Long Haired French Bulldogs

Long Haired French Bulldogs

Long haired French Bulldogs are the same as other French Bulldogs, they have the same size, shape, and bat-like ears; what differentiates them from other types of Frenchies is their hair.

Long Haired French Bulldog

This type of French Bulldog has long and smooth-like hair, which differentiates them from other French Bulldogs. They possess a medium-length wavy hair that covers their ears, head, and chest which also gives them specific fluff.

Like all other Frenchies, the long-haired French Bulldogs are also very cute and adorable. They are very unique, thanks to their long hair.

Origin of the Long Haired French Bulldog

Long-haired French Bulldogs have their origin in an extremely unique recessive gene. They have the L4 gene.

The recessive L4 gene is from their father and mother who are the carriers of this gene though; they don’t have to also possess the long hair too.

There is no genetic dominance because this gene is an autosomal recessive trait. This means to have a long-haired dog, it will have to be bred by two French Bulldogs with the long hair gene.

They are not regarded as an official dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) approved Frenchie colors despite being purebred. This means they can’t be entered at the American Kennel Club (AKC) dog shows.

Nowadays, this unique French Bulldog with a rare trait, along with special colored Frenchies is a family dog that many would be glad to have.

Characteristics of Long Haired French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs vary in color and size. From the standard coat colors to the unique colored French Bulldogs that are adored. However, these cute long-haired Frenchies have garnered a lot of attention and admiration from dog lovers for being a rare and cute breed.

Long-haired French Bulldogs are really unique and charming, this makes a lot of people develop an interest in buying them.

Physical Appearance of Long Haired Frenchies

Same as all other French Bulldogs, the long-haired-French Bulldogs also have the same body size, shape, and bat-shaped ears.

Despite this, long-haired Frenchies don’t possess a short and smooth coat like every other French Bulldog.

Long-haired French Bulldogs have medium-length wavy hair that covers their ears, head, back, and even their chest which gives them a fuzzy appearance.

The Temperament of Long Haired French Bulldogs

There is no evidence that long-haired French Bulldogs have different personalities from their short-haired counterparts. Although all French Bulldogs have their own unique individual personalities,, being a long-haired Frenchie doesn’t make them different from other French Bulldogs.

Long-haired French Bulldogs are also regarded as calm and affectionate dogs that barely show hostility. They also perform well in apartments due to their portable sizes.

They don’t like to be left alone for a very long period of time. Long-haired French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercises and they only require low maintenance.

Long-haired Frenchies are lovely and sweet companions, considered one of the best companion dogs, together with the short-haired French Bulldogs. They are known to tolerate people and other pets. Blending with other dogs might require more time.

Health of Long Haired French Bulldogs

When bred very well, long-haired French Bulldogs are known not to have more health issues than other Frenchies. Sadly, all French Bulldogs are likely to suffer from one health issue or the other – don’t panic, this happens to almost all breeds of dogs.

Health-Related Issues Common to French Bulldogs

Here are some health-related issues related to long-haired French Bulldogs:

Skinfold Dermatitis (Intertrigo)

This is a skin problem caused by rubbing skin folds.

Eye Problem (Cherry Eye)

An eye problem that causes swelling by a tear gland.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome

It is a breathing problem caused by a small skull.

Perineal Hernia

This is a health issue in which the pelvic abdominal organs are displaced.


A continuous experience of seizures.

Luxating Patella

This means a dislocated patella or kneecap.

Atopy (Atopic Dermatitis)

This is an allergy to a substance in the environment.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a painful joint condition that causes lameness.

NOTE: They are only susceptible to these diseases, it is possible they won’t have any of the above-listed diseases. There is also the possibility that they will suffer from any of the above-listed health conditions.

It is advisable you have pet insurance available for your French Bulldogs in case of any medical treatment; such insurance will easily cover it for you.

Colors of Long Haired French Bulldogs

Below are the approved color codes for French Bulldog colors:

  • Fawn
  • Fawn and White
  • Fawn Brindle
  • White and Fawn
  • Fawn Brindle and White
  • White
  • Brindle
  • Cream

These are the approved color codes for French Bulldogs by AKC (American Kennel Club). The 5 rare colors for French Bulldogs are not regarded as official colors by AKC, they are:

  • Blue
  • Blue and Tan
  • Blue Merle
  • Lilac
  • Chocolate and Tan

Markings of Long Haired French Bulldogs

In addition to their distinguished features, Frenchies also have marked. Below are these markings.

