American Bulldog Boxer Mix

American Bulldog Boxer Mix

This is a unique type of designer breed dog. The American Bulldog Boxer Mix which is also known as the Bulldog Boxer Mix is a designer breed dog that is a result of the crossbreeding between an American Bulldog and a Boxer.

Both an American Bulldog and a Boxer are the parents of an American Bulldog Boxer Mix which is also commonly referred to as a Boxer Bulldog or a Bulloxer.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix

The Boxer Bulldog is frequently mistaken for the Valley Bulldogs which are the mix between an English Bulldog and a Boxer.

The crossbreeding of an American Bulldog and a Boxer is to get an excellent guard dog which the American Bulldog Mix is.

It was bred to be able to protect the home of its owner. And the parents of this hybrid dog have quite an amazing history in the world of the fight.

With time the bloody games, the parents of this mixed breed were bred for started becoming illegal which makes breeders start to breed them to be more warm-hearted and to be excellent companion dogs.

Both the parents of a Boxer Bulldog which are the American Bulldog and the Boxer are popular for being excellent guard dogs which is something to be well expected in the result of their mixture.

The Boxer Bulldog is quite daunting and scary due to its brawny, powerful, and strong build. It is not just muscular and strong but also very intelligent and friendly.

The Bulloxer is a very loving, warm, friendly, and caring dog. It loves its owner so much and it can also be considered very adorable.

It is very protective when it comes to its owner which is one of the reasons it is considered to be an excellent guard dog.

In this guide, we will help you by enlightening and providing you with important details about this designer breed dog and to help you know whether this is the family pet you’ve been looking for.

The Temperament of American Bulldog Boxer Mix

American Bulldog Boxer Mixes are well-known for their devotion and love towards their owners and families.

This designer breed dog is very loyal, affectionate, calm, and also very friendly. It loves being in the company of its owner which also makes it more adorable.

It can be considered that this designer breed dog is known to have separation anxiety. They don’t do well with being left alone.

They tend to become destructive after being left alone for a long period of time which is why it is advisable not to leave your canine alone for a long time.

Their alertness and braveness is considered to be natural and inborn which increases their chance of being excellent guard dogs.

They become aggressive sometimes but this is mainly towards people they consider as threats or strangers.

But they don’t really become aggressive towards strangers until they consider them as being a threat either to them or their families.

They have good tolerance as they are very good in tolerating children, small canines, and even other animals. They relate well with them.

Although they might not really relate and go well with other large adult canines, this might be trouble for them.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix – Appearance

Now, let’s get to know what a Boxer Bulldog looks like. However, in comparison to other designer breed dogs, the appearance of this designer breed dog is very predictable.

It is easy to predict what your Boxer Bulldog will look like and this is thanks to the fact that both its parents which are the American Bulldog and the Boxer both have similar bodily features.

The Boxer Bulldog is considered a big dog with a strong and powerful build a large and broader chest and an average-sized tail.

Height and Weight

Now, we will be giving some important details about the height and weight of a Boxer Bulldog. This will be an estimated likely weight and height of your Bulloxer.

Your healthy Bulloxer will surely fall into the range of this estimated likely weight and height that will be mentioned here in this guide.

The weight of an adult Boxer Bulldog is weighed to be around seventy pounds to ninety pounds while its height from the shoulder is estimated to be about twenty-two inches to twenty-seven inches tall.

A lot of American Bulldog Boxer Mixes are said to mostly inherit the facial features of their Boxer parent which is mostly the short nose, the same jaw shape, and even short floppy ears.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix – Coat and Coat Colors

American Bulldog Boxer Mix has a short coat which is a blessing to its owners especially owners that prefer dogs with low grooming requirements which this dog is.

They are canines with very low grooming maintenance needs which is because they possess a short and thick coat.

This designer breed dog is a low shedder but that doesn’t mean they are not relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. In a nutshell, it doesn’t mean they are not non-allergenic.

Now, getting down to the coat colors of this designer breed dog. Bulloxer coat actually comes in different colors.

