English Bulldog Beagle Mix

English Bulldog Beagle Mix

This guide will solely be about a mixed breed dog known as the English Bulldog Beagle Mix. It is also commonly referred to as the Beabull.

The English Bulldog Beagle Mix which is also known as the Beagle and English Bulldog Mix is as a result of the crossbreeding between a Beagle and an English Bulldog which goes the same with its name.

English Bulldog Beagle Mix

This designer breed dog possesses beautiful personalities like being very loyal, curious, affectionate, loving, friendly and so on.

This mixed breed is said to have gotten most of its best and excellent qualities from both of its parents which are the Beagle and the English Bulldog.

Beabulls are adaptable and flexible. They possess so many unique abilities which one of them is their ability to adapt to their environment quickly.

They are categorized to be full of energy although they are short, strong and sturdy.

And its body type can actually be very deceiving because it is sometimes thought to be lazy due to its body type.

Beabull loves it families and it is known to create a very strong relationship or bond with its owner. It is categorized to be an excellent family companion dog.

This mixed breed is suitable for families of any kind, it is also protective, playful and friendly.

Below will be some important details about this designer breed dog known as the Beabull.

What is an English Bulldog Beagle Mix?

An English Bulldog Beagle Mix which can also be called a Beabull is a designer breed dog which is as a result of the crossbreeding between the English Bulldog and the Beagle.

Both the parents of this designer breed dog are popular which also help grow its own popularity.

Beabull is very popular among pet owners mainly because of its temperament.

Its popularity is growing and increasing mainly between pet owners because this mixed breed is a very lovely and friendly dog.

The tranquil, gentle and calm attitude of a Beabull is said to be inherited from its Bulldog parent. This designer breed dog is affectionate and known to go well with children.

The Historical Background of a Beabull

It is known that the historical background of a designer breed is very difficult to know but ideas of its history can be gotten from its parents.

So, in order to know more about this mixed breed, we will be looking at the historical background of its parents.

The historical background of a dog helps you to have an idea or even ideas about its temperament, health issues and so on.

It also helps you with your decision making on whether this is the right dog for you or not. So, we will be learning about the parents of this mixed breed to have an idea of what to expect from it.

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is from England and was bred back then in the 13th century mainly for a bloody sport called the bull-baiting.

The ancient English Bulldog is quite very different from the English Bulldog we have today.

The English Bulldog we have today is mainly bred to be a good companion dog while the ancient English Bulldog was bred solely for the bloody sport called the bull baiting.

The ancient English Bulldog is larger, more powerful, cruel and vicious than the English Bulldog we have today which has beautiful personalities.

The English Bulldog is now an excellent companion dog which is loved and cherished by its owner. It also possesses good personalities.

It is brave, gentle, calm, friendly and full of affections. And it is regarded to be among the top ten most popular dog breed in America.

The Beagle

The Beagle is also from England but was bred in the 16th Century which is different from the English Bulldog which is from the 13th Century.

It was bred back then for hunting mostly for rabbits and other rodents. It is also regarded to be among one of the best hunting dogs ever.

Its popularity started growing ever since it came to America and it is now categorized among the top ten most popular dog breed in America, the 6th to be precise.

Its friendly and joyful attitude increases its popularity among pet owners and lovers.

Although, this beautiful canine can also be regarded as being stubborn.

English Bulldog Beagle Mix – Temperament

Just like the parents of this designer breed dog, it is also loved by the people and its owner. And it is also known to be an attention seeker.

It loves being in the companion of its owner which also makes it an excellent companion dog and it is also loving and full of fun.

Beabull is known for having an affectionate nature. It tolerate children real well. And it is also well-known for being very loving and warmhearted.

Although, it has possesses beautiful personalities, it still does have some little bad traits like enjoy being lazy which it inherited from its Bulldog parent.

Beabulls are usually very calm and gentle. They are hyper and energetic and also very intelligent. Among their little bad habit is that they love to bite while playing.

