Brindle English Bulldogs

Brindle English Bulldogs

This is a guide that will walk you through a particular color the English bulldogs – brindle color. The brindle English bulldogs are not different from other English bulldogs; their difference only lies in their unique and beautiful color.

Brindle English Bulldogs

So, if you are planning to get a new dog, the brindle English bulldog might just be the next dog for you. They have unique and beautiful blends of color. They suit all kinds of apartments so, if you have a small or large apartment, the English Bulldog brindle color will do just fine.

Before taking the decision of buying this amazing dog, there is the need to ensure that you are making the right decision. With this guide, you will get the necessary information on the important things to know about the brindle English bulldog.

In this guide on the English bulldog brindle color, we will take a look at so many things about the dog, such as facts about English bulldogs generally, traits, personalities, tips on keeping them as well as the possible health issues they face.

The brindle color usually has dark markings on a light brownish color. The coloration is almost like a tri-color – more on the brindle color later.

The English Bulldog brindle color like other colors of English Bulldog has a very large head, with round and rightly shaped eyes. They also have excess folds of skin on their body, coupled with wrinkles all over their body.

When compared with their large heads, the British Bulldog has a disproportional thin hip, which makes mating and the process of giving birth difficult for them, as they usually have a tiny cervix; as a result of this, Caesarean Section is usually performed on them, which explain one of the reasons why they are expensive.

What is Brindle Coloring in Dogs and Bulldogs?

Many have heard of the brindle coloring in dogs and other animals like cats, guinea pigs, horses, cows, etc. But, what does brindle color mean?

What is brindle coloring? This is a coloring pattern in animal coats that have an underlying brown color, and with overlaying stripes of black and dark brown colors. The color can be likened to the color of a tiger, but not totally the same.

The brindle coloring pattern in dogs and other animals is a beautiful coloring pattern that has a whole lot of admirers, and dogs with this color pattern are not that many.

Brindle coloring pattern is not present in all breeds, they are only in a few breeds which include Akita, Boston Terrier, Great Dane, Mastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Dachshund, Pit bull Terrier, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, Pug, etc.

What are the Causes of Brindle Coloring Pattern in Dogs?

Just like with every other coloring pattern in dog coats, the brindle color in dogs is caused by genetic traits, which is a combination of some genes.

The brindle coloring in dogs is caused by the DNA strand that is located at the K locus. Other animals that have the brindle coloring pattern include cats, horses, guinea pigs, hamsters, cattle, etc.

Height and Weight of a Brindle English Bulldog

Another piece of information that is worthy of note about Brindle English Bulldogs is the height and weight of the English Bulldog of brindle color. Note that the height and weight of the English Bulldog are not determined by their color.

Height of a Brindle English Bulldog

  • Female: 31-40 cm
  • Male: 31-40cm

Weight of a Brindle English Bulldog

  • Female: 18kg
  • Male: 23kg

Temperament of Brindle English Bulldog

The Brindle English Bulldog is one of the most gentle dog breeds in the world; although they tend to look intimidating and frightening in appearance, they are very calm, cool, and gentle.

But, one should however not underestimate the strength and courage of this canine friend, as they can ward off threats posed by intruders.

The English Bulldogs are regarded as a loyal, dependable, and gentle pets. They get along well with children and they also get along well with other pets.

Although they are gentle, calm, and cool, they are also good guard dogs who have an intimidating look, they are also very persistent and stubborn.

With an English Bulldog, you have a dog that will always seek your attention, they like being around their owners; and giving them attention is very important to their happiness.

Although the English Bulldog does get along with other animals, they can be confrontational with strange dogs if they perceive them as threats.

The brindle English Bulldogs are very energetic animals, especially when they are still puppies, but their energy subsides as they grow older; it is important to give them early training.

They can show some alpha canine behavior when growing up and they tend to be a bit dominating, however, you need to control this behavior and let them know that you as the owner is the leader of the pack – you need to show and exert leadership to the dog(s).

