Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed Information

Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed Information

The Husky American Bulldog is a mixture of the Husky breed and the American Bulldog. They are great companion dogs that are very affectionate and friendly towards kids. They are from the loyal dog breed lineage and they are patient and lovely.

Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed Information

Husky American Bulldog mix can be a great guard dog and they can also be stubborn. They are likely to suffer from quite several health issues. This can however be reduced by knowing about the health issues of their parents.

Husky American Bulldog mixes can have more of American Bulldog or more of Husky in them since most mixed dog breeds come from totally two separate dog breeds.

Your Husky American Bulldog might be totally different; in this guide, however, we will talk about the general or common traits of the American Bulldog Husky breed.

Historical Background of the Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed

The Husky, both the Siberian and the Alaskan are originally sled dogs. The Husky dog breed is a very popular dog breed in the world today, and they rank as the 12th most popular dog on AKC (American Kennel Club) dog popularity list.

Alaskan Huskies were imported from Alaska in 1908 from the Anadyr River to be used as sled dogs at the time of the gold rush. The Siberian Huskies were exported from Siberia until the year 1930 when it was stopped temporarily.

The American Bulldogs were used for hunting, leading sheep and herds as well as for bull sports. They have a sturdy body structure, coupled with large heads and strong jaws.

The Husky American Bulldog mix is gotten from the mixture of these two dog breeds.

Appearance of Husky American Bulldog Mix

When compared to other dog breeds with an undercoat and topcoat, the Husky’s coat is thicker. They also come in different colors and patterns. They have white paws and legs.

The colors of their coat are copper-red and white, gray and white, and pure white – the most common colors however are black and white.

Husky American Bulldog Mix has a long nose and big ears; it also has a long thick coat. Their weight is about 35 to 60 pounds and they stand at about 18 – 24 inches tall.

The Bulldogs have a short flat coat, unlike the Huskies. American Bulldogs come in red, fawn, white, brindle, and piebald. Husky American Bulldog Mix can take the look of any of the parents.

Training a Husky American Bulldog Mix

Training your dog at home is one of the first steps in training. Exercise also plays an important part in training your dog. At least, about forty minutes of exercise is required every day.

It is advisable to take your Husky American Bulldog Mix on walks every day since it will give them more than an adequate amount of exercise. The planned walks and house training will prevent unwanted accidents and even reduce accidents in the house.

Cool water or a wet towel should be used when they overheat – there is a tendency that this may occur sometimes.

Temperament and Personality of Husky American Bulldog Mix

American Bulldogs are known to be kind and valorous – they are not hostile. However, we cannot completely rule out aggressiveness on their part – they tend to show some level of aggression towards humans and other animals when they feel threatened; this is usually towards strangers.

They are stubborn, anxious, and restless. They are also considered to be very intelligent and eager to please their owner – this makes them very loyal dogs.

Normally, they are affectionate and friendly towards children and families and they are always alert – they are good protective dogs which also makes them great guard dogs.

However, Huskies howls instead of barking, they are friendly towards children, especially when they grow up in a family setting.

Huskies can be destructive when they are not given the appropriate and proper care, as they are very energetic dogs. They are also friendly, intelligent, playful, and adventurous. They are alert and highly cooperative.

The combination of the personality and temperament of the Husky and American Bulldog makes up that of an American Bulldog Husky Mix.

Health Issues Related to Husky American Bulldog Mix

In both breeds (Husky and American Bulldog), hip and elbow dysplasia is a very common health issue. In comparison to Husky, American Bulldog has the highest chance of having hip or elbow dysplasia.

So, breeding these two breeds together increases the possibility that their offspring will suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia in the future.

Huskies also have a tendency of going blind, which is usually caused by cataracts. The small face, squished muzzle, pinched nostrils, and large short skull of American Bulldogs make them more likely to have respiratory problems.

Furthermore, the average lifespan of an American Bulldog is about 12 years and the Huskies are also known to somewhat live a long life. So, the mix of these two breeds might live longer or an average of both.

You should ensure you don’t keep them in a very hot place, as both dog breeds don’t have tolerance for heat.

