Blue French Bulldog Price

Blue French Bulldog Price

Now, this is the right article for you if you are thinking of knowing a Blue French Bulldog price because that is something very important to seek and know when you have the desire to get a Blue French Bulldog.

Blue French Bulldog Price

It’s sure that you will undoubtedly have heard of French Bulldogs all around but you certainly must have also heard of Blue French Bulldogs because they are quite popular.

We will actually be talking about its price here, and how much you can get it because this breed of French Bulldog is quite a rare one.

Apart from a Blue Frenchie being rare which will certainly affect its price, there are surely other factors that will also affect its price too.

And we will also be considering those factors that can possibly affect the price of a French Bulldog and note that this breed is quite costly.

So, we will also be considering majorly why this blue Frenchie is so costly because this breed is said to be very costly compared to other Frenchies.

This breed is quite rare and well known for its color, cute faces, portable body, wonderful personalities, and loveable and companion nature.

Blue French Bulldogs are high-quality pets which is one of the many reasons its price is not to be compared to other breeds which means that this breed is quite expensive.

Now, let’s get down to our real business of today which is to know fully about the price of a Blue French Bulldog and the factors affecting its price.

Blue French Bulldog Price – How much are Blue Frenchies?

This breed is gaining more popularity as the day passes mainly because of their color which also makes them more expensive than other Frenchies.

We will be talking about the cost of a Blue French Bulldog and the price that will be stated here are prices from standard and professional breeders.

The price of a Blue Frenchie is known to be around the range of $2,000 to about $4,000 and also around the double this particular price in the States.

In the United Kingdom, the Blue French Bulldogs are known to range from the cost of one thousand five hundred euros to around two thousand euros and this is said to be the price of its puppy.

And on average, the normal price of the puppy of a Blue French Bulldog is said to be at least $1,000.

It is well known that adult Blue French Bulldogs are not as costly as the puppies which are also the same as other breeds and this is because of the less demand for them.

And the cost of an adult blue French Bulldog is said to be in the range of one thousand five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars.

The price of any breed of dog gotten through adoption is known to be way lesser than those obtained from professional breeders which are also the same with this breed of dog.

An adopted blue French Bulldog is said to cost around two hundred and fifty dollars to three hundred and fifty dollars and this is only for the adoption fees.

Blue French Bulldog Price – Reasons Why Blue Frenchies Are Expensive?

We will now be looking at some reasons why Blue French Bulldogs are expensive.

And it has already been stated as a fact that blue Frenchies are more expensive than other Frenchies.

Now, getting to the reasons why Blue Frenchies price is higher than other Frenchies.

We will be listing some of the factors affecting its price below:

  • Its blue color.
  • Its fame, and popularity which is increasing as the day passes.
  • Its portable size.
  • Its kind of birthing which is not natural. And this kind of birthing is called the Caesarean Section.
  • Its family history.

As stated above, blue French Bulldogs cannot give birth to their puppies naturally. It requires a kind of birthing called cesarean section.

And above is known to be one of the main reasons this breed is expensive and the same reason why a lot of breeders go for artificial insemination while trying to reproduce this breed.

Another reason why Blue French Bulldogs are expensive as stated above is also their fame, and the popularity their gaining as the day goes by.

And their popularity leads to an increase in demand for them and as a result causes breeders to increase the sale price of this breed.

It is wise which is why you are advised to get your Blue Frenchie from a well-reputable and professional breeder no matter the price.

And this is because professional breeders know and do the right thing and always try to give the best quality and healthy dog.

This kind of breeder always goes for a dog with very good health conditions and good personalities by testing its parents.

And lastly to be touched one of the major factors that is affecting the price of Blue Frenchies is their color which is also why they are rare.

Frenchies with blue coat color are very rare which means hard to find and which certainly means more money added to its sale price.

More Reasons Why Blue French Bulldogs Are Expensive

Another reason why this colored breed is more expensive compared to other Frenchies is because of its medical bills.

And these medical bills are mainly the bills for its breeding as it is said earlier that the birthing of this breed is not natural which means it will cost more than the normal process.

A very quick fact to know is that Blue French bulldogs are one of the most expensive dog breeds we have today.

And these Blue Frenchies are also very popular and rare which is a fact that certainly affects their price.

Blue French Bulldog Price – Little sum up on the cost of this breed

This aspect will contain a little sum-up of the cost of a Blue French Bulldog. And to start, it is said earlier that the normal price of an average blue French Bulldog is said to be of the range of around $2,000 to $4,000.

And the normal sale price is known to be about $2,000 and all owners and aspiring owners of this breed should know that these are just the range of the sale price of this breed and not the range of its lifetime cost.

A Blue French Bulldog owner must be financially stable and this is something anybody wishing and thinking of getting a Blue French Bulldog must know and understand.

Blue French Bulldog Price – Conclusion

As said that those prices listed above are not the range of the lifetime cost of a Blue French Bulldog but just the initial sale price.

So, there is more to spend on this breed like its feeding, toys, grooming, vet and medical bills and so on and this is the major reason why a Blue French Bulldog owner must be financially stable.

This will be it on the article the Blue French Bulldog price, a kind of breed that is very expensive, popular, and rare.

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