Pomeranian Grooming (How to Groom Pomeranian)

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Pomeranian Grooming (How to Groom Pomeranian)

Grooming a pomeranian seems to be a difficult task, one would think. All due to their furry look and the size of their furs. This guide is meant to make pomeranian grooming easy.

Pomeranian Grooming (How to Groom Pomeranian)

This guide will entail the best way to can take care of your Pomeranian, the best and proper way to take care of its coat.

Even if you will be getting your Pomeranian from a breeder or a rescue home, you will have to know what is there to know about Pomeranian grooming.

This guide which is about Pomeranian grooming will be talking about how you can keep the coat of your Pomeranian well-kept and elegant.

It will also include the instruments you are to use for the grooming of your Pomeranian same as its grooming kit.

It should be known that these dog breeds are not dog breeds that need a high amount of grooming same with a low amount of grooming, they just need it to be moderate.

Grooming of your Pomeranian is to help it keep good hygiene which is quite very essential for its health.

As the grooming of this dog breed should be done moderately, it means it will not be quite a task but that is if it is done according to its schedule.

Below will be some grooming tasks and their timing. Pomeranian grooming should be done according to schedule to avoid more work for the groomer.

The eye region of a Pomeranian should be wiped daily same as the care of its dental health. You should always clean the coat of your Pomeranian when needed and even possibly daily.

The brushing of the coat of your Pom should be around twice a week and during heavy sheds, you should brush its coat every day.

The application of paw wax should be once a week while that of nose balm, it should only be used when required.

Bathing of your Pom should be done at least once a month which also goes the same for the cleaning of its ear and the trimming of its nails.

Do Pomeranians Require Grooming?

The short answer to the question “do Pomeranians require grooming?” is yes, Pomeranians require grooming and the same goes with other dog breeds.

Before getting this dog breed, you should set your schedule straight because this dog breed will require grooming at a minimum of three times a week and even probably more.

As stated that it can probably require more than twice a week because they tend to require more grooming when they are shedding. Numerous or constant grooming is required to avoid tangles in your Pom’s coat.

Keep the eyes and the surroundings of its eyes very clean same with its bottom. And as you visit your vet for regular check-ups of your Pom’s health, you should do the same with a professional dog groomer.

A professional dog groomer will help provide full grooming for your pooch. And visit a professional dog groomer should be around once a month.

And there are sure negative consequences for neglecting your pooch grooming schedule because it can lead to tangles in your pooch’s coat, make its fur hard and rigid, and also dry its skin out.

So, this is just to say that grooming of your pooch is very essential for you and your pooch, for its overall health.

How to Groom Pomeranians

Now, we will be getting to the main aim and objective of this guide which is Pomeranian grooming, how to groom Pomeranians.

In learning how to groom the Pomeranian breed, we will be listing and discussing just four simple rules that will both guide and help you with the proper grooming of this dog breed.

Even if you don’t happen to have a schedule on how to groom your pooch, this will be a guide for you on how to do it properly.

Rule One – The Right Number of Baths

As to how it’s been stated, the right number of baths, the number of baths of your Pomeranian is very essential.

The number of your Pom’s baths should neither be less nor high. So, averagely, you should only bathe your Pom around every three weeks although you can bathe your pooch when necessary, needed, and required.

Pomeranians and even dogs normally have natural body oils which might be removed if you bathe your pooch more than necessary. And this might lead to making its skin dry and also allowing it to be susceptible to flaking.

You should only groom your Pom after you are sure its coat is dried entirely after bathing it.

There are other ways to dry out the fur of your pooch faster like the use of a high-velocity hairdryer.

Rule Two – Condition the Coat of Your Pomeranian

You have to make sure that you condition the coat of your Pomeranian to an awesome level.

Conditioning your Pomeranian’s coat will help shield it from uncontrolled or immoderate friction that happens as a result of its grooming.

This friction might lead to the wearing out and harm of the coat of your Pomeranian over time.

Both the leave-in and conditioning spray are useful for the coat of Pomeranians like the leave-in spray helps in preventing the fading or bleaching of your Pom’s coat.

Rule Three – Avoid Tangles in Pomeranians’ Coat

You should take care of every tangle in your Pomeranian’s coat. Pat your Pom’s coat with a soft towel after bathing it, this will help prevent tangles in its coat.

Tools like a de-matting will help remove tough tangles and you should also make sure you brush your Pom properly and rightly.

Rule Four – Make Sure To Keep Your Pom Clean From Head to Toe

And, last of the four simple rules to help groom your Pomeranian well and properly.

You should always make sure to keep your Pom clean from head to toe, all over its body.

Take good care of its eyes and watch out for discharge and have them cleaned. And, you should also make sure to clean your pooch of dirt and mud after it plays outside.

Just make very sure that your pooch is always clean from top to bottom. Keep its body clean.

How Often Should I Groom My Pomeranian?

A professional groomer should be visited around once a month to help give your Pomeranian full grooming.

And when talking about full grooming, it is about bathing your pooch, trimming its nails, brushing its coat, checking and wiping its ears, also cleaning its nails and its bottom.

It should be noted that neglecting your Pomeranian’s grooming schedule has negative consequences like the fur of your Pomeranian might become hard and rigid, its coat might get tangled and its skin might get to dry out.

Simply put, to help keep your Pomeranian clean, to make its look more attractive, to maintain its healthy physical appearance, you have to groom it. So, this is to say that grooming your Pomerania is very important.

What Types of Coat Do Pomeranians Have?

Since we are talking about grooming this dog breed, it will be right to talk and discuss the types of coat it possesses.

Pomeranians which are small-sized dog breed with just a cute appearance possess a double coat that is made up of a primer coat and an overcoat.

The ground hairs which is what the primer coat of this dog breed consists of are quite smooth, fuzzy, and hard.

The work of the primer coat is to help keep this dog breed warm especially during winter or when it probably goes to some mountain areas.

The primer coat of a Pomeranian is shed two times a year and these times are the spring and summer.

And, getting to the overcoat of Pomeranians, it consists of guard hairs which as its name goes meaning they are straight and rough hair.

The guard hairs which is what the overcoat of a Pom consist happen to be longer compared to the fur of the primer coat of a Pom.

The protection of the primer coat of this pooch is the work of an overcoat and it also helps keep this pooch’s skin from rain and also away from snow and sun.

And for this dog breed, 18 coat colors are acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC) although it sure comes in various colors.

These 18 coat colors will be listed below;

  • Black and Tan
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Beaver
  • Blue Brindle
  • Tan and Blue
  • Blue Merle
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate and Tan
  • Cream
  • Cream Sable
  • Orange Sable
  • Orange
  • Red Sable
  • Red
  • Sable
  • Wolf Sable
  • White Sable
  • White

As stated above that the American Kennel Club (AKC) only acknowledged just 18 coat colors for the Pomeranian breed but, you will find 19 coat colors in the list above.

This is because a coat color was considered to be an alternate coat color for this dog breed same by the American Kennel Club and this coat color is the Chocolate Sable.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Grooming

There is some fact to be known and noted about Pomeranian grooming, facts like you can get to soften the coat of your Pom by bathing it.

You should make sure you don’t over-bath or under-bath your Pomeranian, it should have its right number of baths.

By all means, you should not allow your pooch’s coat to get tangled so, take good care of its coat by grooming it and grooming it well.

And, lastly, for this guide, always keep your Pomeranian clean so, this will be the wrap-up of Pomeranian grooming.

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