogs do not determine for they will inherit from their parent breeds.

But, fortunately for Maltipoms both its parent breeds are classified as small-sized dog breeds so, the rough calculation of how its adult size will be is quite clear.

So, you should also be expecting a toy-sized dog breed for Pomanese but now, for its estimated height and weight, we will have to look at that of its parent breeds.

For the height of its Maltese parent, it is around 7 inches to 9 inches while its weight is roughly less than 7 Ibs.

And, for its Pomeranian parent breed, its height is about 6 inches to 7 inches and its weight is also about 3 Ibs to 7 Ibs. And it should be noted that Pomeranians can even be smaller than this estimated height.

So, for a Pomeranian Maltese mix, its estimated height ranges from around 6 inches to 9 inches, and for its weight, it is about 3 Ibs to 7 Ibs.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Maltese Mix

The soft, smooth, and long coat of a Pomeranian Maltese mix are from its Maltese parent breed and there is also a chance that it will also inherit the dense double coat of its Pomeranian parent breed although this rarely happens.

To prevent twists in the coat of your Pomanese, it will be advisable for you to brush its coat every day and you as a pet lover or owner should take it to a groomer regularly to get its hair checked up.

Pomeranians are quite the colorful dog breed so, it can be estimated that Pomanese might come in various colors too. And its Maltese parent comes in only pure white.

So, Pomeranian Maltese mix can come in different colors like black, brown, fawn, cream, black and tan, blue, and gray. And this hybrid dog is a good choice of pet for your home.

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