American Bulldog Breed Information

American Bulldog Breed Information

This guide will give you the necessary and required American Bulldog breed information.

The American Bulldog is not your typical Bulldog. Naturally, they are taller and leaner than the English Bulldog. They originate from the United States around the 18th century. Their major use then was to drive cattle and hogs.

American Bulldog Breed Information

Description of the American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are brawny, stout and strong; they have thick and athletic legs that are more brisk and swift when compared to the English Bulldog.

Male American Bulldogs are distinctively sturdy and muscular than the females. This breed has a large head with powerful jaws and ears that may be dropped, cropped, rose or semi-prick.

The fur of the American Bulldog is short and soft which are in different colors. Though, there are some colors that are not desirable like solid black, blue, merle or tricolor.

American Bulldog Breed Overview

The American Bulldog is from the Mastiff family; they descend from the either of the Johnson American Bulldog or the Scott American Bulldog. They are large, sturdy and strong working dog with typical half-pointing dangling shaped ears and a powerful jaw.

American Bulldogs are considered to be moderate shedders; they do not shed so much when compared to other dogs because they have a soft undercoat.

A healthy male American Bulldog is known to weigh around 30 to 50 kg and their height is usually around 50 to 71 cm; while the female usually weighs around 27 to 41 kg and their height is around 50 to 61 cm.

The earliest breeders of the American Bulldog bred them as working dogs, therefore, they will need much exercise to meet up with their requirements.

Essential Stats of an American Bulldog

  • Life expectancy: 10-15 years
  • Origin: United States
  • Colors: White, brindle, fawn, brown and red
  • Breed group: Working dogs, guard dogs
  • Weight: 60 to 120 pounds (male: 30-58kg; female 27-41kg)
  • Height: 20 to 28 inches (male: 50-71cm; female 50-61cm)
  • Temperament: Loyal, friendly, assertive, playful, self-assured, ascendency
  • Coat: Short

American Bulldog Breed Essential Information

American Bulldogs are naturally affectionate and friendly. They are good family dogs and they perform well in homes where they have large space and chance to wander.

These dogs are quite energetic, although exercising them is different based on their unique characteristics and breeding; they love space where they can wander and run around.

American Bulldogs can perform well in an urban environment in as much as they get more than adequate amount of walks; they are also known to be excellent running or jogging partners.

It is advisable for them not to be left all alone for a very long period of time as they tend to be destructive and bored when left for a longer period of time or when confined in a restricted area. This tends to affect them, as they need physical and mental stimulation.

Training an American Bulldog in order to make them a great dog especially the act of being able to get along with children and other pets requires an experienced American Bulldog trainer who knows the act of dog socializing so well.

American Bulldogs are great, loving, loyal and an excellent watchdog, which can be used for hunting, farm work or as a companion dog.

American Bulldog Summary

  • They are new breed to be a farm dogs and family dogs. They were also once used for bullbaiting
  • They almost went in extinction during the end of World War II
  • There are mainly two types of American Bulldogs in the world today – the Johnson American Bulldog and the Scott American Bulldog
  • Bulldogs have different types and shades of color; however, the white color is the most common of them all
  • The American Bulldog requires plenty of exercise and get bored and destructive when left alone for a long time
  • In their homes, they require a large space and also a wide and enclosed backyard to roam around
  • The American Bulldogs are often mistaken for the American Pitbull Terriers, despite the American Bulldogs being bigger than American Pitbull Terriers
  • They are great watchdogs and when well-trained, they behave well with strangers

Historical Background of an American Bulldog

The American Bulldogs were initially used in bloody sports such as bullbaiting and also used for hunting bear, wild boar, raccoon, and squirrel and also used as guard dogs in farms and ranches.

The modern American Bulldogs have long legs; they are agile and faster than the English Bulldog.

They are valued and loved, making them the favorite for farmers because of their working abilities, strength, brightness and alertness. They are trained to protect and drive cattle.

After almost going into extinction in the end of the World War II, John D. Johnson and Allen Scott determined to revive the American Bulldog breed. They gathered the best specimens all around the rural South. The American Bulldogs of today are as a result of their efforts and decisions.

The American Bulldogs are quite good at hunting, guarding, tracking and weight pulling.

If you are thinking of buying, breeding or owning a pup, it is important to do a background check.

They are recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1999 and by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2019.

Personality of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is an affectionate, adorable and an incisive loyal dog. They are very intelligent and also known to be quite territorial and often suspicious of strangers.

When well trained and socialized, American Bulldogs are known to be a great family dog and watch dog; they do well with children and with other pets. However, they need to be monitored when with kids.

American Bulldogs are not aggressive, in spite of their bully face; they are actually dogs with sweet personalities. They are extremely trainable and adaptable due to them being very intelligent.

The American Bulldogs are naturally very close to their owners and they are also lap dogs despite their big size. They tend to be hostile towards unfamiliar animals such as other dogs and cats; as they might consider them as prey or danger towards themselves or their owners.

While they might be hostile to unfamiliar pets, they do tolerate animals they grow up with or which they are used to or familiar with.

