Are Pomeranians Smart Dog Breed?

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Are Pomeranians Smart Dog Breed?

In response to this question – are Pomeranians smart dog breeds? Yes, Pomeranians are smart. They are smart and very intelligent.

Are Pomeranians Smart Dog Breed?

Pomeranian dog breed is small-sized dogs that are brave, energetic, and active. They are also naturally the curious type and they are an excellent choice as family companion dogs.

But, due to some things in this dog breed, the owners won’t but wonder whether Pomeranians are truly smart or not.

And, this is also a good question to ask especially when you are just about to get this dog breed although the short answer has been given already.

Pomeranians have both obedience and working intelligence and they are even in the position of the 28th smartest dogs in this aspect.

Pomeranians are smart naturally and their nature of being eager to please, learn and solve problems added to their smartness.

Pomeranians are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds we have today and this fact is even supported by both dog owners and lovers.

This guide will entail good details about the smartness of this dog breed and so many other related topics.

Some Special Traits of Pomeranian Dogs


Some factors need to be put into consideration to decide how intelligent a dog is which is what we will be doing in this guide and just right below.

Language Understanding

This is a major determinant of how intelligent a dog is and in this context, the Pomeranian dog breed. If this dog breed can understand 165 different words, it is equivalent to that of a two years old child.

And, this dog breed is considered to be able to understand up to 25o different words which means we can regard them as being smart.

Memory Capability

This is not just about retaining different words, it has to do with more than that like your pooch being able to remember an object it saw weeks ago.

Dogs and particularly this dog breed not having good memory capability is sure a misconception as we all know that they do have good memory capability.


This is about how a dog and particularly a Pomeranian is conscious of its environment. And also about how it is conscious of where it goes to and remembers it.

And, it is conscious of what is dangerous and what is friendly. It knows when to run off and when to tell so, if your pooch can display this, it is sure it is smart and intelligent.


This has to do with Pomeranians or any other dog breed being able to discern what it is conscious about.

Its five sense organs are required and used in this area and the five sense organs are its eyes, nose, ears, skin, and tongue. And, they all have where they are more useful and required.

Social Awareness

Social awareness is a great indicator of how smart a dog is. It has to do with how well it adapts to social environments.

Dogs always learn from things around them and their owners. Learning for dogs is continuous which also shows how smart they are.

You can train them on what to do, how to behave, and they can even learn from what you dog, by even imitating you.

They also have emotions and they understand emotions. And in the case of Pomeranian’s separation anxiety, it is an explanation for this.

You can communicate with dogs and Poms in this context with just little gestures or even just by looks as they even understand feelings which also shows how smart they are.

Dogs are even considered to be smarter than human babies, proving all misconceptions of whether Pomeranians are smart or not.

Resolving Problems

Dogs can resolve problems, they just need to be taught or they can also learn from what you do and solve some problems you will solve.

Their ability to resolve problems can be improved or enhanced and this can be done in so many ways like through games.

Emotional Intelligence

To also know how smart a dog is and particularly a Pomeranian, you have to know the test and know about its emotional intelligence.

It is said that the emotional intelligence of a Pom can be compared to that of a child and it increases, improves.

Can You Make Your Pomeranian Smarter?

This is a good question to ask as human beings can be and can be made smarter, it is right to ask whether the same can be done to dogs and particularly the Pom breed.

Although this dog breed is naturally smart, things need to be done to help enhance their intelligence and they are likely to reach their full potential because they are eager to please and learn.

Below will be some ways you can help make your Pomeranian smarter

Allow Your Pomeranian To Engage Their Brain and Senses

To help your pooch reach its full potential, you must allow it and encourage it in ways to engage its brain and senses.

There are many ways this can be done like going for a walk to explore or playing games that require the engagement of its brain and senses. You can also encourage your pooch with gifts and positivity.

Teach Your Pomeranian Words

Pomeranians are smart and intelligent to the extent that they can learn and understand more than just gestures.

Pomeranians can understand words and they can do more in this aspect by being taught. And, this will surely help them become smarter.

Play Educational Games

You should not just involve your pooch in fun games but also educational games that will help its intellect as well as its mind and health.

These games help improve your dog’s intelligence as they are tested and it also requires engagement.

Final Thoughts on Are Pomeranians Smart

Pomeranians are considered to be as intelligent as human babies. So, you should treat your Pom, the way you will treat your baby.

You should appreciate and encourage as it helps it, the same way appreciation and encouragement helps humans.

Pomeranians are smarter than some other dogs as they are even considered to be the 23rd most intelligent dog breed.

So, the short answer to the question “are Pomeranians smart?” is yes, Pomeranians are smart and this will be the wrap-up of this guide.

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