White Markings

This is the marking with a dark coat with patches of white.

Brindle Marking

These are dark pieces of hair with patches of shading of red.

Black Markings

These are black patches on the face.


These are spots of colors with mainly white coats.


This is when the coat has patches of colors on it.

Above are color markings of long-haired French Bulldogs.

Although long-haired French Bulldogs have been excluded from show rings, their friendly behaviors make them great family dogs, and they are usually accommodated by families with kids.

Cost of Long Haired French Bulldogs

Long-haired French Bulldogs are not the most affordable dog presently, particularly since they are desired and even very uncommon.

The long-haired French Bulldog can cost between $5,000 to around $15,000. Their uniqueness especially their rare appearance plays a large part in the price.

It is important that when you are planning to buy a dog, you should go for dogs that are bred by reputable breeders; although they can cost more when you want to buy. However, you will definitely enjoy them, as a majority of them will not give health problems.

Breeding a French Bulldog in the right and correct way requires a high amount of investment, this is usually why they are expensive. So, to buy a long-haired French Bulldog from a reputable might cost you more than buying from just anyone out there.

Before a reputable breeder breeds a dog, they have done the necessary tests, such as genetic tests; also they would have to provide the necessary vaccines and fed the parent dogs and puppies with good and healthy meals.

Other things that Play a Role in the Cost of Long Haired French Bulldogs

  • Food
  • Pet insurance
  • Other purchases

Caring for Long Haired French Bulldogs

If provided with regular food, water, grooming, and cuddles, French Bulldogs are generally very simple to deal with. This means they require low maintenance.

Because of their distinct looks and appearance, the long-haired French Bulldogs’ hair needs to be taken care of. You will need to pay some attention to their hair; try brushing them at reasonable and considerable intervals.

They will require at least four baths in a year; you should try doing this quarterly. However, when they get dirty, it is important you give them a bath.

To prevent deductible shedding and to also get excess dirt out of their coat, these Frenchies will require regular brushing of their coat. It is advisable to use a self-cleaning brush which is good for both the short and long-haired French Bulldogs. Also, add dry shampoo for a clean and pleasant-smelling coat which should be used when bathing them.

Lastly, all French Bulldogs are known to be clingy which also goes with long-haired Frenchies, they always want to follow you everywhere. It is advisable to them a lot of attention. Nevertheless, you should always leave them alone at times, not for a long time.

Finding a Long Haired French Bulldog

If you are thinking of having, or breeding these cute, loveable, fluffy dogs, it should always be in your mind that they can be really difficult to come by due to their uniqueness.

You will have to find a very reputable long-haired French Bulldog breeder which can be done by researching for one.

With that being said, it is advisable to start planning and researching for your new fluffy dog. Before buying it, be sure to ask the right questions from your breeder. They need to meet some specific requirements before they can be considered a reputable breeder.

Long-haired Frenchies can also be adopted. Go to a dog rescue or shelter and fill in the necessary form to be the adoption of this cutie.

Is a Long-Haired French Bulldog the Right Pet for You?

Before getting a long-haired French Bulldog, you need to consider some factors; below are some important things to note about the long-haired French Bulldogs:

  • They are portable in size and can do well in a small home
  • They require low maintenance
  • They are also likely to suffer from various health issues
  • They are known to easily tolerate people and other pets
  • Due to their breathing problems, they don’t really need much exercise
  • They are not the most affordable pet out there, due to their uniqueness
  • They are difficult to come by, unlike short haired French Bulldogs

Facts about Long Haired French Bulldogs

  • They are also known as fuzzy
  • They possess longer coats than the traditional French Bulldog
  • The rarest color of long haired French Bulldog is a blue merle
  • They can be purebred

Final Thoughts on Long Haired French Bulldogs

These cute and loveable dogs are great pets and will fit into your home. Long haired French Bulldog is affectionate and friendly.

They come in different colors and they are also difficult to find due to their uniqueness. They are expensive and only require low maintenance, and have few health issues they are susceptible to.

By now, you must be fascinated and in love with this type of French Bulldog, their fluffy coats will make you love and want them. Due to their elegance and beauty, there is the possibility of long haired French Bulldogs breaking into the market. With this, their prices will fall, but definitely not as cheap as the short-haired type.

Do you consider having a long-haired French Bulldog? Go for the cutie. Do you have one already? Let us know what you think about them.

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