Size of the American Bulldog

An American Bulldog is actually taller in comparison to the English Bulldog or the French Bulldog. At their prime, the American Bulldog stands at about 20 to 28 inches tall, and in their adulthood, they grow up to 60 to 120 pounds.

The above sizes of the American Bulldog are regarded as the standard size for their breed; however they can grow beyond these sizes.

Common Diseases and Health Conditions Related to American Bulldogs

Here are some diseases and health conditions that are common to American Bulldogs:

Elbow Dysplasia

This is also known to be the irregular growth of the elbow joint in the dog’s life at a very young age. It is common among larger dog breeds and it can also lead to pain, joint laxity and lameness.

Treatment of Elbow Dysplasia in American Bulldogs

Elbow dysplasia in American Bulldog can be treated with medication which is necessary for the control of pain. Surgery can also be considered in some cases.

Hip Dysplasia

It is a common health problem among larger dog breeds where the thigh bone doesn’t fit tightly with the hip joint. It can lead to pain, lameness and arthritis.

Treatment of Hip Dysplasia in American Bulldogs

Hips dysplasia can be avoided by feeding a healthy large breed with puppy food and also engage them in proper exercise. X-ray can be done to know an affected dog and it is advisable to breed dogs affected with hip dysplasia.

Cherry Eye

This is a painless condition where the eye rolls inward, causing irritation to the eyebrow and also leads to more serious problem, this is known as entorpion.

Cherry eye also cause the prolapse of the third eyelid and retinal dysplasia.

Treatment of Cherry Eye in American Bulldogs

Cherry eye can be treated with surgical replacement of the gland.

Demodectic Mange

Demodex mite is an inheritable condition which is only passed down from the mother to the pup. It is not transferable to other dogs or humans. These mites are typical and present in every dog; although they normally don’t cause any issue.

Nevertheless, an American Bulldog with a weak immune system is likely to develop Demodetics Mange and the symptoms are red scaly skin and also hair loss.

Treatment of Demodectic Mange in American Bulldogs

Demodetic mange usually leaves on its own; although affected dogs should be taken to the vet


This is a skin disease which is inheritable that causes a thick skin and painful, swollen footpad. It is a very painful condition which has no cure. It can also be itchy and uncomfortable.

Treatment of Ichtyosis in American Bulldogs

Ichtyosis is usually treated with medicated baths and ointment, and these should be done frequently.

Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

This disease leads to an extreme neurological impairment. It is a rare health issue that can affect an American Bulldog and dogs that are affected are generally known to always struggle to live past the age of 2.

Treatment of Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis in American Bulldogs

Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis has no cure – it can’t be treated. DNA test can be done to know infected dogs and carriers.

Other Health Issues Related to American Bulldog

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Tetralogy of fallot
  • Antenor Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  • Bone cancer
  • Allergies

Caring for an American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are somewhat very easy to care for. Similar to the English Bulldog, this breed also need simple grooming. They are known to drool, so it is advisable to always wipe your dog when necessary, and also always visit your vet regularly.

Grooming an American Bulldog

Grooming an American Bulldog is quite an easy task when compared to many other dog breeds. This breed does not require frequent bathing. And to make their coat clean and shiny, a regular brushing will be needed. They are known to be seasonal shedders.

Their teeth need to be brushed frequently and their ears are to be cleaned at least once in a month. Trimming their nails should be done at least once in a month.

Feeding an American Bulldog

For an American Bulldog to be very healthy, it needs to be given the appropriate food, especially since it is very important on what to feed them. And for them to also live longer and healthier, it is important to keep them at a healthy weight.

The proper food for an American Bulldog is a balanced large-breed diet. It needs to be formulated and complete. It is also extremely important not to overfeed American Bulldog puppies, but to only feed them with the proper amount of large-breed puppy feed.

It is also advisable to consult your vet about this breed’s unique nutritional guide and also how to form a proper and balanced diet for them.

Facts about American Bulldog

Here are some amazing facts you need to know about American Bulldogs.

  • American Bulldogs were recognized for the first time by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in November 2019.
  • The American Bulldog breed is recognized for their nearly clownish-like behavior when they are cheerful.
  • Due to their strength and them being muscular, American Bulldogs are capable of jumping vertically in excess of 3 feet.
  • The American Bulldog was bred initially to work as a hog, drive cattle and also protect properties.
  • At the initial stage of their breeding, the American Bulldogs were known as the American Pit Bulldog.
  • The American Bulldog is recognized by the United Kennel Club and also the American Canine Registry.
  • The American Bulldog has two types – the standard American Bulldog and the classic American Bulldog.
  • American Bulldogs can vary in their physical appearances like size, appearance and even their energy level.
  • They are mostly white, white with patches of brindle, black, red or fawn. According to the United Kennel Club, all colors, patterns or combination of colors are accepted – solid black, solid blue, merle or white with patches of black and tan.
  • American Bulldogs are very affectionate and sweet towards children; this is a feature that makes them a great family dog.
  • American Bulldog are also known to be very alert due to their excellent watchdog ability.
  • American Bulldog can also be very territorial.

Final Thoughts on American Bulldog Breed Information

This concludes our American Bulldog breed information guide. This dog breed is amazing very loyal; they will do well in any type of apartment.

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