Pomeranian Full Grown (When do they stop growing?)

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Pomeranian Full Grown (When do they stop growing?)

Even with the word Pomeranian full-grown, Poms are small-sized dog breeds even their full-grown adult. So, don’t be deceived by their looks and size.

Pomeranian Full Grown (When do they stop growing?)

This is a dog breed that is sincerely very small that they could even fit into the smallest of laps so, in this guide, we will be talking about Pomeranian full-grown and certainly other related topics.

Pomeranian Weight Chart

Pomeranian weight chart has no work that to assist you in getting possibly how large a Pomeranian can get so, basically, the Pomeranian weight chart is for Pomeranian puppies.

It is the normal and right thing to do, to think about the possible weight your Pomeranian puppy can get when it becomes an adult.

And this can also happen when you are planning to get this dog breed, you will probably want to know how big it can get when it becomes full grown.

It should be known that sometimes this dog breed can become bigger than the standard weight for Pomeranians.

It will also be the right thing to do, to help you with a guide on the weight of your Pomeranian, on how large it can get which is a Pomeranian weight chart.

Pomeranians have different sizes and weights and how big and large a Pom can get depends on some factors so, it will be advisable for you to get a Pomeranian weight chart for easy calculation of how big your Pom can get.

When Do Pomeranians Stop Growing?

When do Pomeranians stop growing is another word for when do Pomeranians get fully grown which are both questions to be answered and which will be answered in this guide.

It is also a question common amongst pet lovers and owners but the fact to be known is that there are some factors that the growth of a Pomeranian depends on as they determine when it is fully grown too.

When Pomeranians come to the age of around 12 months, their growth begins to slow down or even probably stop. But, there are some Pomeranians that stop growing only when they became 18 months old.

The normal and general growth rate for Pomeranians is from when they are 2 months old to 12 months old.

And it is still true that some factors determine the growth rate of a Pomeranian which also goes the same with other dog breeds.

Full Grown Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian puppies are the ideal fuzzy dogs. The weight of a Pomeranian puppy is around 2 ounces to 5 ounces when it just started its life.

So, they are quite very tiny when they begin life. And, in comparison to large dog breeds, small breeds tend to grow faster.

This is to say that a small breed will have already gotten to its adult or would have been fully grown when it is 12 months old which is quite the opposite of the larger dog breeds.

Even though they become an adult by this age, it doesn’t mean they will be so big and large, they will still be petite, tiny, and small.

For some small dog breeds, Pomeranians included, they stop growing around 12 months old but, some of them stop theirs around 18 months old.

So, the height and weight that have are around either 12 months and for some 18 months are what they will maintain for the rest of their lives.

Factors That Affect Pomeranians’ Growth

As stated earlier in this guide that there are factors that affect the growth rate of Pomeranians which also goes the same for other dog breeds.

And, we will be talking briefly about the factors that affect the growth of Pomeranians in this guide and it should be known that you can’t control the weight, speed, and even proportions of growth of your Pom.

But, some factors determine the growth rate of your Pom that you can influence which are what will be stated down here.


Genetics is considered and regarded to be the most crucial component that greatly determines the growth rate of a Pomeranian.

This is to say that the ancestors of this dog breed which is the Arctic working dogs also play a big role in the growth rate of this dog breed and other things like its personalities and health.

And talking about genes, to be able to have an idea of how big your Pom will get, it is right and advisable to check that of its parents and probably its grandparents.


This is another component that is quite crucial to the growth rate of a Pomeranian.

Feeding your Pomerania right and properly will surely help you get its final size and weight.

So, it is to say that you should be cautious and attentive about the nutrition of your Pomeranian, watch what it eats and you should also make sure it doesn’t ingest food that is prohibited for its consumption and also it should also avoid some human foods.

You should only feed your Pomeranian high-quality foods and make sure you feed it right and be very careful of its diet.


This is also important, your Pomeranian should get enough exercise. It is a small-sized dog breed so, daily walks are not recommended but, there are surely other ways you can exercise it.

Exercising your Pomeranian is a way of improving its immune system and it also helps relax its muscle so, exercise is quite important for the growth rate of this dog breed.

It is also important in a way that it helps enhance its respiratory system and its health generally so, exercise for Pomeranian help lessen the likelihood of it getting sick which also means helping its growth rate.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Full Grown

Let’s briefly talk about the weight of a fully grown Pomeranian. But, it should be noted that based on average, the weight of Pomeranians varies especially between genders and even between different pedigrees.

The standard breed size for Pomeranians does not apply to all Pomeranian dog breeds as some are not bred to that standard.

The average of some Pomeranian dog breeds is around 3 Ibs to 7 Ibs. And as stated above, the genes of Pomeranians play a great and even major role in their size.

You should avoid both feeding your Pom excessively and also underfeeding it as they can lead to some severe health conditions in your pooch. So, this will be all about “Pomeranian Full Grown”.

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