Is Husky American Bulldog Mix a Good Family dog?

The American Bulldog Husky mixes are loving, kind, and affectionate. They are also known to get along well with families and children. They will make a good family pet. They are very intelligent and always alert about things around them.

They tolerate other dogs and other pets; this makes them a good pet for home. They like cuddling and they will always want to move toward you – this shows a high level of affection for them.

Information about the Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed

Here is some important information about the Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed

  • Husky American Bulldog mixes are loyal dogs. They are very protective and are also wonderful guard dogs. They can be aggressive towards other dogs due to them being overprotective.
  • A Husky American Bulldog Mix will not be suitable for some neighborhood because Huskies are known to howl rather than bark.
  • It is not advisable to leave them all to themselves for a very long time because their parents breeds are known to be pack animals. You can actually train them to be left alone, but not leaving them for a long time.
  • Husky American Bulldog Mix requires a lot of attention, affection and care; so it will be great to know your schedule and affection level before you go for this breed.
  • You will need to vacuum and sweep frequently when they start shedding, since most of Husky American Bulldog Mixes are known to have long, thick fly away coat which they inherit from the Husky family side. Some of these breeds however possess short, flat coats that were inherited from the Bulldog’s side.
  • This breed tends to be stubborn and destructive if left alone – this however, not always the case, as they can be friendly, calm, loyal and affectionate towards children.
  • Huskies need a lot of exercise, as they are originally bred to be sled dogs, so, they are very energetic dogs. Same thing goes for the American Bulldogs too – they were bred as working dogs and they need a whole lot of exercise too.
  • You should watch out for them during meal times and when there is heat. There is an occasional overheat during this period.
  • Huskies are also known to have the habit of leaping fence or digging holes. A backyard with a little fence is advised if you own a Husky American Bulldog, as they are regarded as escape artists.

Accommodating Husky American Bulldog Mix

When accommodating Husky American Bulldog mix, it required you to provide a calm and quiet place, while also ensuring that they are provided with the needed time to get used to their new environment.

A crate is recommended, dogs often find a crate a safe and comfortable place for them. Also, you should ensure you take away anything that might be harmful to them such as chemicals, sharp objects, etc.

Also, while making their new environment comfortable for them, it is also important you provide moral and psychological support for them, as they will need an owner who cares for them.

Finding an American Bulldog Husky Breeder

It can be a difficult task when trying to find a breeder who specializes in breeding this American Bulldog Husky mix breed. With the trend nowadays, breeders are now surfacing, due to the increasing popularity of the breed.

Try as much as you can to avoid getting a puppy from puppy mills (breeders who breed for the sake of making profits without giving them the necessary vaccines).

Cost of Owning an American Bulldog Husky Mix

The cost of owning a Bulldog is usually expensive, they are one of the costliest dog breeds to buy and maintain, this is however not the case for the American Bulldog as they don’t cost as high as the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog.

The price of an American Bulldog is usually in the region of $800, while the Husky on the other hand is a bit expensive, as the average price of a Husky is around $1,000.

The cost of buying an American Bulldog Husky Mix should be in the region of $1,200 and $2,000. Adopting them is cheaper than buying. Aside from the cost of buying, there might also be some additional costs, such as vaccination and registration in some cases.

Raising an American Bulldog Husky Mix

The Husky American Bulldogs are not usually easy to train, as they tend to be very stubborn, but at the same time, they are very cooperative. You only need to be patient with them and start training them from a very young age. One way of motivating them during training is by compensating them for each task they complete.

Feeding them properly and giving them the appropriate exercise have proven over time to be very effective and efficient when raising them. Also, you should supply them with enough supplements to keep them healthy.

Final Thoughts on Husky American Bulldog Mix Breed Information

Husky American Bulldog mixes are adorable, loving, and energetic. They are prone to some number of health issues, it is important to note this if you planning to get one – they are however easy to manage.

This dog breed is protective of their owners, they like to satisfy their owner and they are fun to be around. With an American Bulldog Husky mix, you have a very loyal dog.

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