The Blue English Bulldog 101

The Blue English Bulldog 101

Looking for a guide on Blue English Bulldog, we got you covered on this as you will learn all you need to know about this beautiful dog.

Some pets come with rarity, as you have some exceptional features they tend to have, such as their color, fur type, etc.

Blue English Bulldog

There is always the urge to own one due to this high demand and scarcity of this type of pet, there is always the tendency of them being more expensive than they ought to be.

Bulldogs also come with some rarity, there are some exceptions such as their fur color, and the length of their hair. The blue-colored bulldog is one of the rarest colors of a bulldog, in fact, it is only second to the pure black bulldog.

As a result of this beautiful color and the rarity, many are willing to pay a fortune to own one of these beauties.

But does the color of this dog affect some other feature about it? Let’s get on as we discuss all you need to know about the Blue English Bulldog.

Appearance of Blue English Bulldog

Let’s start by giving a description of what a Blue English Bulldog looks like. There is not much difference between the appearance of other English Bulldog colors and the Blue English Bulldog. The only difference between them lies in their colors.

The Blue English Bulldogs have greyish blue-colored fur, and their eyeliner, nose, and foot pads are usually blue. There are some other parts of their body that are blue colored; and generally, their back, head, and legs are greyish blue.

Another physical appearance of the Blue English Bulldog is not different from that of the regular English Bulldog; such as their large head, excess folds of skin, wide shoulder, muscular legs, etc.

Height of a Blue English Bulldog

Another thing worth knowing about the blue-colored English Bulldog is their height; as with other colors of English Bulldog, they have a short and compact body.

The Blue English Bulldog is usually between 12 and 15 inches tall at shoulder level.

Weight of a Blue English Bulldog

English Bulldogs usually look small in appearance, but you should never underestimate their weight. The Blue English Bulldog usually weighs between 40 and 60 pounds; and if their diet is not well monitored, they tend to weigh more than usual.

Origin of the Blue English Bulldog

Do we know how Blue colored English Bulldogs came to be? Do we know the first breeder? Do we know when and where they were first bred? To be honest, all of these are very difficult to ascertain.

However, there are some things worthy to know about the Blue English Bulldog. They came to be due to the alteration of their gene by breeders.

The blue color in English Bulldogs came to be as a result of diluted genes. This is what causes their greyish blue color and why they tend to have black and blue pigment in the nose and lips.

There have been serious debates about English Bulldogs with color rarity. Some believe they are of lesser quality when compared to bulldogs of standard color. This opinion has however been silenced by Blue-colored English Bulldog breeders; as they believe the only difference is the color and nothing else. Also, there is no medical or scientific report that shows that English Bulldogs with blue color are less-healthy.

Temperament and Personality of Blue English Bulldogs

When buying a dog, it is important you learn about its personality and temperament. This section discusses the temperament and personality of a Blue English Bulldog.

The Blue English Bulldogs are not very active, just like other English Bulldogs of various colors, and they tend to fit into the lifestyles of many owners. They are good companions and great family pets.

Their gentle and loving character makes them a smart choice for many dog lovers. They fare well with kids and other animals.

There are times they can show some stubborn and aggressive character, this can however be controlled by giving them the proper training.

The Blue English Bulldogs are not difficult to train, they are intelligent dogs that can easily listen to and understand commands.

The Health of Blue English Bulldogs

The Blue English Bulldogs like other British Bulldogs have various health issues and this is one of the reasons for their short lifespan, which is usually between 8-10 years.

They tend to be prone to some illnesses which are common to the Bully family; also, weight gain is another problem. Some common illnesses English Bulldogs are susceptible to are:

Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome

This is common in bulldogs because of their shortened faces and pushed-in nose. It usually makes breathing difficult for them; this almost makes them pant frequently.

Difficulty with Breathing

Another ailment common to English Bulldogs of Blue color or any color is the difficulty they have with breathing. They have a tiny airway that does not give room for enough oxygen.

Problems with Skin

This breed is also susceptible to having skin problems which may include eczema and bacterial infections.

Eye Problems

The blue-colored English Bulldog and other English Bulldog colors could also develop vision problems. They can have eye problems like cherry eyes, which is the enlargement of the third eyelid.

Bone and Joint Health Issues

Another health problem common to English Bulldogs is the abnormal growth in their cartilage which may, in turn, cause pain and discomfort in their bones and joints.

  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Problem with Temperature Regulation
  • Head Shakes
  • Health Diseases
  • Dental Problems

How to Ensure your English Bulldog Live Longer

As we have learned above, the English Bulldog breed is prone to many ailments which can cut short their lifespan. There are however some measures you can take to ensure your Blue English Bulldog’s lifespan is extended, thereby living longer. This includes:

  • Buying your dog from a reputable breeder
  • Giving your bulldog vaccination as at when due
  • Visit your vet for regular checkup
  • Healthy diet plan
  • Adding supplements to their diet
  • Exercise of not more than 25 minutes, at least 5 times in a week
  • Visiting the vet when your dog starts showing some strange symptoms
  • Proper grooming
  • Spending more time with your dog

Grooming a Blue English Bulldog

It is important to groom your Bulldog on regular basis. This will make them healthier and happier. Doing this properly is also important.

Also, you need to brush the coat of your blue English Bulldog on regular basis. They have short coats and they tend not to shed that much; you should brush their coat at least once a week.

Also, don’t forget to brush their teeth, as the dental problem is one of the ailments they are prone to. Brushing will help enhance their oral health. Another way of caring for their teeth is by getting your Blue British Bulldog a chew toy; this can be used in place of brushing.

Another important way to groom your English Bulldog is by giving them baths at least once a month. You should buy fog-specific shampoos. Don’t use human shampoos for dogs.

Clipping your Blue British Bulldog’s nails is another great way of grooming them, you can do this whenever you give them a bath.

Cost of Blue English Bulldog

Generally, English Bulldogs are expensive when compared to other dog breeds. The reason for this is not far-fetched; it is due to the fact that English Bulldogs do not give birth naturally.

English Bulldogs have large heads, it is very difficult for them to come out naturally during birth; this is why they are birthed using Caesarean Section, which costs a huge amount of money.

The rarity of Blue English Bulldogs coupled with the amount spent on Caesarean Section makes the dog more expensive than usual. The Blue English Bulldog can cost around $4,000 upwards.

They require selective and meticulous breeding; as they have a very uncommon coat color, which makes them rare, coupled with the high demand of this dog in the dog world.

Final Thoughts on Blue English Bulldogs

Blue Colored English Bulldog comes in rare colors, and they are very much in demand; this makes them a priceless dog among breeders. Their difference from other English Bulldogs is only in their coat color.

They are great apartment dogs and they will do well in almost any kind of apartment. Like other British Bulldogs, they don’t require a whole lot of exercise, and they tend to be very affectionate and loving.

The Blue English Bulldog is a great and smart choice of dog if you like what we have discussed in this guide.

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