French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix

The French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix which is also commonly referred to as the French Bull Weiner is a designer breed dog that is a mix that is a result of the crossbreeding between the French Bulldog and the Dachshund.

French Bull Weiner is a designer breed dog that weighs around 15 pounds to 25 pounds and can possess either a long coat or a short coat.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix

It is a warm breed of dog which is very eager to please its owner, it is also loyal and devoted. It is sociable and amiable.

French Bull Weiner is fun-filled and energetic and it will surely make an excellent companion pet dog mainly because of its lovely dispositions.

Although it is regarded to be an excellent companion pet dog, it is actually not suitable for little children because of its urge to chase.

In this guide, every important detail about this unique designer breed dog will be covered and well explained.

This guide will entail what a French Bulldog Weiner Dog Mix looks like, how it acts and every other bit of important detail will be covered and every question will be well answered.

When it comes to designer breed dogs, it is quite difficult to predict things about these crossbreeds, even their characteristics, appearance, size, and so on.

And this simply means things about mixed breeds even this designer breed dog cannot be easily predicted.

But since we can’t predict what it will look like and so on, we can actually still get the idea of things by looking at its two parents.

By checking out the appearance, size, characteristics, temperament, and so on of its parents, can actually give us little clues about what the result of their crossbreeding might be.

It is quite possible for it to inherit the full characteristics of its French Bulldog parent or that of its Dachshund parent or even that of its both parents.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Historical Background

As mentioned earlier, it is quite difficult to predict the characteristics of designer breed dogs that are the same as a Dachshund French Bulldog Mix.

Their historical background is not excluded on things that are quite difficult to predict but this is also because there is not so much on the historical background of a designer breed dog.

This is because this kind of unique breed of dog is just getting popular and common so, for us to have an idea of the historical background of a French Bull Weiner, we will have to check that of its parents.

This has also been mentioned earlier that to be able to get a good prediction on a designer breed dog you will have to check its parents out to have ideas and tips of what the designer breed dog might be.

The Historical Background of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog which is also commonly referred to as the Frenchie is a small unique domestic dog.

Initially and earlier, this small domestic dog was bred to be a toy version of the Bulldog.

And this unique small domestic dog was quite popular back in the days in the city of Nottingham among the lace workers there.

This small unique domestic dog found its way to France through these workers when they immigrated France.

This adorable toy Bulldog was originally used to hunt and catch rats and other rodents and it was really excellent at it although, all this will be quite hard to believe now.

They are quite expensive but still not among the world’s top 10 most expensive breeds of dogs. And they are also quite very popular now.

French Bulldog is now regarded to be an excellent companion dog as it possesses beautiful personalities and characteristics.

The Historical Background of Dachshund

The Dachshund originated from Germany which goes the same with its name which means Badger Dog in German.

And a Badger Dog is considered and regarded as a brave and courageous dog that is used in native Germany to hunt the den of small animals.

This breed of dog was originally bred to be used to chase, track, and hunt the den of small animals.

And this breed of dog comes in two sizes. We have the standard-sized Dachshund and the small-sized Dachshund which both have separate importance.

The Dachshunds can be dated back to around the 15th century and the old Dachshunds are quite very different from the Dachshunds we have today.

Dachshunds are short and possess long bodies and strong legs. The Dachshunds we have today are now pet dogs with great loyalty.

They started gaining popularity starting from the 19th century mainly in the States and in our present world today, they are acknowledged as one of the world’s most precious and loved breeds of dogs.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Temperament

These designer breed dogs are incredibly amiable and kind which makes them very easy to love and adore.

Dachshund French Bulldog Mix which can also be called the French Bull Weiner will surely make a warm, kind, lovely, friendly family companion dog.

As said and as important in every other dog breed, early socialization of this designer breed dog will surely cultivate its behaviors.

Socializing this mixed breed early will make it well-behaved. And enable it to tolerate and relate well with strangers and also with other dogs and animals. Although, this mixed breed is naturally friendly and accommodating.

