Black and White Bulldogs – Bulldog Black and White Colors

Black and White Bulldogs – Bulldog Black and White Colors

This is a guide on black and white Bulldogs. These beautiful dogs have black and white fur. In some cases white is the major color while having black markings; in other cases, black is the major color while having white markings.

Black and White Bulldogs - Bulldog Colors

The temperament and personality of black and white Bulldogs are not any different from other breeds of Bulldog. Also, they have the same health issues. The color of their fur is only for their appearance and not anything else.

What are English Bulldogs?

The English Bulldog is known to be a low-endurance dog, they are dependable, predictable and they don’t require much exercise. This breed of dog is very friendly and they do well with families – they are good for kids.

The English Bulldog have a large and spherical head, they have a very short muzzle, coupled with a flattened face. They have massive and broad jaws.

English Bulldogs require 20-40 minutes of exercise daily, and they can live for at least 8 years. They have a large size, with the male having an average weight of 54lbs, while the female weighs 50lbs at an average. The male English Bulldog could be as tall as 17 inches while the female can be slightly shorter at 16 inches.

Coat Colors of English Bulldogs

According to the American Kennel, below are the various colors of the English Bulldogs:

  • Fallow
  • Fawn
  • Fawn & Brindle
  • Fawn & White
  • Fawn Brindle & White
  • Red
  • Red & White
  • Red Brindle
  • Red Brindle & White
  • White

Above are the standard colors of an English Bulldog. However, we have more colors that are not in the list above, such as:

  • Black and white Bulldog
  • Pure black Bulldog

Black and White English Bulldog

Black and white English Bulldogs usually have either of these two peculiar features. In one case, the dog coat has a black background, while having a white marking; in the other case, the dog coat is white background and a black marking.

The color markings on dogs are controlled by what is known as the piebald gene. The markings on dog furs are due to the high or low concentration of the piebald gene in the dog.

If you have seen different types of white and black Bulldogs, you will notice that they have different types of markings, some have black as the majority, while some have white as the majority. All these are down to the kind of genes they inherit.

Are Black and White Bulldogs Different from other Bulldogs?

Another question that we will answer in this guide is if white and black Bulldogs are different from other Bulldog colors.

In terms of their coat color, they are different from other types of Bulldogs, and that remains the only difference. Other features of Bulldogs of other colors are the same as those of black and white Bulldogs.

They all have large heads, flat faces, stubby tails, broad shoulders, strong and giant jaws, and large ears. Their temperament and personality are the same.

The Temperament of Black and White Bulldogs

It is important you know the temperament of your black and white Bulldog. As mentioned earlier, the coat color of Bulldogs does not determine their personality and temperament. Bulldogs of all colors have the same temperament and personality.

English Bulldogs have gentle and sweet temperaments, they are predictably, and they are loyal and dependable. If you own a Bulldog, you already have another member of the family; this is because they are a good dog for the family. They do well with children and are social in nature.

Due to their history of being dogs bred for bull-baiting, the English Bulldog, either black and white or any color are good dogs for guards. Sometimes, they can be aggressive with other pets or dogs.

How to Socialize your Black and White Bulldog

One of the best ways of taming your Bulldog is by early socialization. By this, you will be able to reduce greatly, the aggression level of your Bulldog.

When they are used to people at a very young age, they tend to be friendly as they grow up, it is, therefore, important you ensure they mingle with people and other pets when they are puppies.

If Bulldogs are well socialized, they tend to be confident, loving, and friendly.

Final Thoughts on Black and White Bulldogs

If you are one of those pet lovers that like White and Black color, then the black and white Bulldog is a smart choice for you.

There is no difference between Bulldogs with black and white coat and Bulldogs of other colors, except for the color. Let’s know what you think about black and white English Bulldogs.

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