Havanese Dog with Short Hair (Shavanese)

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Havanese Dog with Short Hair (Shavanese)

Looking for info on Havanese with short hair? It is a dog breed with a recessive gene for a short hair coat; commonly referred to as the Shavanese.

Havanese Dog with Short Hair

There are also other names the short hair Havanese or the Shavanese are being referred to as like the Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog, and the Bichon Havanese.

A shorthaired recessive gene is what some Havanese carry so, it is not something unusual or weird although Havaneses with short hair are always precluded from a show arena because they cannot be exhibited.

And, this is another way of saying that a Havanese with short hair cannot take part in a dog show. It is also a fact that if two adults of this dog breed with a shorthaired recessive gene happen to have a good number of sets of offspring, there is a good potential that some of their offspring will possess silky coats.

There are differences in the physical appearance of an adult short-coated Havanese compared to an adult long-coated Havanese.

Shavanese is a nickname some short hair Havanese have been given right from birth. Shavaneses do not grow full hair like the regular or long-coated Havanese.

Shavaneses that is the Havanese with short hair cannot be shown and also cannot be bred but, they are generally quite the healthy kind of dog.

Personality and Temperament of Short Hair Havanese

Since we know a good amount of details about the Shavanese, it will be nice and right to talk more about it and we will be starting with its personality and temperament.

Shavaneses are gentle and calm like the regular Havanese. They are also loving and love to get affection, love, and attention, especially from their owner and family.

They have a problem with being left alone especially for a long time so, it is advisable not to leave your pooch alone for a long time.

They are quite the intelligent kind of dog and they love to cuddle. And, they are fun-loving and can also be referred to as lapdogs.

Some factors influence the temperament of this dog breed like its training, socialization, and even its congenital traits.

Early socialization is required for this dog breed because it is quite essential for their temperament as it is nice if your pooch is fun-loving, sociable, and curious.

Health Issues of Havanese

As mentioned and said earlier in this guide, Havanese with short hair are healthy dog breeds and have quite a lifespan.

But, even though they are generally healthy, there are still some health issues and conditions that they are susceptible to like eye problems, deafness, chondrodysplasia, heart issues, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (this health issue has to do with the hip joint of this dog breed), and patellar luxation.

You should make sure that when trying to get this dog breed, you should get it from a professional and well reputable breeder which also goes the same with other dog breeds.

One of the many reasons why you should get your pooch from a professional and well reputable breeder is because this kind of breeder has health clearances for their breeding stock.

Caring for Havanese Dog Breed

This dog breed has a moderate energy level and will need a decent amount of exercise to burn out this energy of theirs despite them being dog breeds with a quite small stature.

Although too much exercise is not very recommended for this dog breed, just a long walk will do or even perhaps a game that will require its energy both physically and mentally.

Even though the Shavanese cannot be bred or shown, we still have to talk about them as they are the same as the regular or long-coated Havanese, their little difference is that the shorthaired Havanese is with a recessive gene for a short hair coat.

This dog breed is quite adaptable mostly to its environments. It can do well both in homes, small homes, and large homes and with or without yards, even in apartments.

They are the indoor kind of dogs as they are not suitable for outside as they love to be with their family always.

They are not the kind of dog that tends to bark always, they just bark only when necessary and that is mostly at strangers’ passes by.

So, you have to be careful and sure which kind of environment you are in before you get this dog breed into your home.

They love to please their owner and are even eager to do so, this is also a factor that makes them quite easy to train.

Early training is required for this dog breed. And you can adopt housetraining which will require your patience as it can be quite challenging and you should also use crate training.

Shavanese and even the Havanese breed, in general, suffer from separation anxiety so, you should know about this before planning to get this dog breed and be ready to give it your love, attention, and affection if you will be getting it.

You should not leave your pooch alone for a long time as there are consequences to doing this and also make sure your pooch is always stimulated both mentally and physically.

Havanese with Short Hair and Children

It will be right to want to know how this dog breed behaves while with children. They are lovable, adorable, warm-hearted, and wonderful with children.

For children and families generally, Shavaneses are wonderful companion dogs and they are also fun-loving. They also serve the purpose of being guard dogs for children.

This dog breed should be monitored and supervised while with little children as they are small-sized dogs and harm might be done to them if care is not taken.

Training this dog breed is quite easy and we are saying both the adult Shavanese and its puppies and even violent behaviors are easy to get rid of.

Conclusion on Havanese with Short Hair

For the average estimation of the lifespan of this dog breed, they lived up to around 14 years to 15 years.

They are easily frightened, shy, with anxiety problems and also with quite the barking problems too, these are the cons of this dog breed so, be sure with your decision

Even though the coat of the Shavanese happens to be different from the regular Havanese that is with the long hair, they still share the same things meaning their coat is the only thing that makes them different.

So, this will be the wrap-up on this guide on the topic “Havanese with short hair”. It should be known as a fact that this dog breed is also quite difficult to take care of.

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