Note that these traits, temperaments are personalities are not particular to Brindle English Bulldogs only, rather they are common in English Bulldogs of all colors.

Health Issues that are Common to Brindle English Bulldogs

Just as with other dog breeds, the brindle English Bulldog is prone to some diseases, this does not mean that your dog will have these ailments; however, it is important you know the ailments the English Bulldogs are susceptible to:

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

The brachycephalic airway syndrome is a disease that is common to dogs that have short muzzles and short noses; as a result of this, they have a tight and flattened throat and breathing passages.

Difficulty with Breathing

Another ailment that is common to the brindle English Bulldog is difficulty with breathing. This is an abnormality that comes from their gene as a result of selective breeding.

Difficulty with Regulating their Temperature

Another health issue that is peculiar to English Bulldogs is that they always find it difficult to regulate their body temperature. They are able to regulate their body temperature when they pant, but they find it difficult to pant because they are brachycephalic.

Skin Problems

Another health problem that English Bulldogs are prone to is skin problems. They tend to have skin irritations, reactions, and infections which may include eczema, dermatitis, staph, cysts, etc.

Bone and Joint Disease

Brindle English Bulldogs like other English Bulldog colors are also prone to eye problems like cherry eye, dry eye, brachycephalic ocular diseases, etc.


Almost all dog breeds have allergies, but the English Bulldog comes first when it comes to allergies, their allergies include food allergies and skin allergies.

  • Thyroid
  • Heart Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Head Shakes

Exercise needs of a Brindle English Bulldog

The exercise needs of the Brindle British Bulldog are just the same as that of other English Bulldogs colors. The English Bulldog brindle color does not require much exercise, as all they need is an exercise of fewer than 30 minutes.

The best way is to split the exercise into fifteen minutes of exercise, twice a day. As this will ensure they don’t over-stress themselves.

Exercising your bulldog is very beneficial to their overall health, as it ensures the following:

  • Exercise ensures they have tones of muscle, which brings about firmness around their knees and hips.
  • Through exercise, bulldogs emit their energy; which is usually channeled towards destroying or chewing home furniture.
  • Regular exercise helps Bulldogs reduce the chance of so many diseases; such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.
  • Exercise reduces the chance of obesity in bulldogs, as they are prone to this.

Cost of Brindle English Bulldog

The brindle English Bulldog is not a very common color, so, finding a breeder becomes difficult; which makes finding a reputable breeder even more difficult. As a result of this, the cost of buying it becomes more expensive.

If you are willing to buy an English Bulldog of brindle color, then you should be looking forward to paying around $3,500 for this color of English Bulldog.

The general color of English Bulldogs costs way higher than many dog breeds out there, this is because they find it difficult to give birth naturally, as a result, cesarean section is performed on them, which costs a lot of money.

Prices of English Bulldogs based on Colors

  • Standard color of English Bulldog: $,2,500 upward
  • Black Tri English Bulldog: $4,000 upward
  • Blue Tri English Bulldog: $5,500 upward
  • Blue Sable English Bulldog: $4,500 upward
  • Chocolate Tri English Bulldog: $6,500 upward
  • Merle English Bulldog: $8,500 upward
  • Chocolate Brindle English Bulldog: $3,500 upward
  • Blue Brindle English Bulldog: $3,500 upward
  • Lilac Tri English Bulldog: $7,000 upward
  • Lilac Sable English Bulldog: $5,000 upward
  • Red Sable English Bulldog: $2,500 upward

Final Thoughts on Brindle English Bulldog Color

English Bulldogs are great lap and companion dogs that fit well in homes and into any apartment setting. The exceptional color of the Brindle English Bulldog adds another taste and level to owning one.

They don’t recognize much exercise and they will fit well into almost any type of apartment; their level of shedding is also very low.

The unique color of the Brindle English Bulldog then balances the ‘equation’ of this wonderful lap dog. If these qualities are something you love, then you should go for the Brindle English Bulldog or English Bulldogs of other colors.

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