Havanese Puppies for Sale near Me (Havanese Dogs for Sale near Me)

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Havanese Puppies for Sale near Me (Havanese Dogs for Sale near Me)

There are pet owners and lovers that are interested in Havanese puppies and dogs that will ask the question “Havanese puppies for sale near me (Havanese dogs for sale near me)”.

Havanese Puppies for Sale near Me (Havanese Dogs for Sale near Me)

So, if you are also among people that are looking forward to getting this dog breed added to their families, there are places you get Havanese puppies and dogs.

There are even websites that can help you find Havaneses as they are where you can get to search for Havanese puppies and dogs that are near you.

It will be right to talk about the dog breed before buying them. So, we will be giving some little details about this dog breed in this guide.

Information about the Havanese Breed

Havanese are dog breeds that possess long, smooth hair with eloquent eyes, and they also have a snuggly size which all makes them attract lots of attention.

They were primarily and purposely bred to be companion dogs and also for families and this was first in the 1800s and they had a nickname “Velcro dog” that they obtained basically for the reason of always being by their owner’s side.

So, Havanese dogs and puppies are purebred dog breeds which despite that fact, it is possible to still get them in shelters and rescues.

Even though Havanese dog breeds were bred primarily to be good companion dogs, they can still be wonderful lapdogs.

Havanese dog breeds are dog breeds that are classified as dog breeds that are trainable and they are also quite active and lively.

Havanese do quite well in sport and they are also the loyal type of dog as they love their families quite well.

This dog breed gets lots of attention and they even also love to get love, attention, and affections so, they happen to develop a health issue commonly referred to as “Separation Anxiety”.

They are not the type of dog that should be left alone for a long period so, if you will be getting this dog breed, make sure you will be able to give it time, love, and affection because it needs all this quite well.

Havanese dog breeds are dogs that keen on pleasing their masters or/and owners. They are intelligent, brilliant, and clever and they are also one of the fluffy families.

Historical Background of Havanese

The Barbichon is which is now commonly referred to as the Bichon is a family where they are small-sized dogs which is also where Havanese originated from and this dog family happens to be from the Mediterranean in this past.

For good trading relationships with the Cuban women, these Spanish traders present some of these dog breeds as gifts to these Cuban women.

Havanese were being owned by the wealthy ones and they were surely being coddled as they were classified as unique pets.

The name the “White Cuban” was given to Havanese in Europe but, they were commonly referred to as Habeneros in Cuba.

They started gaining popularity after they got to Europe where they were both used as pets which were adorable and also as show dogs.

Havanese later continued to gain their popularity as trick dogs all over Europe, this happens when their popularity as pets started to decrease.

They almost went to extinction in Europe and even in Cuba where they came from until they found their way to the United States and this was around the 1950s and 1960s.

These modern Havanese originated from the Havanese that was taken to the United States and they begin to gain back people’s attention and love.

They started to gain the attention of pets and dog lovers and owners. This dog breed first came into the American Kennel Club (AKC) show ring in the year 1996.

And, they were first officially classified as a toy-sized dog breed in the year 1999. Havana Silk Dog is also another name that Havanese is known for.

What Is The Price of a Havanese?

You have to get to know a little about Havanese and most importantly, its historical background so, let’s get to know its cost price as you will need to have an idea of how much it cost.

As mentioned above that Havaneses almost went into extinction and they are just gaining back their popularity so, they are sure not among one of the most popular dog breeds or even among the small-sized dog breed.

Although in comparison to other small-sized dog breeds, they are the smallest and they also happen to be the bulkiest.

This dog breed will need fairly a bit of grooming and they are also classified amongst the low-shedder dog breeds and they are not the kind of dog breed that needs lots of exercises.

Generally, Havaneses are regarded as sophisticated dogs and due to some other factors that affect their prices which makes them quite expensive, factors like their uniqueness coupled with their rareness.

So, to talk about their average estimated price. The average price of a Havanese puppy is estimated to be around $1,000 to $1,500. And, they are also very expensive compared to other toy dog breeds which means they are more expensive than other toy dog breeds.

Some other factors that determine and also affect the cost price of a Havanese include the location, age range of the Havanese puppy, health issues, ancestors, and so on.

Oftentimes, the cost price of a Havanese puppy can go up to around $2,500 especially for Havanese puppies that are regarded as show-quality dogs. And, they can also get down to about $700, these are mainly Havanese puppies that are considered to be pet-quality dogs.

Final Thoughts on Havanese Puppies for Sale near Me (Havanese Dogs for Sale near Me)

Havaneses are considered to be very common in the United States amongst many other countries so, the United States is one common place where you can get to adopt or buy this dog breed.

As a fact, the Havaneses are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to be the 23rd most popular dog breed.

So, to get Havanese puppies or dogs for sale that are near you, you can get them from dog rescue organizations, public animal shelters, and humane societies around you.

You can also get Havanese dogs and puppies from a dog breeder near or around you but, you should make sure it’s from a professional and well-reputable breeder.

This will be the wrap-up on this guide about the topic “Havanese Puppies for Sale near Me (Havanese Dogs for Sale near Me).

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