And these coat colors, we will be listed below;

  • White
  • Light Brown
  • Brindle
  • Fawn

It is also possible for a Bulloxer to inherit the stylish appearance of its Boxer parent which is the white markings Boxers they do have on their face and chest.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix – Training

One of the things that are very important concerning this mixed breed is their training.

It is very essential and necessary to train this mixed breed right and well.

As they need good training, they also required early socialization in their lives. It is so important to socialize this designer breed dog very early.

The mixture of good training and early socialization will surely cause this designer breed dog to be an amazing and cultured breed of dog.

Early socialization helps them to be well-behaved mostly when around strangers, children, small dogs, and even other animals.

If not being trained well and their early socialization is being ignored, they are likely to become overprotective, aggressive, and even destructive.

Bulloxers are loyal and devoted to their owners, they are also intelligent and brilliant which will make their training quite easy.

There are two types of training methods that can surely be adopted in the training of this designer breed dog and these methods are the Clicker Training Method and the House Training Method.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix Health Issues

Boxer Bulldogs are likely to suffer from obesity so, it is very much advisable to monitor and take good care of their diets.

Although, as said that Bulloxers are likely to suffer from obesity they are however pretty healthy for a designer breed dog of their size so, there are high chances that they are just likely to suffer from little health issues.

It is very important to take your Bulloxer regularly to the vet for checkups even though, the likelihood of it contracting diseases is slim.

Below will be a shortlist of some health issues this designer breed dog is likely to suffer from;

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Digestive Issues
  • Fold Dermatitis
  • Skin Issues
  • Idiopathic Head Tremors
  • Degenerative Spine Disease
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Cancers; which is very rare to happen in Bulloxers.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix Pros and Cons

The Pros

The scary and daunting look of this mixed breed adds to their excellence as being a guard dog and they are also protective of their owners.

They are always watchful and alert. Although, despite their scary demeanor they are lovely and adorable, especially toward their owners and families.

They also tolerate children well and they are also warm and calm. Their intelligence and zeal to please their owners make it easy to train them.

Early socialization and training are highly recommended for this mixed breed as it will make them well-behaved and adorable.

They are fun-filled, friendly, and playful and will also make a very good companion dog. They are also full of energy.

The Cons

They tend to become destructive when they are left alone for a very long time which is why it is absolutely not advisable to leave your canine alone for a long time.

And this is because they have separation anxiety which causes them to lose it when being left alone for a long period of time.

This mixed breed possesses a boss mentality so, they are only recommended for owners that are brave, confident, and tenacious.

They are full of energy and very playful so, it is quite advisable to keep an eye close on them especially when they are around children.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix Life Expectancy

The healthy life and living of a Bulloxer are mostly determined by its diet which is why a good, healthy, and balanced diet is recommended for this mixed breed.

They also required good food and adequate exercise and a regular visit to the vet for checkups as all of this keeps your canine very healthy.

Now, getting down to the life expectancy of this designer breed, they are said to be able to live up to around 10 years to 15 years.

Caring for American Bulldog Boxer Mix

As mentioned above, this mixed breed is prone to obesity which is why their diets and meals should be well regulated.

A single meal for a matured Bulloxer should not be more than three to four cups of high-quality dry dog food.

And these meals should be equally divided into three meal plans and an exercise of 45 minutes to keep them in shape and against obesity is also highly recommended.

Cold weather is not a thing for this beautiful and adorable designer breed dog. So, they should be well monitored and well taken care of during cold and also against skin diseases.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix – Final Thoughts

Bulldog Boxer puppy is said to cost around $1000 as designer breed dogs are always very expensive so is this mixed breed.

When trying to purchase this mixed breed, it is advisable to get it from a well reputable and trustworthy breeder.

Both the pros and cons of this mixed breed have been touched on in this guide which will certainly help in your decision making if you are planning on getting a Bulloxer.

We highly recommend an American Bulldog Boxer Mix to be added to your home as it is a wonderful breed of dog but as stated above, it is only advisable for owners who are strong-minded and tenacious.

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