French Bulldog vs Pug

French Bulldog vs Pug

We will be comparing two breeds of dog together, the French Bulldog vs the Pug. And the comparison of these two breeds is known to be a very difficult thing to decide.

French Bulldog vs Pug

It is a tough and difficult decision for their looks and characters is indistinguishable, these breeds both have their face and muzzle squashed which also makes it difficult and hard to differentiate between these two dogs.

Nevertheless, there will also be something that we must be able to use to differentiate these two breeds and these things are things like their size, health conditions, and their temperament.

And for factors that need to be very well considered by owners who are trying to get any of these breeds, they need to consider that they both have these breathing problems known as a brachycephalic syndrome which is already said to be common in these two breeds.

The French Bulldog and the Pug are both likely to suffer from breathing problems that are very well to be connected to their small face.

As a word of advice, doing research on the dog you wish to get and own is also a very important factor that needs to be considered.

Now, for our main aim of this article “French Bulldog vs Pug”, let’s see how we can compare these two;

To compare this two, we will be looking at some things about the two breeds. And these things are things like;

French Bulldog vs Pug – History

At first, we will be taking a close look at the history of these two breeds, their origins, and where both of them came from.

The two breeds are known to share different history so, we will be taking each of their histories and the fact, that the Pug is said to be older than the French Bulldog.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is said to have English history, it is said to be from England, Nottingham to be precise.

Although, the name Frenchie is from France some people might mistake it to be from France which is not true.

This breed is known to be good companion dogs and is also said to be sure to be able to make an outstanding watchdog.


This breed is said to originate from China and that is said to be around 551BC which is clearly much older than the Bulldog that came about around the 1800s.

The Pugs are said to be very expensive in China and only mostly owned by the Emperors then, which is not only just possession of Emperors but a valuable possession of Emperors.

They were given different names as they became well known around the world and these names are Carlin, Dogullo, Caganlino, etc. and they are called these names in these countries respectively; France, Spain, and Italy.

They came to the United States only after the Civil War and started gaining popularity and even got to the American Kennel Club and this is said to happen in the year 1885.

French Bulldog vs Pug – Size

Though the Pug is said to be very much older than the French Bulldog, the French Bulldog is known to be larger than the Pug, it is also more sturdy than the Pug.

The French Bulldog

For the weight of this breed, they are said to weigh around 20 pounds to about 30 pounds, and for their height, they are said to be about 11 inches to 14 inches tall.

The Pug

The Pugs are said to weigh about 14pounds to 18pounds and for the height of this breed, they are said to measure around 10 inches to 14 inches which is also known to be similar to that of the French Bulldog.

French Bulldog vs Pug – Appearance

The French Bulldog has wrinkles on its face while the Pug has a big, round, and wide head with bulging eyes and also with wrinkles. Though, the face wrinkles of the French Bulldog are said to be lighter than that of the Pug.

These two breeds are said to both have flat faces. The French Bulldogs possess large ears while the Pug is known to have floppy ears.

The head of Pugs which is big and round are larger than their bodies. And they also have marks on their faces which are called the “beauty marks”.

The tail of French Bulldogs is small. And they also possess short noses with big nostrils and small muzzles.

Due to the flat faces of these breeds, they are both prone to respiratory issues like brachycephalic syndrome.

The Temperament of Pug vs French Bulldog

Pugs, they are popular for being good companion dogs which means they have good characters. They are also sociable and a kind of breed you will so much like to be around you all day long.

As one of the most essential factors to be considered when choosing a dog for your family, the temperament of the dog should top the list, and for Pugs that will seriously be considered the right and best choice.

Not to leave the French Bulldogs out, they are also loving dogs who are also loyal companion dogs and they love attention from their owners.

For the reputation of the French Bulldogs, they are said and known to be a very good lapdogs.

And with all this being said, we will see that based on temperament, these two breeds of dog will be considered the right choice if any is chosen.

Training French Bulldog vs Pug Training

Both of these breeds are obedient i.e. they listen to their trainers and owners easily and are also both clever and smart.

Though, not to forget that they can also be very stubborn and they are known to be like this mostly when they want to, their trainer is very well required to be patient, persistent, and consistent.

You need to socialize both the French Bulldog and the Pug very early in their lives because this will allow them to cope well with families, friends, children, and also with other animals.

And this also works with humans being positive so, their training needs to be positive, fun-filled, loving, and amusing.

As said that they are both clever and smart, so they will surely grab anything you throw at them either positivity or negativity.

French Bulldog vs Pug – Exercise

So let’s talk about the exercise differences between the French Bulldog and the Pug, and how much exercise they need to stay healthy.

For the first which we will be going with the French Bulldog, this breed requires just about 30 minutes of exercise daily and it can even be lesser than 30minutes because of their low energy.

But, the Pug which is a medium energy dog is said to need just about only 40 minutes to exercise daily and this dog loves playing around so, don’t be deceived by its small body.

Morning and night walks are advised for these canines and it is also advisable to always watch and observe them so as to keep them away from heat or moisture as this can affect their healthy living.

Colors and Shedding

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog comes in different coat colors like;

  • Brindle
  • Brindle and White
  • Cream Color
  • Fawn and White
  • White
  • Cream
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue-Fawn
  • Chocolate

They have diverse markings on their body like;

  • Brindle
  • Black marks
  • Black
  • White markings and
  • Piebald

And this breed is regarded as average shedders which means they do not to shed much compared to the Pugs and their coats are both short and shinny.

The Pug

The coat colors of this breed are;

  • Silver Fawn
  • Apricot Fawn
  • Black
  • Fawn is known to be a very common color of the Pug among dog owners.

Unlike French Bulldogs, the Pugs are said to shed round the year so, grooming brushes will be very well needed by this breed to help preserve their healthy coat and skin.

French Bulldog vs Pug – Health Issues

In connection with the flat faces of these breeds, they are both likely to suffer from hypothermia and overheating.

In cold temperatures, the French Bulldog needs to be well covered, and also the same for the Pug in spite of its thick coat.

Due to the narrow hips of these breeds, their breeding needs to be done through artificial insemination and C-section surgery which means that the breeding of these canines is somewhat hard and tough.

They are also both allergic to things that can cause itches, cough, watery eyes, sneezing, and rhinorrhea which is known as the runny nose.

Grooming of Pug vs Frenchie

The Frenchies are known as average shedders which means they do not shed much which is quite the opposite for the Pugs who sheds regularly.

And the coat of these canines are said to need brushing frequently and it is also very important to clean the wrinkles on the face of these breeds to ward off bacteria and germs.

Their teeth and nails should be taken care of frequently as well as their ears which also need regular cleaning.

French Bulldog vs Pug – Life Expectancy

As the Pugs are very much older than the French Bulldogs, it also goes for their life expectancy. The Pugs have a longer lifespan compared to that of the French Bulldogs.

The lifespan of the Pugs is said to range around 12 years to 15 years which is clearly longer than that of the French Bulldogs which range from around 10years to 12years.

French Bulldogs vs Pugs – Conclusion

As it is said earlier in this article that it will be a very tough decision to choose between these canines and we have given you the pros and cons of these two breeds so, it is left to you to choose.

Though both of these canines are likely to have some respiratory issues so, we will not approve any of these breeds as a pet for you but as we know the decision is yours to make.

And lastly, for the French Bulldog vs Pug, you are the one to choose the winner between these two beautiful dogs.

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