How Much Are Pomeranian Puppies?

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How Much Are Pomeranian Puppies?

This guide is just about answering the question “How Much Are Pomeranian Puppies?” as Pomeranian breeds are charming and captivating dogs with small sizes.

How Much Are Pomeranian Puppies?

And, they are also considered to be astonishing family companion dogs so, it will be right to want to know the price of their puppies if they are to get one of them into their home.

Pomeranian breed is a dog breed with increasing popularity and this is partly as a result of their charming look which is also partly the reason why they are quite expensive in the market today.

The explanation of the estimated costs you will need in purchasing this dog breed is in this guide and it should also be known as a fact that there are factors that influence the cost price of Pomeranian puppies.

These factors sometimes affect and determine the cost price of this dog breed and these factors include its age, the dog’s coat color, and location of both the buyer and breeder.

The cost price of this dog breed is not constant as you will continue to spend more on it throughout its life and the cost varies.

How Much Do Pomeranian Puppies Cost?

Knowing the cost of Pomeranian puppies is a way forward and something very good if you are planning to add this dog breed into your home.

And, as stated above, some factors influence the cost of Pomeranian puppies and the lineage happens to be part of these factors.

This guide is the right way to get the answers you are seeking especially if you are not sure of how much Pomeranian puppies cost.

This guide will also entail at least a brief explanation of how these factors affect and determine the cost of Pomeranian puppies.

Now, talking about the average estimated price of Pomeranian puppies, it ranges from around $800 to $2,000 although some are costlier than this.

The cost of the Pomeranian breed can be quite expensive and the cost does not mean only the cost price for purchasing.

It also means the cost of maintaining throughout its life so, you need to know all this if you have an interest in this dog breed.

There are lots of things that will require money about this dog breed so, you need to be ready for it as they require a lot.

Normally, from any breeder, some Pomeranian puppies range from around $500 to $6,000. But the common average estimated cost price for Pomeranian puppies is from around $800 to $2,000.

Pomeranian puppies that come in rare coat colors like black cost more than the ones that come in regular coat colors.

There are still some things you will need to get for your pooch in its first year and things as toys, dishes, bedding, and even the cost for its healthcare and is estimated to be more than $1,000.

The cost of raising this dog breed and even the money you will have to spend on it per year is not less than $1,000 so, you need to be ready for all this.

All these are just the average estimated cost price for Pomeranian puppies including the cost price to raise it although excluding some other things like its specialty equipment, non-routine medical treatments that are for emergency care.

What Can You Do To Save Money To Purchase Pomeranian Puppies?

Breeding the Pomeranian breed is quite the task and this task requires quite a lot of money. Money will be needed for its care, medicine, nurturing, bed linens, food, and so on.

So, it is just normal for this dog breed to be more expensive compared to some other dog breeds. And a breeder will surely request more for what he has spent on the dog breed.

The cost price of Pomeranian puppies from professional breeders that are also well reputable and respected will surely be more expensive than some regular breeders.

So, to save money to purchase Pomeranian puppies, you have to avoid some places and some breeders.

You can get Pomeranian puppies and even some other dog breeds at a very cheap rate from adoption organizations, unofficial breeders, and shelter homes.

These places will cost you less compared to a professional, well reputable, and respected breeder so, these places are recommended for you if you don’t have much or you’re planning to spend less.

They can also be gotten from family and friends as they can help recommend some cheap places to you and you can also get them online.

It should be noted that there are negative consequences to all this especially about getting Pom puppies online as they might not be of good health.

Pomeranian breed is generally healthy and requires fewer veterinarian visits which is quite the opposite for unhealthy Pomeranian puppies.

If you get an unhealthy or sickly Pom puppy, it will both cost you monetarily and emotionally so, it is best to avoid it.

So, you should be wise about your decision-making on getting a Pom puppy at a lesser price as it will surely cost you more after you get it.

Factors That Influence the Cost Price of Pomeranian Puppies

Below will be a brief explanation of the factors that influence the cost price of Pomeranian puppies, these factors both affect and determine the price of this dog breed.


The quality of the Pomeranian puppies is one of the greatest determinants of its cost price. Its influence on the price of this dog breed.

This also goes the same with other dog breeds. Some Pom puppies are classified as show quality while some pet quality and the former is costlier than the latter.


The location also really influences the cost price of this dog breed. And this is both the location of the breeder and that of the buyer.

Coat Color, Size, and Gender

The coat color, size, and gender are factors that also affect and determine the cost price of Pomeranian size.

As some coat colors are rare which simply means they will be more expensive and female Pom puppies are costlier than male Pom puppies, also, smaller Pom breed attract more cost price.

Final Thoughts on How Much Are Pomeranian Puppies

It should be known that raising a Pom is quite a task so, you should be well prepared for it if you want to go ahead to get it into your home.

So, that was all about the topic “how much are Pomeranian puppies?” The guide entails the average estimated price of this dog breed same as the factors that influence its cost price.

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