Havanese Dog Black Color (Havanese Colors)

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Havanese Dog Black Color (Havanese Colors)

One interesting feature of the Havanese dog breed is its unique colors and coat. The Havanese dog black-colored is one beautiful dog you would love to own.

Havanese Dog Black Color

The Havanese dog black color or the Havanese with black coat color is of no difference with the other Havanese. Their only difference is just the color of coat color they come in with.

So, we will be talking about the Havanese breed since the black Havanese is still of that breed except just with different coat colors.

This dog breed is with smooth hair, an easy-going personality, and radiant eyes. Black Havanese is adaptable like every other Havanese and they are also quite intelligent and smart.

They are all friendly with people, strangers, and their families. They look so very adorable and are also lovable.

One of their unique physical characteristics is their long, smooth hair. They are also quite friendly with great personalities.

Havanese Dog Historical Background

The Bichon family is the family the Havanese dog originated from and it is even an old member of the family.

The ancestors of the Havanese breed are believed to be the Tenerife dogs as they were brought to Cuba by some Spanish settlers and they were later developed into the Havanese dogs we know of.

They were bred initially to be a family companion in Havana in the 18th century, their popularity begin to grow among the Spanish, French, and British.

This dog breed was brought to the United States by some Cubans who fled their country during the Castro revolution.

They officially became recognized and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the year 1995.

Black Havanese Dog Nature and Temperament

There have been lots of reviews, assumptions, and thoughts about the black Havanese and the Havanese breed in general.

A lot of people love the Havanese breed because of their wonderful personalities and predispositions and lots of people will and do choose them as a pet because of this.

They are believed to be very suitable and considered to be a good choice of pet for so many homes and families.

The Havanese breed and in this case, the black Havanese is a dog that is sociable and will get along well with their families, friends, strangers, and even other pets.

They have wonderful personalities, they are affectionate and loving despite their small stature which might make some people underestimate them.

They are loved and appreciated by so many people. They have long, smooth hair that even makes them more attractive with their snuggly size, and radiant eyes.

This dog breed has been bred to be companion dogs and this was right from the 1800s and back then it was to the Cuban nobility.

They were even given the nickname “Velcro Dog”, they gave this dog breed that nickname because they were always stuck with their owner.

This dog breed is cheerful, affectionate, faithful, and bright. They are loved by their owners and I’m quite sure you will love having this dog breed in your family.

Havanese Dogs Colors

This dog breed that is commonly known as the Havanese is a dog breed that happens to come in different coat colors and this is one of the unique features that possess that also differentiate them from other dog breeds.

This is to say that not all dog breeds come in varieties of coat colors like the Havanese dog breed. And, the Havanese breed comes in coat colors like black, blue, silver, brindle, champagne, chocolate, sable, gold, red, cream, and white and they sometimes come in a combination of these colors.

Predicting the coat color of a Havanese puppy is quite hard as they have many color varieties.

Although the way a Havanese puppy look also depends on its parent breeds and they can sometimes inherit the coat color of the parent with the dominant gene.

Do All Havanese Change Color?

In response to this question, do all Havanese change color? No, not all Havanese change colors but, many of this dog breed change colors.

There are Havanese that does not change color like the Havanese with white color but it is sure that the Havanese with black color does change color and this even happen frequently.

While growing up, the Havanese puppies are susceptible to color change as they do change their coats.

Their color only lasts mostly when they become an adult as its shed when they were growing up.

It is true when they say that this dog breed comes in varieties of colors so, lots of colors are possible in this dog breed.

But, the fact remains that it is quite hard to predict the coat color of this dog breed when they are still young meaning puppies.

Only Havanese with white color has the highest chance of maintaining that color till they become mature.

Health Issues with Havanese

Fortunately, the Havanese breed which includes the black Havanese is considered to be a healthy dog breed.

But, still, there are some health issues and conditions this dog breed is susceptible to although it should be known that not all Havanese or even black Havanese will suffer from these health issues.

Below will be the list of these health issues your pooch is likely to suffer from and which you need to be very well aware of;

Hip Dysplasia

This is a health issue that weakens the hip joint of a dog and it is known to have happened to many dog breeds.

It is also considered to be a hereditary disease but it can also be treated with some medications, dietary supplements, getting your pooch to lose its weight if your pooch is dealing with obesity, and sometimes in some cases surgical treatment.

Elbow Dysplasia

This health issue is comparable to hip dysplasia as it is caused by irregular growth and development.

It weakens the elbow joint of a dog and it can be treated also by medications, helping your pooch maintain a healthy weight, and also in some cases, it will involve surgical treatment.


This health issue can lead to loss of sight for dogs. It is a hereditary disease but happens mostly during old age although it can happen at any age. And it can only be treated through surgery.


By the name of it, we know what it is and you should also know that this health condition cannot be cured but can be treated through medications and surgery.

And, other health issues this dog breed is susceptible to include Chondrodysplasia, Legg-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Portosystemic Shunt, Heart Issues, Mitral Valve Deficiency, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Poodle Eye, Cardiac, Liver and Kidney Issues, Seizures, Dry Skin, and Sebaceous Adenitis (SA).

Size and Weight of Havanese

The Havanese with black coat color and the Havanese breed, in general, are small-sized dogs and their weight is in the range of 7 pounds to 13 pounds.

And, for their height, it falls around 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches tall at the shoulder. The body size of this dog breed stops growing at around 6 months to 8 months and they become fully mature at 1 year old.

Grooming and Maintenance of Havanese Dogs

Havanese breed and in this context the black Havanese is considered to be low shedders and even among the dogs that are considered to be hypoallergenic.

This also means this dog breed will be a better choice of pet for people, pet owners, and lovers that suffers from allergies.

The grooming of the coat of your pooch should be frequent and you should also brush its coat twice or thrice a week.

Bathing it should be twice a month and that should be at the very least. You should also make sure its ears, teeth, and eyes are clean always which also goes the same with its nails, make sure its nails are neatly trimmed, and never allow it to be too long.

Final Thoughts on Havanese Dog Black Color

Although it should be known as a fact that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic this dog breed is sure a low shedder and it is also a good choice of pet for people who suffer from allergies.

Black Havanese are not the kind of dog breed that tends to bark a lot, they just bark when necessary and they also suffer from separation anxiety so, you should be sure to provide your pooch with all the love, attention, and affection it needs.

This will be the conclusion of this guide that is totally about the topic “Havanese Dog Black Color”.

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