It is advisable to correct this little bad habit very early because it can later become a very serious issue if not corrected.

This is also a reason to socialize and train this mixed breed very early. Their behaviors should be well-cultured right from their childhood.

It is also advisable to mentally stimulate this canine of yours since they are also considered very intelligent.

Size of a Beabull

We can’t really expect much from this mixed breed since it is just somewhat a new breed and since it is also as a result of the crossbreeding between the English Bulldog and the Beagle, we are likely to expect a canine with a medium size.

The weight of most Beabulls is said to be about thirty pounds to sixty pounds while that of their height from the shoulder is said to be around twelve inches to sixteen inches tall.

They come in different sizes because their sizes is based on what they inherit from their parents.

Price of English Bulldog Beagle Mix Puppies

Designer breed dogs are known to be very costly which the Beabull is no exception.

This designer breed dog we are discussing called the Beabull really has a very huge price tag on it.

The puppy of Beabull is estimated to be around $1,200 to about $2,000 and this is it average price which means it can still be more expensive than this.

The price of this designer breed dog is also influenced by the fact that it is still new and difficult to find which makes breeders to add price to its cost.

If you want to get this kind of dog breed, it is advisable to get it from a well reputable and trustworthy breeder no matter the price tag on it.

Health Issues of an English Bulldog Beagle Mix

Despite the fact that an English Bulldog Beagle Mix is likely to suffer from the health problems that affected both of its parents.

There are still possibilities that it might not happen to inherit the health problems which affected its parents.

Although, it is very important to visit your vet regularly for checkups even though your Beabull is healthy.

In general, most Beabulls are very healthy while some are likely to suffer from some health issues.

And, we will be listing the health issues this designer breed dog is likely to suffer from;

Hip Dysplasia


Digestive Issues

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Thyroid Insufficiency

Eye Conditions like Cherry Eyes, Cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Brachycephalic Syndrome

English Bulldog Beagle Mix – Appearance

The appearance of this designer breed dog varies significantly because it is not certain of which of its parents it might look like or resemble since it is a mixed breed.

Some Beabulls takes the appearance of both parents while some take the appearance of just one of its parents.

There is higher chance and possibility that the Beabull will take the strong jaws and large heads with the short and stout body of its Bulldog parent.

Its face might probably also be flat with a short tail and there is possibility it might be prone to Brachycephalic Syndrome if it possesses a flat face.

There is also possibility that it possess the floppy ears of its Beagle parent and/or its dark or hazel eyes with its long nose.

This mixed breed doesn’t have an exact standard for it appearance because it can either look more like one of its parents or inherit bodily features from each of them equally.

Englsih Bulldog Beagle Mix – Coat Color

Since Beabull is a mix of two breeds, its coat color is also a mixture of both the coat colors of its English Bulldog parent and its Beagle parent.

Below will be the list of the most common coat colors we can find on this designer breed dog;

Brown and White



Solid White

Brown and Black




English Bulldog Beagle Mix – Grooming

Since this designer breed dog possess a short coat and short coats are known to be easy to groom which means it is very easy to groom the coat of a Beabull.

Regular daily brushing of the coat of your canine should be considered and it is also mostly all its needs pertaining brushing of its coat.

And as a quick reminder, it should be noted that this mixed breed are known to be heavy shedders.

They do not do well with extreme temperatures and this mixed breed is not appropriate for owners that do experience allergies.

English Bulldog Beagle Mix – Final Thoughts

Beabulls should visit the vet regularly and not just for its health issues but also for some regular checkups to make it stay healthy.

Their ears should be checked regularly especially those that inherit the floppy ears of their Beagle parents.

It is advisable to seek advice from your vet on how to properly take good care of your canine even down to its diet.

This mixed breed will be the best pet you will ever have but you have to consider its little bad habits and health issues to aid in your decision making on whether to still bring it home or not.

But we recommend this English Bulldog Beagle Mix to you as a beautiful and lovely pet for you to take home if you are okay with everything and ready to love it.

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