American Bulldog Temperament

American Bulldog Temperament

We will be discussing the American Bulldog temperament in this article. But, before talking about its temperament and personalities, we will be checking out some facts about the American Bulldog.

American Bulldog Temperament

American Bulldog – Quick Facts about American Bulldog

We will quickly talk about the American Bulldog. The American Bulldogs are practically great family dogs and they are also known to be lovely, adorable, and affectionate.

This breed is advised to be made and allowed to move around frequently and regularly because they are known to be working dogs so a large compound is required and advised.

They also have a popular history of bull-baiting but they are now popular for their companion skills.

They are also actually known to be good and wonderful companion dogs.

This breed always falls in love with its owners and loves them so much, so it is advisable not to ever think of looking like a threat to either an American Bulldog or its owner because they can be very dangerous when it comes to their owners.

This breed is sturdy and brawny which means they are possessed large and well-developed muscles.

And for a known fact, some of this breed of dog is said to be able to jump about six feet into the air or even more than six feet.

It is not advisable to get an American Bulldog if you aren’t a very active, experienced, and consistent trainer and owner because they are high-energy dogs and they require a lot of exercise which means and says a lot.

And with all that being said, American Bulldogs can be the best family companion dogs when treated and trained with love and care.

So, with the above facts about the American Bulldog and now, we will be looking at some other important things about the American Bulldog before majorly going to our main topic and aim which is the temperament of an American Bulldog.

We will be looking briefly at things about the American Bulldog and firstly, we will like to talk about its historical background.

History of American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is known to come from the English Bloodline. And to be precise, they go down to originate from the English Bulldog.

The American Bulldog came into existence when the English Bulldog [a working dog then] was bred with other working dogs.

The reason for American Bulldog was to get a canine that can make farm work easy like being a catch dog which was why the English Bulldog [who was bred to guard and catch cattle] was bred with other working dogs to give the result [an American Bulldog].

Though the American Bulldog was later bred and commonly used for a bloody game/sport called the bull-baiting and this was mainly as a result of their aggression.

With the historical background being touched on, let’s start moving to our main course in this article which is about the temperament of an American Bulldog.

And for our journey of discussing and learning about the temperament of American Bulldogs, we will be touching on some other important aspects of an American Bulldog which will also be related to the temperament of this breed and most importantly helpful for our learning.

American Bulldog Temperament – Temperament and Training

These muscular breeds are known for their strength, courage, bravery, persistency, stubbornness, and retentiveness.

The American Bulldogs are blessed with athletic capabilities which is why this breed is only recommended for very active owners.

This breed needs to be well trained in the aspect of hunting, obedience, and farm work among many other important aspects.

And to keep this breed healthy and happy and also to make its body well-built and fit, it requires high exercise.

American Bulldogs can be very protective and sensitive. And it can be friendly to strangers sometimes and can also be unfriendly, reserved, and unsociable.

They are given the credit of being good vigilant dogs which means they will make good guard dogs a credit to their attitude.

For this breed to have an unchanging and consistent temperament that is able to discern judgment, socializing them well and early will be required and advised.

It is not advisable to leave an American Bulldog alone for a very long time because they are known to be harmful and wreckful when left alone for a very long time.

More on the Temperament of American Bulldogs

So, let’s dig in to talk and discuss more the temperament of an American Bulldog.

Below will be more on the temperament of American Bulldogs. And the first thing we will be talking about is its aggressive attitude.

Its aggressive attitude can really be an issue if not addressed well and early which is why early socialization is highly recommended, most especially with children, other canines, and even other small animals.

Only a self-assured owner will be well respected by this breed because they can be very stubborn sometimes.

American Bulldogs are very trainable, intelligent, and bright. They are adorable and lovable which makes them go well with children.

And as a quick fact, the probability of this breed biting is kind of low though, they don’t actually look like they can’t bite.

They love their family and can be very protective of them. They are also known to be reserved around strangers mostly for the first time.

Though this breed is naturally friendly and approachable still, they are defensive and protective which is why they are acknowledged as good guard dogs.

So, before we wrap it off, we will like to talk about this important aspect of the American Bulldog which is its health and other related aspects.

American Bulldog Health and Life Expectancy

About the life expectancy of an American Bulldog, this breed is said to live up to around 10years to 16years.

So, now, moving to the health of an American bulldog, there are just some common health issues of this breed that will be listed below.

And these health issues are;

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cherry Eye
  • Bone Cancer
  • Entropion and so on.

Above are some common health problems of an American Bulldog which are also known to be genetic.

American Bulldog Temperament – Final Thoughts

With all that being said, we will be wrapping it up on American Bulldog Temperament but we will still like to say a few more important things before the final closure.

This wonderful breed is known to be powerful, strong, friendly, and gentle though they can also be very stubborn sometimes to crown it all, they are loyal.

And now I’m sure that all the necessary things and details that need to be said about the American Bulldog Temperament has been said and stated.

So, read up and understand well before getting an American Bulldog for yourself and your family so, that will be it on American Bulldog Temperament.

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