Havanese Hair Care and Grooming

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Havanese Hair Care and Grooming

The topic “Havanese Hair Care and Grooming” is what this guide will be all about and I’m sure that’s why you are here, to know how to care for your pooch’s hair or coat and how to properly groom it.

Havanese Hair Care and Grooming

The guide will entail the details of how you can care for a Havanese’s hair or coat and how you can groom its hair or coat properly.

Havanese Breed Information

It will just be right to talk briefly about this dog breed before going into how you can care for its hair and also groom it.

The Havanese breed is a small-sized dog that is brawny and has a congenial personality. It is the only native dog breed of its country and Cuba’s national dog.

Havanese has curly, smooth hair and it is always exceedingly illuminating and also serves the purpose of heatproofing helping to protect the hair of this dog breed from grating hot weather.

The Havanese breed comes in different coat colors which are the same as the hair color and it is advisable to leave its hair untrimmed.

This dog breed is getting quite popular both in the market and even in the show ring. The demand for this dog breed as a family companion is now quite high.

Havanese Breed Description

This will also be a brief description of the Havanese breed. It should be known that this dog breed is somewhat easy to train as they are quite intelligent and have a loving personality.

The personality and temperament of this dog breed make them qualified to be excellent family companions.

The Havanese breed is categorized as toy dogs and despite their small stature, they are still quite vibrant and active. And this dog breed will sure need some exercise per diem.

Grooming the Havanese’s hair or coat will help keep it in perfect condition and it is considered to have a non-shedding coat or in another way, this dog breed is considered to be a low shedder and they are thus a good choice of pet for people suffering from allergies.

Grooming Havanese Hair

The only way to help maintain and keep the hair of Havanese curly and smooth is to groom it and you should know this as a fact if you are planning to add this dog into your family that this dog breed has high grooming requirements.

Caring for Havanese Dog Hair

It is quite easy for the hair of Havanese to get tangled and knotted so, it will be advisable to regularly clean it.

The grooming of this dog breed should be done at least two times or even four times a week and their hair requires combing and brushing.

Although it is mentioned above that the hair of this dog breed should be left untrimmed when their hair grows up to or more than around 6 inches to 8 inches, it then requires trimming.

And, you should know that grooming your pooch does not only have to do with its hair but, also other parts of its body which include its eyes, foot, ears, and its teeth.

How to Groom a Havanese At Home

Other dog breeds require frequent professional grooming but, fortunately for the Havanese breed, it is not compulsory for them.

So, for the Havanese breed, it is quite possible for you to groom it properly at home which is what this guide entails. Below will be the steps to be followed;

Untangle Tangles, Knots, or Matts

The hair of this dog breed gets knotted, tangled, and matted easily. So the first step to grooming your pooch at home is untangling these tangles, knots, or matts.

Do not try to untangle the knots, tangles, or matts in your pooch’s hair by brushing it, this will break its hair, just use your fingers to gently untangle the knots.

You are only allowed to brush your pooch’s hair after untangling the tangles in its hair and the brushing should be all over.

You can spray the hair of your pooch with an untangling mist before brushing it as this will help untangle the remaining tangled hair.

To help keep the hair of your pooch matt-free, you should brush its hair two times or three times a week at least.

Bathing your Havanese Dog

After untangling the knots, matts, or tangles in your pooch’s hair and then brushing its hair, you can then bathe your pooch.

Dry Hair Completely

Before proceeding to other steps in the full home grooming session of your pooch, you will have to dry its hair completely.

The hair of your pooch should not be cold or hot but, just warm and you should use a hairdryer to dry out your Havanese hair completely.

Brush Your Pooch’s Hair Again

After completely drying out your pooch’s hair, you will have to brush it all over again as this helps make the next step easier.

Cutting/Trimming of Your Pooch’s Hair

This step is where you cut/trim your pooch’s hair. You choose whatever style you want to have on it.

Cut your pooch’s hair to around 1 inch or 2 inches if you want it to have short hair but, without any hairstyle.

But, if you want a hairstyle for your pooch, you can then choose the hairstyle you want although there are recommendable ones like the puppy cut or perhaps the teddy bear hairstyle and they are even quite popular hairstyles for Havanese dog breeds.

It will be preferable if you give your puppy a puppy cut and a mature Havanese teddy bear hairstyle as this hairstyle makes it resemble a teddy bear.

For the haircut and the trimming/cutting of the hair of your pooch, you should make sure the right tool is being used as some parts of this dog breed are delicate like the area around its eyes, mouth, nose, and tail.

Cleaning Of Havanese Dog Ears and Eyes

As said, the grooming of a dog breed is not just about its hair or coat alone, it also has to do with its eyes, ears, nails, and so on.

So, you should clean your pooch’s face-off with probably like a smooth cloth and a tear stain cleaner that is for dogs before bathing your pooch.

There is also an ear cleanser liquid that should also be added and to wipe out the ear wax in your pooch’s ears, you can use a Q-tip.

Trimming Havanese Dog Toenails

The toenails of a dog are quite delicate so, it will be advisable that you use your dog’s nail clipper properly and most preferably slowly when cutting your dog’s toenails.

You might make your dog bleed if you are anxious or tense while cutting its toenails.

Conclusion on Havanese Hair Care and Grooming

You should try to help your pooch remain calm while you go through with its grooming session, this is because this dog breed is known to be quite fun-loving so, you are to find ways to make it calm throughout the session.

So, above are the steps you will need to take to have a full grooming session for your pooch and that will bring to the closure of this guide on the topic “Havanese Hair Care and Grooming”.

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