Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?

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Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?

The question “can I give my dog baby aspirin?” is a common question people ask, most pet owners and lovers. So, do they?

Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin?

This common question is also what this guide is mainly about because it is important to know whether baby aspirin is good for your dog or not.

As a fact, it is quite important to know and accept that all human drugs are somewhat dangerous to the health of a dog, what matters and differentiate how toxic a drug is to a dog’s health is the dosage.

This is what you should know before answering the question above and before you decide to give your pooch baby aspirin as the dosage of a drug is what determines whether it’s toxic to a dog’s health or not and this goes quite the same with baby aspirin.

Overdosing, giving your pooch the wrong dose or improper usage of the baby aspirin can be dangerous to a dog’s health. These can all cause possible damages to the health of a dog.

This guide will provide you with facts and answers to your question and it will also entail possible dangers of baby aspirin for dogs.

It is normal to want to give your pooch baby aspirin as it is disheartening to see your pooch in pain especially for pet owners and lovers.

So, the act of deciding to give a dog baby aspirin for pain is comprehensible as baby aspirin serves as a temporary pain reliever.

But, it is advisable to stop yourself from doing this tempting favor that might even put the health of your pooch in more danger as it is better to avoid giving your pooch baby aspirin or even any other human drug.

Human drugs especially pain medications are toxic to dogs so, they are better off avoided because those drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and even other pain reliever medications are mainly for human use.

So, the only reason you can give your pup or a dog baby aspirin or any other pain reliever drug is if it was prescribed by a qualified veterinarian.

And, for baby aspirin, only low doses of it are safe enough for dogs and it can only help relieve pains temporarily.

Baby aspirin is not a good dog health supplement for long-term use, it can only serve for short-term use as it should only be used for temporary pains.

And there are reasons why baby aspirin can serve a long-term purpose, and it is also advisable to avoid giving it to your dog on daily basis.

Occasionally giving your pup baby aspirin can lead to some severe health issues even low doses of it and these severe health issues include, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of your pup which can also happen in the brain of your pooch and that is quite bad.

What Is Baby Aspirin?

It will be right to know what a baby aspirin is. This pain reliever is among the group of drugs commonly referred to as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are drugs produced to serve the purpose of a pain reliever and also to help deal with inflammation.

The amount of aspirin a baby aspirin contains is 81mg while the amount of aspirin one tablet of aspirin contains is 325mg.

The breaking down of drugs happens differently for humans and dogs. The way a baby aspirin will break down in humans is different from how it will happen in the body system of a dog.

Drugs and baby aspirin particularly break down easily in the body system of a man but it is quite the opposite for dogs.

So, since the breaking down of drugs and baby aspirin in particular in dogs is difficult, it starts to pile up in the dog’s system and in some organs which might cause damages in the dog’s system.

Some important factors determine the effect of baby aspirin and drugs in general in dogs and these factors include, the body weight of the dog, the age of the dog, the body stature or size of the dog, and even its general health.

One baby aspirin will have a different effect on a big-weighted dog and also a different effect on a small-weighted dog.

The only reason you are to give your pooch baby aspirin is if it is being prescribed by your vet as a qualified veterinarian will consider all those important factors that determine the effect of baby aspirin on a dog before recommending it for your pup.

The correct treatment and proper dosage of baby aspirin for your dog will all be covered by a qualified veterinarian as this is his/her area of specialization. A qualified veterinarian is the only one in the right position to prescribe a baby aspirin for dogs.

Can Dogs Take Aspirin?

The simple answer to the question “can dog take aspirin?” is yes, dogs can take aspirin but they shouldn’t take aspirin as it is not safe for them.

Aspirin can lead to severe health issues in dogs if given to them and some of these severe health issues include; vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, seizure, hemorrhage, coma, acid-base abnormalities, and in worst cases, it can lead to death.

As we know too much of anything is bad and the same goes for aspirin and even baby aspirin. Too much of either baby aspirin or aspirin can lead to kidney damage or liver damage in dogs which is permanent.

Other drugs can serve as pain relievers for dogs and even help treat inflammation in dogs, consulting your vet is the best and safe option.

Final Thoughts on Can I Give My Dog Baby Aspirin

Since aspirin or baby aspirin is not safe enough for dogs, what then can you give to your dog to help relieve its pain and treat inflammation.

Consulting and visiting your veterinarian to prescribe safe and potent drugs to serve as pain relievers for dogs is the best option as there are still drugs safe enough for the consumption of dogs and they are also very effective.

The NSAIDs did not neglect dogs on their own and made them drugs that are effective and safe enough for them.

These drugs help relieve their pains and treat inflammation and even fever. They are also free of harmful side effects that most human pain medications have.

These drugs include Carprofen (Rimadyl or Novox), Deracoxib (Deramaxx), Firocoxib (Previcox), and Meloxicam (Metacam), and so on.

The above drugs are effective and safe enough for dogs as they serve as pain relievers for dogs and also help in treating inflammation, swelling, and also stiffness in dogs.

Your vet should be consulted if any signs like vomiting, diarrhea, and so on are noticed in your pooch so, the straightforward answer to the question “can I give my dog baby aspirin?” is no, you cannot give your dog baby aspirin except if it is been prescribed by your vet.

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