How Much Are French Bulldogs?

How Much Are French Bulldogs?

The question “How much are French Bulldogs?” is an excellent question we will be answering and discussing in this article.

The price of a French Bulldog is also a very important aspect of the life of this breed and it is also what every aspiring Frenchie owner must know.

How Much Are French Bulldogs?

Frenchies are becoming more and more popular every single day and most especially in the United States.

In comparison to other breeds of dogs, the French Bulldogs are said and known to cost way higher to purchase.

Their sale price is expensive so is also the cost of owning them which means it will certainly cost a lot to buy, own and maintain this breed.

This article is about the selling price and all the cost of living of French Bulldogs which includes both the cost of owning and maintaining it.

And the cost of owning and maintaining this breed has to do with things like its feeding, grooming, vet bills, training bills, test bills and so on.

I’m very sure and certain that after reading this article to the end, you will have a full and good knowledge of the cost of a French Bulldog and also all about its cost of living and maintenance.

The Cost of French Bulldogs

I know you have been very eager to get to the point and find out the actual cost of this adorable breed.

And as said, the price of a French Bulldog is a very important aspect to consider before finalizing your decision and plan of getting it as a pet to your family.

After getting to the concluding part of this article, it will be left to you to decide on getting a Frenchie or not if you can afford its prices and expenses.

What are the average selling price and expenses of French Bulldogs?

This is a question that has to do majorly with our original question which is “How much are French Bulldogs?”

The standard and average selling price of a French Bulldog is said to be around two thousand dollars [$2,000].

And as for its cost of living and expenses, it is said to also be around one hundred and eighty dollars [$180] monthly.

The total cost of living and selling price of this breed on the average is calculated to be $27,920 since its average lifespan is about 12 years.

But there is an explanation to why this is it and in this article we will give you the full explanation as to why French Bulldogs are very expensive.

Reasons why French Bulldogs are very expensive

There are quite a number of reasons why French Bulldogs are expensive. For reasons, there are also some factors affecting the purchase price and expenses of French Bulldogs.

And all this we will be discussed here for you to be aware of the factors and reasons why this cute and adorable breed of dog is quite expensive.

French Bulldogs are loving, affectionate, playful, friendly, calm and adorable which means they have quite a wonderful personality and character compared to other breed of dogs.

The personality and character of this breed actually add to the price because the demand for such personalities and characters is quite high.

The fame and popularity of the French Bulldogs also added to their purchase price because it also increases the demand for them.

The way of breeding this breed is one of the major factors that affect their selling price.

French Bulldogs rarely bred naturally which means usual and common way of breeding for French Bulldogs is through artificial insemination and caesarean section.

And this will automatically add to both the purchase price and expenses of this canine which also makes it one of the major reasons this breed are very expensive.

It is also one of the major factors affecting both the purchase price and cost of living and expenses of the French Bulldogs.

And not leaving the health problems and issues of French Bulldogs which also add to their cost of living and quite a huge amount of cost to their expenses.

The health issues of the French Bulldogs are undoubtedly also one of the major factors which affect the cost of living and bills of Frenchies.

How Much Does French Bulldogs Really Cost?

As said earlier the French Bulldogs’ average purchase price is said to be about $2,000 which actually ranges high to around $7,000.

This means the average purchase price of a French Bulldog is around $2,000 to $7,000 while Frenchies that are top-quality are said to range from around $8,000 to about $15,000.

And also as said before that there are factors that affect every cost that has to do with this canine and these factors we will also be listing and discussing below.

Factors that affect the French Bulldog Price:

  • The reputation of the breeder
  • Parents’ pedigree status
  • Popularity
  • Bodily Features
  • Its gender
  • Training
  • Vaccination and disease testing

The first factor on this list is the reputation of the breeder you want to purchase your Frenchie from.

The price of Frenchies from a well reputable breeder is quite more costly compared to other breeders.

These reputable and trustworthy breeders are known and respected for breeding and selling high-quality canines.

Their parent’s pedigree status also has to do with their price since they are from the ancient Bulldogs, they surely will be more expensive compared to other breeds of dogs.

As said before, the popularity which causes high demands for them is also one of the major factors affecting the price of Frenchies. It makes them more expensive than other breeds.

The bodily features like the color and size of this breed also play a role in making them more expensive than other breeds because some colors of this breed is rare to find which certainly makes it more expensive.

The gender of French Bulldogs also affect its purchase price and this means whether you want to get a male or female French Bulldog determines the price of the Frenchie.

And it is known that female Frenchies are more costly than the male Frenchies.

And also if the Frenchie you are getting has been trained by its breeder, the cost of training it might also be added to its selling price.

And lastly on the list of factors that affect Frenchie’s Price is vaccination and disease testing which has to do with the vaccines given to Frenchie against common diseases.

And the cost of this vaccines will surely be added with its purchase price and so as the bills of the tests undergone to be able to have a health certificates which will also be added to its purchase price.

This makes both vaccination and disease testing also a factor that affect the purchase price of French Bulldogs.

How much are French Bulldogs – Final Thoughts

Now, we have the range of the purchase price and also the average cost of living and expenses of French Bulldogs.

And with that we also know and have a very good knowledge of factors that affect the price of French Bulldogs.

Although, there are still a number of other factors and expenses that add to the price of French Bulldogs.

But these are enough details to know about the price and expenses of French Bulldogs to help decide on whether to get this breed or not if you are considering it.

The question “How much are French Bulldogs?” is now properly answered and this will be it on this article.

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