Can Dogs Eat Apples? Apples for Dogs

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Can Dogs Eat Apples? Apples for Dogs

Apple is majorly a human fruit and some human food and fruits are harmful to a dog which is why this question is here “can dogs eat apples?”

Can Dogs Eat Apple? - Can I give my Dog Apples?

Pet lovers and owners like sharing what they are eating with the pup but some of this food might be harmful to the health of their pup.

So is apple harmful to the health of a dog and which is the simple straightforward answer is no, it is not harmful to the health of a dog.

Since we quite know alright that apple is not harmful to a dog which is one step forward in knowing whether a dog can eat an apple.

And the straightforward answer to “can a dog eat an apple?” is yes, a dog can eat apples since it is harmful to it.

Can I give my dog apple?

Dogs can eat apples and apples are very nutritious fruit even to humans and even doctors quite recommend them.

This fruit is regarded as a very nutritious and delectable snack for your pup and it even helps in keeping the teeth of your pup clean same as also keeping its breath fresh.

Apple also contains some seeds in it as it is very nutritious and delectable, some parts of it which are mainly its seed and its core are not which are quite toxic to a dog.

Removing the seed of an apple from it before allowing your pup to eat it. This is done to avoid any harm being done to your pup.

It is better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes, although a few seeds of an apple won’t probably cause any harm to it. It is sure very better to avoid it.

Can Dogs Have Apples?

This is still a similar question to the main question which this guide centers upon and which is whether dogs can eat apples or not.

And to answer this question “can dogs eat apples?” the simple answer to it is yes, dogs can have apples, and they can be fed apples.

This is to be noted that because a dog can eat apples does not mean it should be fed apples because it should only be fed apples if it is beneficial to its health.

As the saying goes that an apple keeps a doctor away which applies to human beings same goes for dogs but it keeps the vet away.

Apples are highly recommended for dogs as a snack which is very nutritious and beneficial to them. It is known to be a great source of vitamin C for dogs.

And this vitamin C helps in the improvement of the immune system of dogs. And it is also an excellent source of energy for dogs as it is blessed with carbohydrates.

Apple does not only contain vitamin C and carbohydrates but also contains fiber which helps greatly in the digestion activities of dogs and also in some other aspects like its blood sugar regulation and weight.

Even though apples are beneficial and nutritious to dogs, there are still some fruits and vegetables that are toxic to them so, be quite careful of what you feed your pup.

As we know that dogs can have apples, there are still actually some ways you have to feed your dogs with apples.

Although, it has been mentioned earlier that the core of an apple is harmful to a dog which makes a very important point to note.

The same is feeding your dog apple moderately which is very essential because too much of it can also be very harmful to your pup.

Can Puppies Eat Apples?

Since we all know by now that dogs can eat apples, it will be appropriate to ask whether puppies can also have apples.

And sure, puppies can also eat apples but they are to be supervised. They are to be monitored even more than adult dogs.

And particularly, if that is the first time they are eating an apple. They should be fed moderately and it should also be given to them in a slice.

Some puppies might have digestive issues which might be an issue which is one of the reasons why they should be monitored while given an apple to eat.

Without being allergic to apples or having any digestive issues, apples will make a very delectable and nutritious snack for puppies.

Can Apples Be Bad For Dogs?

As apples are beneficial and nutritious to dogs, they can as well be bad for them. But the only part of the apple that is bad for dogs is its cores and seeds.

This has been mentioned earlier in this guide, that the seeds of an apple should be removed before feeding it to your pup.

The seed of an apple contains cyanide although, just a bit of it which is quite harmful, and one or two won’t be harmful to your pup. It is quite better and safe to remove everything before feeding it to your pup.

The core of an apple is likely to cause a choking hazard because it is quite hard for dogs to chew for your pup or even a gastrointestinal blockage if swallowed.

Too much sugar is likely to cause diabetes or even cancer which is why you should feed your pup apples moderately because they contain sugar.

And your vet should be consulted on how to feed your pup apples, this is to know the right amount it should be fed.

Your vet should also be visited if your pup is allergic to apples or have digestive issues and too many apples should be avoided as it violates the moderation rule because it is likely to cause diarrhea or stomach upset for your pup.

Some human food, chemicals, and ingredients are quite harmful to dogs which is why the reading of the label of an apple product is very important. This is to know what you are intending on feeding your pup.

Make sure you wash the apples well before feeding them to your dog because some may contain some chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

For dogs that are allergic to apples, below are some signs they are likely to show which indicates their allergic reaction to apples;

  • Coughing
  • Swelling
  • Hives
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sneezing

Final Thoughts on Can Dogs Eat Apple?

As we know that dogs can eat apples and it is also safe to feed them apples. Too much of anything is bad which goes the same with apples, so they are to be fed moderately.

This will be the wrap-up on the topic “can dogs eat apples?” And the simple and short answer is yes, dogs can eat apples.

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