French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldog Temperament is a very important part and aspect of this canine that you need to consider, know and understand carefully and thoroughly before considering accepting it into your home.

French Bulldog Temperament

Every breed of dog in the world has its own unique and special abilities and characters which also goes the same for the French Bulldog.

And the French Bulldog’s unique and special attributes are its portable body size, bat-like ears, and also its cute wrinkled face, and all of these are known to make it special and popular among other breeds.

And when considering owning a dog and especially a French Bulldog, there are many aspects, qualities, and attributes to be considered and the temperament happens to be part of the major aspects to be thoroughly considered.

French Bulldog Temperament – Things you need to expect

There are a lot of things and a number of topics we will be considering and talking about and all have to with the temperament of a French Bulldog.

We will now talk about things you need to expect from this dog as its owner. It is good news for anybody who chose a French Bulldog as his/her pet.

This is because this breed is also known for being adorable, loving, and affectionate which makes it a very good choice of pet.

Before concluding let’s really talk about the temperament of this breed and not only its temperament but also its character and personality.

Looking at all these will surely assist you in your decision making of choosing this dog and deciding whether this dog is suitable for you or not.

Not all French Bulldogs have the same personality and character, they differ a bit because some can be aggressive while some can be very loving, adorable, and calm and some can be very affectionate.

Despite their different personalities and characters, they are also all known for certain things and which is that they are all loyal, intelligent, and also known to be good guard dogs.

Although, the looks of French Bulldogs can be very tricky and their looks can also be deceiving.

And this is because it says something while their personalities and characters say another thing.

This means the looks of French Bulldogs are sometimes scary and intimidating and in truth, they are actually very playful, loving, and fun-seeking.

French Bulldogs are attention-seekers and even have the reputation of being one of the world’s best companion dogs.

With their reputation of being good companion dogs, they are also well known to be wonderful lap dogs that you will also love to be around you.

Let’s check out more about the temperament of this breed because you will surely be curious to find out more about the temperament of this breed.

French Bulldog Temperament – With Kids

Now, we will be looking at how French Bulldogs behave when they are around kids and how they act with kids.

This breed is known to be very playful, especially with kids which means they perform wonderfully when they are around and with kids.

It is advisable and also the best option to socialize your French Bulldog with kids early so that they can both grow up together because this will cause both of them to have a very powerful friendly bond.

They will love each other and remain friends forever. This breed also loves to play around with kids in the compound and everywhere in the house.

When you happen not to socialize your French Bulldog with your kids very early, they might not do well quickly so, you will have to trust and follow the process.

This is because your French Bulldog is known to be an attention-seeker which will make it very jealous when not given the attention it seeks.

And this also means you shouldn’t give one so much attention and neglect the other because they both need and seek your attention.

French Bulldog Temperament – With other dogs

We will be talking about how French Bulldogs behave with other dogs. They are more warm and affectionate towards other dogs compared to other breed of dogs.

And this can only be possible when you socialize with your French Bulldogs very early because it is also what determines the personality and character of your Frenchie.

More about the temperament of French Bulldog

At times, French Bulldogs can also be aggressive despite that they are known to be very playful, loving, and adorable.

And this aggressiveness is from their ancestors who have quite a reputation for their aggressive attitude.

The basic foundation of the temperament of a French Bulldog is created and built right from its early childhood.

Where your French Bulldog is being trained is also a very important aspect and factor that contributes heavily to its temperament, personality, and character.

We will be listing and talking about more notable and important temperaments of a French Bulldog and this you really need to know and understand.


The very first important and notable temperament of a French Bulldog is that this breed is very affectionate and is quite known for it.

French Bulldogs are one of the most affectionate dogs in the world which also make them good companion dogs and they are known to have a good reputation for that.


French Bulldogs are known to be very playful and fun-seeking and can also be very stubborn.

As they are known to be attention-seekers which can make them cause trouble and bring out their stubborn attitude just to get your attention.


French Bulldogs are ranked to be one of the world’s most patient and gentle dogs.

It can also be said that training them can sometimes be easy when done with patience and persistence.

We will be listing more important temperaments of Frenchies below. And these temperaments are;

  • They are energetic and active.
  • They are clever and intelligent.
  • They are vigilant and watchful.
  • Independent
  • Strong-willed
  • Friendly
  • Warm-hearted
  • Clingy

Temperament of a French Bulldog – Behavior Problems of Frenchies

French Bulldogs also have some behavior problems and these behavior problems will be listed right below.

And these behavior problems are;

  • Separation Anxiety
  • They are very clingy
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Excessively Barking
  • Excessively Whining
  • Begging
  • They love to jump on people
  • They plat too rough

French Bulldog Temperament – Final Thoughts

This aspect is about the final thoughts about the temperament of a French Bulldog. It is agreed and well known that this breed is affectionate, loving, calm, and friendly among many other wonderful temperaments.

They are easy-going and should always be rewarded for any good behavior because this usually helps in the area of training this breed.

Some advice here is to socialize this breed very early and be careful of the environment it grows in right from its early childhood.

So, this will be it on French Bulldog Temperament and I am very sure this will really be of great help to your decision-making of choosing this dog to be part of your home.

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