And this is also because both of its parents are friendly and accommodating which influence this mixed breed greatly. It is also fun-filled and lively.

French Bull Weiner Dog Mixes are gentle and they aren’t the type of breed that likes trouble. However, this mixed breed can be very stubborn sometimes.

They are loyal and obedient. They are also very playful and training this designer breed is not considered to be a difficult task.

French Bull Weiner also has the natural tendency to chase and even jump on people which is why it is certainly not advisable to leave this mixed breed alone with little children unmonitored.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Health Issues

As we all know that every dog is likely to suffer from health problems that affected its ancestors and parents.

And this is exactly the same with French Bull Weiner, it is likely to suffer from some health issues that its ancestors and parents were prone to.

Although, as good news, the likelihood of it suffering from the health problems that affected its parents and ancestors can actually be reduced.

And this is majorly the work of a breeder which is also the most important reason you should choose to purchase your canine from a well reputable and trustworthy breeder.

Below will be a list of common health issues that this designer breed is likely to suffer from;

  • Eye Issues
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hereditary Deafness
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Skin Problems
  • Tail Issues
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Reverse Sneezing
  • Pulmonic Stenosis
  • Intervertebral Disc degeneration
  • Obesity
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Hemi vertebrae
  • Cataracts

These listed health issues are also common in the parents of this mixed breed. And some of the listed health issues are minor issues while some are serious health issues.

And for the tests to be done for this mixed breed a simple eye examination can be done or a physical examination. Others type of tests includes spine checks and blood tests.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Height and Weight

French Bull Weiner is considered to have a small-sized body. And a male French Bull Weiner is said to be around 8 inches to 12 inches tall in height from the shoulder.

While the weight of a male French Bull Weiner is said to range from around 15 pounds to about 17 pounds and the weight of a female French Bull Weiner is also in the same range as that of its counterpart.

But the height of a female French Bull Weiner from the shoulder ranges from about 10 inches to 12 inches and both sexes are small in size.

Anything above this said weight for both the male and female French Bull Weiner is considered to be a sign of being overweight.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Care

Under the care of a French Bull and Dachshund Mix will be grooming, training, and exercise requirements.

French Bull Weiner is considered to be low shedders and they should only be bathed when needed and necessary.

The French Bull Weiner is neither a high-energy dog nor a low-energy dog so, it is basically considered to be a moderate energy dog.

Knowing the type of energy your dog has helps you in determining what kind of exercise and activity will be suitable for it.

Monitor and be very watchful of this canine of yours for overheating and also avoid tough and exhausting exercises and activities for this mixed breed of yours.

Treat your French Bull Weiner with ultimate love, care, and affection. Dogs do well when treated with love and affection.

This mixed breed is both stubborn and intelligent which can actually make it training a little bit of a task although, it will surely be interesting.

The training of this mixed breed requires patience, consistency, and boldness from its trainer/owner because this mixed breed can take advantage of its trainer/owner if not a strong, bold and confident person.

Positivity is also very essential in training this designer breed dog as it is also very important in every other breed of dog.

Early and proper socialization of this mixed breed is also very important as well as proper and regular training and exercise.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Life Expectancy

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix is considered to be quite a healthy breed of dog and its lifespan is pretty long.

The life expectancy for a French Bull Weiner is around 10 years to 16 years showing that its lifespan is relatively long.

Keeping your mixed breed very healthy with a good and proper diet is one of the most important keys to its long lifespan.

French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix – Wrap Up

This mixed breed is very adaptable and friendly to any environment and it can tolerate and relate with people real fast.

Above are reasons why you should consider purchasing this designer breed dog as your new family companion pet.

Although this designer breed is not all perfect it is quite the same as every other breed of dog so, also check out its negative sides and make your decision.

Some of the negative characteristics of a French Bull Weiner is that it can sometimes be very stubborn and it also suffers from separation anxiety.

We are certain that this guide on French Bulldog and Dachshund Mix will surely aid in your decision making as well as educate you more on this mixed breed and also help you in your understanding of this mixed breed.

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